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  2. Season 1 Ladders results

    Unknown Entity: Cross, Clein, Edo The Name's Bash Broz: Leif, Wheelz, Navarre Match 1: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Emperor, Cecil) vs. TNBB (Bartz, Cloud, OK) - Corneria Match 2: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Emperor, Garland) vs. TNBB (Bartz, Cloud, OK) - The Rift Match 3: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Emperor, Garland) vs. TNBB (Bartz, Cloud, OK) - The Floating Continent Match 4: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Emperor, Garland) vs. TNBB (Bartz, Cloud, OK) - Narshe TNBB ~ 3-1
  3. Looking for: RWBY mod DLC

    Links are found in this thread And please turn off Norton
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  5. Your Best Characters and Why

    When I started the game I was Cloud to get the mechanics of the game back in my memory. Switched to Squall once I felt comfortable with the controls and just started playing around. I usually switch up my HP attacks depending on how well one is serving me at that point, I love Fated Circle for its quick egnition, but love charging Blast Zone. Ultima is interesting but haven’t given it enough time to get a full opinion. Still learning Squall so my playstyle isn’t set in stone yet
  6. Looking for: RWBY mod DLC

    Been searching for plenty of mods for my Duodecim so Labyrinth mode will be a unique experience. also so my pals have plenty of skin choices. I found a series of skins based on the titular Characters from RWBY, but upon trying to download them....it links me to the now defunct Dissidia Forums. anyone might have these? and if possible in edat form since I can't use the mod-tools no thanks to Norton mistaking everything for a Virus. Ruby Rose over Lightning Weiss over Terra Blake over Lightning Yang over Prishe
  7. Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    I guess this is the best place to start, Hi my name is Julian, I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan and I dig Dissidia. I played the first Dissidia on a psp (I got strictly to play this game mind you) and was hooked. With VIII being my favorite FF, it was amazing seeing Squall (my favorite FF character) clashing with classic characters in their series. I enjoyed playing as Titus and Cloud as well, leveling each character up gleefully wasting my life on the game. I sadly never played the second one, though I craved to play it. My psp’s battery gave out and I was not looking into replacing it, so I never got the experience My other favorite character Laguna (Watched his gameplay on YouTube, I thought he looked fun; but I’m biased) I’m back with the series with NT, which I’m having a general good time with overall, though I do wish there was a single player akin to the firsts, but I understand the whole balancing thing for NT’s purposes so I’ll let it slide this time. (Though I wouldn’t mind a sequel for like the original on PS4). Squall is still my guy, though he took some getting use to (still trying to master his combos) though Cloud and Titus are still my back ups, with Noctis being a fun character to mess around with. DLC wise, I hope Laguna comes backs, I’d gladly pay for him. Me never to getting to play his gameplay is the perfect chance to try him out if they add him (seems unlikely because I’ve heard he wasn’t well received by the community? I’m not sure to be honest). Seifer would be great too, or Auron, but that’s a topic for a later discussion. But anyway, that’s my Dissidia story. I look forward to continuing this story with NT. thanks for reading, Julian B.
  8. I'm a Dissidia fan. Mainly because it gives me an opportunity to play as the villains I love and beat people up. One problem. I have the game, but I just learned my PSP's battery won't fit into the console and on top of that online doesn't even work apparently. To sum it up, my experience with the games has been watching clips on Youtube but I desperately want to play. I have beaten Final Fantasy V though, so at least I have some experience with the Final Fantasy universe! Hopefully the community can help a complete and utterly clueless person like me play Duodecim... decently. Even if I will get totally wrecked by the much more experienced players in the process.
  9. Season 1 Ladders results

    Unknown Entity: Cross, Clein, (Sub) Nix Crash 'N Flow: DimitriLH, GunZLegend, Jaghancement Match 1: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Emperor, Bartz) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Eden Match 2: Unknown Entity (Emperor, Bartz, Lightning) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Eden!!! Match 3: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Emperor, Bartz) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Garland, Tidus, Y'shtola) - Eden!!!!! Match 4: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Bartz, Emperor) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Garland, Y'shtola Tidus) - The Floating Continent Unknown Entity~ 3-1
  10. Season 1 Ladders results

