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  2. First played the first game on my big bro psp back in summer 2013. I played the demo one or two years earlier and my has had the game for a long time. Decided to give it a try and was in love with the game. Was also a member of the dissidiaforums.com
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  4. Site feedback

    Thoughts on how many featured threads should be there? I always wanna add more but I'm not sure what's the best number before it becomes bloated.
  5. Popo Chi Marin marie rose Kisarah ch P Cassis Kamenin Lunabelle Mahirok taka9192 okazaki alfred mana-dao Muu-chan Dekoichi Asegami ibuki roi Floraniel Maokorin Half Life Kitai no Homo Tekuo Naga Magician Nube sonosaki Muu-chan mashumaro Aona otyka Dissi Sekka Kedachiku Shigumu Higashide(?) tokunin Ryuusei Bittan Kiraboshi batamon fuyuka Ryuusei Corn Farmer Shirofina Marin maoku Mike Popcorn Sosui ininfeju Ponkotsu Tsuyoshi Karura Sosui Kiina Nube Akii Shiina Save The Queen Marin ENISHI Matsu hirarinbushi Sankouya Nagano Aka Yume Aona otyka Matsumoto taka9192 Sepp Minuet Jakudo Naga Magician STB Ruxuil Holy Miya hayate Shirofina Rei Zenzopanero Marin Dissi Miyu Nakagawa Shirofina momokoiro GENGAR marie rose Adam ininfeju Pakunenjin Shinosho Bittan sbedion Secchan otaku Kira Shirofina ibuki Toya Sana-chan Secchan Rau Zane-Chan Sekka rikusuke Zinan Matsu Torote Karura Kiina Dissi Miyu Nakagawa Oiyo Matsu Holy Miya hohi Eri otaku Hero nocchi Dissi Miyu Nakagawa disconnection Enji Popo Tei-chan corne Marin Sekka Chi mitsuboshi Tekuo Corn Farmer Taka Kiina Shirofina Happy Beard Marin Zane-Chan Pakunenjin Holy Miya Minuet Marin Shirofina Toya Aoi Akuma KAS Sana-chan Mikeneko Gomesu hohi dear Xemnas kuroyuri Chi Yauken(?_ Aona ininfeju Baba KAS Popo Rei Yugudora Kisarah ch Kakine Matsu Aoi Akuma Kiina ininfeju Marin Zane-Chan ENISHI Sekka Kuneshige Shigumu Aona Mike Popcorn Page maintained by: @geefo @HYNE
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  7. Dissidia Arcade News

    Let's see if you'll think the same once the game is out for a few days with Noctis in every match.
  8. Dissidia Arcade News

    Is it weird that I'm more excited to beat Shiva's frosty teeth in for being OP than playing as Noct?
  9. Personal picks update! Duodecim — reference [31]: Warrior of Light | Garland Firion | The Emperor Onion Knight | Cloud of Darkness Cecil, Kain | Golbez Bartz | Gilgamesh | Exdeath Terra | Kefka Cloud, Tifa, Aerith | Sephiroth Squall, Laguna | Ultimecia Zidane | Kuja Tidus | Yuna | Jecht Shantotto | Prishe Vaan | Gabranth Lightning NT additions — reference [+3]: FINAL FANTASY XIV: Y'shtola FINAL FANTASY XV: Noctis FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: Ramza FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0: Ace Picks [+16=50]: — Minwu — Rydia — Locke, Edgar, Shadow Vincent — Vivi | Beatrix Auron Lady Lilith, Eald'narche Balthier, Fran Caius Gaius van Baelsar Aranea The list is a combination of wishlist, characters I think would fit the game best and likelihood due to popularity.
  10. Final Fantasy IX Revealed for PS4

    Also includes a lovely PS4 theme:
  11. Final Fantasy IX Revealed for PS4

    Hopefully, it'll be an enhanced version of the Steam version. Another reason for me to get a PS4! :D Edit: Apparently, it's already out; check PSN.
  12. Dissidia Arcade News

    character quotes new HUD new outfits (LR Lightning) new game modes (Summon battle, Destroy summoncore) Noctis http://dissidia.info/2017/09/19/2017-playstation-press-conference-in-japan-dissidia-nt-news
  13. Question about where Quests go

    Aww... that's too bad. All right, thank you.
  14. Question about where Quests go

    In Creative or the main Duodecim sub. There won't be a dedicated one for quests.
  15. Question about where Quests go

    Would they go in the Creative subforum here? Or will there be a subforum for them in the Dissidia 012 forum?
  16. Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are opened

    Discord Name: SapphirePhoenix IG Name: SapphPhoenix Timezone: GMT -5
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  18. added new emoticons note: special thanks to @TheEmden for helping with color adjustments Trollka KefKray YunaO LagThinking
  19. Muggshotter is the current excellent Jecht player.
  20. This thread right here,is why we can't have nice things. Gotti.
  21. Exdeath as #1 huh? Curious to know if Ultimaweapon contributed to this list 🤔 But man does this bring me back to the lolz of the backroom. Also seeing Jecht so high after years of him being so low only makes me think its strictly player skill. Who's the new current good Jecht player? Unless clavier is still around
  22. Rise and Fall - Discussion

    Custom DLCs are not allowed since equipping them will automatically provoke a disconnection to both players. As for your request I cannot guarantee that I will wait until November since I, too, have projects in the future. I was thinking about the start date not a long time ago and I will most likely follow my plan. However I shall see how things will unfold, so nothing is confirmed yet as long as the tournament has not started.
  23. upgraded forum software renamed Staff (administrators) into Management created Patrons group specs: Maximum number of images in signature: 3 Maximum number of links in signature: 6 Maximum lines of text in signature: 18 Total maximum storage space: 100MB Maximum storage space per item of content: 10MB Maximum profile photo storage size: 10MB Maximum profile photo width/height: 1000px Maximum cover photo size: 10MB Conversation storage quota: 999 Character Badge profile field (configurable by administrators) created Character Badge profile field (for patrons) created Main character — NT profile field changed limitations on Members group: Maximum number of images in signature: 1 Maximum number of links in signature: 3 Maximum lines of text in signature: 9 note: these are experimental changes. Keep in mind that maximum image size is 500×250, and that's quite large for a signature. If you wanna rock multiple images in your signature, I recommend a signature/random image rotator. capitalized theme names
  24. Rise and Fall - Discussion

    Are we allowed to use custom DLC, such as Genesis DLC for Sephiroth (and all that fun stuff), or will that break the server? This is more of a request, but can the tournament wait until November. I have exams coming up and I'd love to participate in this.
  25. Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are opened

    Discord Name: Kebbles IG Name: Kebbles Timezone: GMT +8 (AWST)
  26. Mike's Mods

    Umm, how do you use the summon DLC, I have no Idea
  27. Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are opened

    Discord name: most IG name: なもなき れい Timezone: GMT-8
  28. DF DAYS

    Yay, more mods for me to mess around with
  29. Most of you know me as LuckySeven, but along with most things in my life my name is changed to JSeven for here. I typed in dissidia forums after 2 years of retiring to see if this place was dead but couldnt find the sight but got sent here lol Just checking the difference and seeing who migrated from the old forums. I don't plan on playing dissdia duodecim here...mostly because im too lazy to download all the shit to play with others but i might hop on the NT. For sure casually, but not sure competively. Man I got so much memories looking at everything here. Haha Im on discord which ill probably be on more than the actual forums. But yea good to see a lot of you guys again
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