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    He is a passionate warrior that fights for a free world liberated from war and tyranny. With a wide range of arms, Firion has the ability to combine these weapons to perform strong combo attacks.

    Firion fights mostly on the ground, able to deftly wield an arsenal of weapons from a single spot. As he can chain combos without landing every attack, keep the hits coming for full effect.

    Type/Class: Heavy/Vanguard



    Grounded — first input

    Lance Combo ( × )

    Whirl your lance around while drawing in nearby enemies.
    (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)

    Rope Knives (  + × )

    Throw knives imbued with electricity that spread over a wide area in front of you.
    (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)combo.)

    Boomerang Axe (  + × )

    Throw an axe to attack a distant foe.
    (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)

    Grounded — second input

    Gelid Wand ( × )

    Conjure a tornado of ice that draws in nearby enemies.
    (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)

    Searing Volley (  + × )

    Shoot fire arrows in a cone in front of you.
    (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)

    Calescent Wand (  + × )

    With a flourish of your wand, summon a flaming pillar that attacks distant foes.
    (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)

    Grounded — third input

    Ground Pound ( × )

    Slam your fist into the ground, damaging nearby enemies.

    Fulminating Strike (  + × )

    Swing your sword to emit a large wave of light that moves around.

    Bullseye (  + × )

    Fire an arrow of light at distant foes.


    Swordslash ( × )

    Deftly bring your sword down on your foe

    Plummet (  + × )

    Quickly descend upon your opponent with your spear.
    Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack.


    Grasping Knives ( R + × )

    Throw a series of knives and move quickly to the location of the first enemy struck.
    Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack.


    Lord of Arms (  )

    Pierce the ground in front of you with an array of deadly weapons.

    Available from character level 1.

    Vortex of Arms (  )

    Generate a whirlwind that engulfs nearby foes and assails them with weaponry.

    Acquired at character level 2.

    Weaponsmaster (  )

    Conjure myriad weapons around the target. Range decreases as your HP decreases.

    Acquired at character level 5.

    Riposte (  )

    Manifest a barrier that blocks bravery attacks, then counter based on how you move the stick.

    Acquired at character level 10.


    Blood Weapon (  )

    Temporarily increase your movement speed and cause all attacks to absorb opponents' HP.


    (gif) Lance Combo × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Rope Knives + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Boomerang Axe + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Gelid Wand × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Searing Volley + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Calescent Wand + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Ground Pound × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Fulminating Strike + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Bullseye + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Swordslash × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Plummet + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Grasping Knives R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Lord of Arms (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Vortex of Arms (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Weaponsmaster (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Riposte (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Blood Weapon (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)


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