    Teen Girl Squad: Accel, Adelvos, Mewtater Crash 'N Flow: DimitriLH, GunZLegend, Jaghancement Match 1: Teen Girl Squad (Bartz, Garland, Y'shtola) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Besaid Match 2: Teen Girl Squad (Bartz, Garland, Y'shtola) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Pandaemonium Match 3: Teen Girl Squad (Bartz, Garland, Y'shtola) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Rabanstre Match 4: Teen Girl Squad (Bartz, Garland, Y'shtola) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Cornelia Crash 'N Flow ~ 3-1 https://youtu.be/2jz7TdmhtGE - The Manitoba Megalixirs: LeginR, Hehehahe22, Matobu_Sei Crash 'N Flow: DimitriLH, GunZLegend, Jaghancement Match 1: The Manitoba Megalixirs (Noctis, Garland, Terra) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Garland, Y'shtola) - Besaid (This one didn't get recorded) Match 2: The Manitoba Megalixirs (Noctis, Garland, Terra) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Cloud, Y'shtola) - Pandaemonium Match 3: The Manitoba Megalixirs (Noctis, Garland, Terra) vs. Crash 'N Flow (Tidus, Cloud, Y'shtola) - Lunar Subterrane Crash 'N Flow ~ 3-0 https://youtu.be/7EgeJlB6wkU
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  12. BashBroZ: JT, AK, Dart 3 Frames or Bust: Paru, Shugotenshi, Eyeofthundera Match 1: BashBroZ (Noctis, Kekfa, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Ultimecia) - Floating Continent - 3 Frames or Bust Match 2: BashBroZ (Sephiroth, Kekfa, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Ultimecia) - Pandemonium - BashBroZ Match 3: BashBroZ (Noctis, Kekfa, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Ultimecia) - Lunar Subtarenne- BashBroZ Match 4: BashBroZ (Noctis, Kekfa, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Ultimecia) - Besaid- BashBroZ Winner: BashBroZ ~ 3-1
  13. Season 1 Ladders results

    Unknown Entity: Cross, Clein, Edo 3 Frames or Bust: Paru, Shugotenshi, Eyeofthundera Match 1: Unknown Entity (Garland, Emperor, Lightning) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Ultimecia, Sephiroth) - Lunar Subterrane Match 2: Unknown Entity (Lightning, Garland, Emperor) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Cloud, Squall, Ultimecia) - Eden Match 3: Unknown Entity (Emperor, Lightning, Garland) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Cloud, Ultimecia) - Besaid Island Match 4: Unknown Entity (Emperor, Cecil, Lightning) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Ultimecia, Squall, Cloud) - Interdimensional Rift Unknown Entity~ 3-1
  14. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Thanks for the hard work! Eagerly waiting for it
  15. Trading Dissidia Cup Noodles code

    Still need that code?
  16. I'm Raine, I come from the old DissidiaForums community know as Raine816 where i was a modder (mostly model importer and custom quest creation). I started playing Dissidia back in 2010-2011. I main Cloud, Lightning and Tifa on 012 and Currently Cloud and Ramza on DFFNT. My PSN is the same as my user here if anyone is wondering. Thanks for having me here, hope to get to know the rest of you guys.
  17. Season 1 Ladders results

    Please take note that Cherub is a stand-in for Hexacoto.
  18. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    The other one I made from ST is Istvan for Jecht I have the other characters too but havent made mods for them yet My plans are Gustav for Tidus, Cyril for Shantotto, Ema for Lightning, and Sophie for Laguna. But first I need to update Farel, Fran, etc. so the mod quality would be the same for everyone in the cast I have no plans to make character mods from the second part of the game
  19. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Nice models! Got a question, I have found only 3 models of Sol Trigger so far (Farel, Fran and Valter) and I would like to know if you have the others characters models
  20. Hey all I'll be running a SMALL (depending on entrants) Tournament on February 24 at 5:00PM EST that will be 2v2 all proceeds will be donated to a Charity (TBD) related towards Black History month! HMU in comments and on PSN @ Shapeless Tamer. The Tournament is as specified 2v2 Best of 3. Characters will be Winner Locked so as follows, (M1 = Blind, M2 Loser Chance to change) ETC until a team wins 2. Thanks all and STAY TAME!
  21. Season 1 Ladders results

