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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Kuja

    Enacting plots of utter cruelty while maintaining a graceful demeanor have caused many to fear this young man as the Angel of Death.

    Character file

    Kuja in Final Fantasy IX

    The mastermind in bringing about war on gaia by enticing the Queen of Alexandria to wage war. His utterly ruthless behavior cause many lo lose their lives. But if one looks into his background and motivation, a different side to the nefarious Angel of Death can be seen.

    Kuja in Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Kuja had become uninterested in this world of endless battles where Chaos and his chosen continued to reign. Upon learning that Cosmos had instilled her warriors with powers to defeat Chaos in the twelfth cycle, Kuja decides to renege his mission and aid the warriors of Cosmos. Unbeknownst to Kuja, Kefka had set a trap after learning of Kuja's plans. Kuja and the warriors he aimed to assist were on the brink of being slaughtered when Kuja quickly takes on the role of a traitor. having betryed and assaulted those he aimed to help, Kuja is successful in allowing Cosmos's warriors to escape. But this act forces Kuja to remain with the forces of Chaos. Kuja receives purification after falling to Lightning, and is implanted with false memories by Kefka in the thirteenth cycle. These events lead to Kuja enjoying Zidane's suffering, displaying his warped inferiority complex for all to see. Despite these transgressions, Kuja freed Terra from Kefka's control and comforted Cloud who was tormented over the thought of fighting a friend.


    kuja_-_artwork.png kuja_-_normal_(ex).png kuja_-_alt1.png kuja_-_alt2.png kuja_-_dlc1.png



    1 1000 350 95 10 12 10
    100 6999 450 667 109 111 60


    By default, Kuja can equip:

    • Weapons — daggers, rods, staves, poles
    • Gloves — bangles
    • Headgear — hats, hairpins, headbands
    • Body armor — clothing, robes, chestplates

    Exclusive equipment

    Name LV Stats Type Properties
    Punisher 30 HP+376 BRV-84 ATK+40 DEF+2 Weapon EX Force Absorption +3%
    Whale Whisker 90 HP+287 BRV-70 ATK+63 DEF+1 Weapon EX Force Absorption +5%
    Terra's Legacy 100 HP+327 BRV-80 ATK+68 DEF+1 Weapon EX Force Absorption +10%, Back to the Wall Effect



    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Burst Energy Land 25 30 (15) 100
    Snatch Blow Land 11 30 (15) 100
    Ring Holy Land 3 30 (15) 100
    Strike Energy Land 1 30 (15) 100
    Snatch Shot Land 19 30 (15) 100
    Remote Flare Land 1 30 (15) 100
    Burst Energy Air 33 30 (15) 100
    Snatch Blow Air 15 30 (15) 100
    Ring Holy Air   30 (15) 100
    Strike Energy Air   30 (15) 100
    Snatch Shot Air   30 (15) 100
    Remote Flare Air   30 (15) 100


    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Flare Star Land 1 30 (15) 130
    Seraphic Star Land 28 30 (15) 130
    Ultima Land 6 30 (15) 130
    Flare Star Air 39 30 (15) 130
    Seraphic Star Air 1 30 (15) 130
    Ultima Air 4 30 (15) 130
    Force Symphony Air 35 30 (15) 130


    Spawn Attack Type Position Properties
    Opponent Snatch Blow BRV Land Chase
    Opponent Strike Energy BRV Air Chase
    Opponent Flare Star HP Land Wall Rush
    Opponent Force Symphony HP Air Chase

    EX Mode

    EX Burst

    • Final Requiem — A chain of attacks that grows stronger with each blow. Repeatedly press O to increase the strength of each hit.

    EX Effects

    • Regen[ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
    • Critical Boost[ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Increases chance of bravery attacks dealing critical hits.
    • Hyper Glide[ACTIVATE BY HOLDING X IN MIDAIR] Maintains altitude longer than the normal Glide.
    • Auto Magic[ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Casts Holy and Flare while jumping, falling, touching down, or gliding.



    Edited by HYNE

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