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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Sets

    Name # of pieces Pieces Effect
    Adamant Chains 3 Adamant Knife, Adamant Shield, Adamant Helm, Adamant Vest BRV Boost on Dodge +8%, Slight Midair Boost Effect
    All Glories Must Fade 4 Heike's Blade, Heike's Shield, Heike's Helm, Heike's Armor Initial EX Force +100%, EX Mode Duration +50%
    Allure of Honey 4 Sexy Cologne, Member's Card, Blonde Wig, Silk Dress Battlegen Rate +50%, Drop Rate +50%
    Ancient Weapon 4 Wave Cannon, Tome Shield, Defense Node, Mage Mail Damage +40%, Defense -50%
    Blessed Crytsal 3 Crystal Sword, Crystal Lance, Crystal Shield, Crystal Bangle, Crystal Hairpin, Crystal Helm, Crystal Vest, Crystal Armor EX Force Absorption +20%, EX Core Absorption +20%
    Dazzling Diamond 3 Diamond Sword, Diamond Shield, Diamond Cuff, Diamond Hairpin, Diamond Helm, Diamond Vest, Diamond Armor AP+100%
    Elemental Archfiend 4 Scarmiglione's Fang, Barbariccia's Wristlet, Rubicante's Cowl, Cagnazzo Carapace BRV Up on Evasion/Block/Quickmove/Stage Destruction
    Final Strike 4 Death Blade, Reaper's Shield, Helmet of the Dead, Death Armor EX Absorption & Range Boost, Assist Charge & Duration Boost
    Flavor of Life 4 Frying Pan, Kitchen Timer, Tuque Blanche, Iron Apron Regen +100%
    Force of the Resolute 4 Nail Bat, Skull Wristlet, Bomber Jacket, Spirit Band EX Core & EX Force to BRV, EX Force Absorption +30%
    Glorious Gold 3 Gold Sword, Golden Staff, Golden Shield, Gold Bangle, Gold Armlet, Gold Hairpin, Golden Helm, Golden Vest, Golden Armor Gil +50%
    Imp's Blessing 4 Impartisan, Tortoise Shield, Saucer, Reed Cloak EX Intake Range +15m
    Judgment of Lufenia 3 Lufenia's Edge, Lufenian Axe, Lufenian Rod, Lufenian Claw, Lufenian Gun, Lufenian Shield, Lufenian Cap, Lufenian Helm, Lufenian Robes, Lufenian Armor, Lufenian Chestplate Assist Gauge Depletion +15%
    King of Tragedy 4 Caliburn, Rhongomiant, Prytwen, Dragon Sallet, Wygar EX Revenge Duration +40%, EX Revenge Damage +50%
    Mystic Mythril 3 Mythril Sword, Mythril Spear, Mythril Axe, Mythril Rod, Mythril Claw, Mythril Shield, Mythril Bangle, Mythril Hairpin, Mythril Helm, Mythril Vest, Mythril Armor EX Mode Duration +30%
    Power of Darkness 3 Dark Sword, Dark Shield, Dark Helm, Dark Armor Wall Rush BRV Damage +20%, Wall Rush HP Damage +20%
    Pride of the Titans 3 Giant's Axe, Giant's Gloves, Giant's Helm, Giant's Harness HP+750, BRV+100
    Rise of Discord 4 Endless Oblivion, Eternal Despair, Phantasmal Abyss, Cycle's End EX Mode Duration +40%, EX Revenge Duration +40%
    Seal of Lufenia 3 Lufenian Saber, Lufenian Dagger, Lufenian Katana, Lufenian Lance, Lufenian Staff, Star of Lufenia, Lufenian Lute, Lufenian Pole, Lufenian Dirk, Lufenian Bangle, Lufenian Gauntlets, Lufenian Greatshield, Lufenian Hairpin, Lufenian Headband, Lufenian Jacket, Lufenian Vest EX Gauge Depletion +5%
    Snowpetal 3 Blue Moon, Lunate Armlet, Chaplet, Snowflake Sweater Magic Counter Strength +100%, BRV Boost on Block +30%
    Soul of Yamato 3 Genji Blade, Genji Shield, Genji Helm, Genji Armor LUK+3, Regen +20%, HP to BRV, EX Core Appearance Boost
    Succubus's Soul 4 Blood Sword, Sanguine Shield, Blood Helm, Blood Armor HP Depletion on HP Attack +20%
    Super Rocket 4 Hardwood Katana, Scorpion Mittens, Ace's Helm, Fighter's Lorica Damage Boost Near Death +30%, Physical Defense -100%
    Uniter 4 Warblade, Warlord's Gauntlets, Warlord's Soul, Warlord's Corselet BRV Recovery +200%
    Whisper of the Wyrm 3 Dragon Slayer, Wyvern Lance, Dragon's Tail, Dragon Shield, Dragon Armlet, Dragon Gloves, Dragon's Crest, Dragon Mail Physical Defense +10%, Magic Defense +10%
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