    TNBB: Leif, Navarre and Wheelz 3 Frames or Bust: Paru, Shugotenshi, Eyeofthundera Match 1: TNBB (Bartz, , Onion Knight, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Eyeofthundara) - Rebenastre Match 2: TNBB (Bartz, , Onion Knight, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Eyeofthundara) - Port Decumana Match 3: TNBB (Bartz, , Onion Knight, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Eyeofthundara) - Eden Match 4: TNBB (Bartz, , Onion Knight, Cloud) vs. 3 Frames or Bust (Squall, Sephiroth, Eyeofthundara) - Port Decumana TNBB ~ 3-1
  22. Looked around and didn't see this anywhere in the NT forum so I figured it would be nice to start up a discussion on the Knight of Chaos, Garland. Admittedly I'm probably not the guy you want starting these topics, but I saw the need and filled it. Garland as a vanguard is one of the more brute force style attackers of NT. So much so that once you get him some momentum it can be hard to stop him since he can basically blow through nearly any bravery attack once he has Deranged Soul. His ground and dash speed are a bit less than favorable, making chasing certain assassins a fools errand. That said, he more than makes up for this shortcoming with pure unadulterated rage and damage output. Garland has a pretty amazing kit that seems to be mostly focused on hard hitting slower attacks that can wall rush from a fair distance away. He has his ranged options in the form of Thundaga though, which comes out pretty fast and sends a bolt of lightning that moves slowly along the ground. The bolt will dissipate if it makes contact with raised terrain and will destroy lower poised projectiles on contact. Flare comes out a little slower but can destroy lower poised magical projectiles as well. This makes him quite good in the air. I personally can't decide if he is better on the ground or in the air, but I digress. While grounded Garland can use his Thundaga as a decent anti air, though his positioning is important for it to be effective making it somewhat situational. Twin Sword gains super armor so you can use it to trade hits fairly well and follow up with a long distance wall rush. Chain Cast or whatever it's called these days is an aerial attack that has decent range that can hit above, below, and in front of you. Use it to make your opponents rethink their approach and to knock enemies back. This is a good mid range interrupt on HP attacks with a long start up or as a mid range punish on HP attacks should you dodge them. Round Edge is a pretty good attack but it can leave you wide open if you whiff so dodge cancel your whiffs. It does damage in a 360 degree radius on the first hit (or the first few while Deranged Soul is active) so if you get surrounded by grounded enemies let it rip and you can hit stun enemies you aren't even locked on to. Again it does leave you open so use at your own risk. Garland's final bravery attack is a short to mid range attack that can be used as an anti air attack but the caveat to this is that it' vertical range is somewhat limited. So positioning is very important. It comes out fairly quickly so you can use it to interrupt startups if you time it right. Overall I hardly use it. But when I do I try to wait until I have Deranged Soul active. Now on to my favorite part of Garland's kit. His unique Ex-skill, Deranged Soul. This skill has three effects. The first effect comes from simply pressing and holding triangle while near an enemy. If they don't react in time they will be caught in a Command Grab that will deal heavy bravery damage the longer you hold the button. If you can land this on an opponent fully you will receive stage 1 of his buff. This buff comes from momentum. The more damage you inflict the stronger you become. You deal more damage, have greater range, and gain super armor on nearly every attack. The buff will activate upon hitting an enemy with two or more full combo strikes. For instance if I use Thundaga twice and it hits both times I get Deranged Soul 1. If you do it four times you'll end up with Deranged Soul 2 should all of your hits connect. The caveat to this is that the attacks just have to hit. They can be blocked and you will still receive the buff. Deranged Soul last for 20 seconds per level of the buff and after that 20 seconds you will revert to a previous level of the buff. You can then easily return to level 2 of the buff with more hits. You lose all stages of the buff when incapacitated. Lastly we will get into his HP attacks. Initially Garland has the HP attack Earthquake. This transforms his blade into a hammer and strikes downward and on contact with the ground creates large pillars of rock in an area around the hammer. You can hit multiple opponents with ease if they have bad positioning. It's fairly strong and if used on an aerial enemy will do extra bravery damage as you travel down too the ground with it adding to it's destructive capabilities. Next you have Tsunami. This attack fires out a large wave of water towards enemies in front and above you. One of Garland's better anti air options in terms of HP attacks. It comes out pretty quick too. Blaze is the third HP attack and with it you create a conflagration that will damage enemies in a 360 degree area around you in a small radius. This is good for taking out multiple players with the same attack. If you whiff this move is extremely punishable so it isn't advisable to spam it or use it randomly. The last attack of Garland's kit is Cyclone. The Cyclone comes out rather fast, has decent tracking (for a tornado) and is pretty tall so it can hit enemies fairly high above you making for another decent anti aerial option. Overall, if you like Super Armor and heavy damage you will like Garland. He has everything you need to make damn sure your opponents bleed. What are your thoughts on Garland? What are some of his favorable match-ups? What are his unfavorable match-ups? When you play Garland, what Ex-Skills do you use?
  23. Hello everyone ! I'm a huge Dissidia fan : I've played 450 hours on the first game and more than 200 on Duodecim. Though I really love the series, I was not hyped by Dissidia NT, because it mainly focuses on playing with your team, and I HATE this kind of games. Back when I didn't have Dissidia duodecim, I used to play Firion as a main in DFF2008, though I also liked other straight-forward characters such as Cloud. I've reached a really high level without ever having played online. Then, I got D012FF this Christmas and I immediatly fell in love with Kain and Gilgamesh, both of them being my main characters. I'm not that strong though, since I've never completly finished any of these games. I hope that I'll find some good strategies here, and, why not someone to play with online.
  24. Hello all! I am a fellow dissidia fan who has come to this forum as I am interested in mods. Sadly I was never able to visit the dissdia forums and I am very sad about the massive loss of mods that came about when the site shut down.
  25. WANTED: Rydia and Beatrix

    Greetings all! I have be looking all over the internet for two mods for Dissidia 012, a Rydia mod and a Beatrix mod. I greatly desire both of these mods, and so I was saddened when I could not find a download link to either. As such, I was wondering that if anyone either had one of the mods or a copy of a download link to them, if they could post them here. I would be very very grateful for this. Thank you in advance.
  26. Hey, could I get my name edited please. Team All Star meme: "604 Ronin"
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