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  2. I think a rebalancing of 012 is a more realistic alternative, however, 012 has already proven hard to edit anything drastically. I'd be down for a game similar to Duodecim, if anything!
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  4. SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    For your information, if you don't see the mod anywhere in the thread already, that means they don't have it. No one on this forum has it if you haven't found it yet.
  5. SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    By any chance do you have any dark magician mod for emperor? 😊
  6. D-V Mods

    Thanks anyway 😁
  7. Needing help with a mod

    I have been out of the game for awhile. I am playing Dissidia Duodecim on PPSSPP on my Windows Laptop. I would like to know, step by step, how to properly use a Seifer GIM and GMO to import a Seifer MOD over the Squall character. Please understand I'm just a lil' ol' redneck from Oklahoma and soldier boy. I ain't the most edgemucated when it comes to coding and so forth. If anyone has the patience and willingness to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. Name's Azrael, I go by Az often enough. I've been a Final Fantasy fan since I was a kid (I'm 34) from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy IX. Then I joined the Army at 19-going-on-20 in 2004 and was overseas in Germany and a few tours in iraq. I missed out on a LOT and fell behind. When I came back to gaming, it was a different world, but my favorite was always FF8. Seifer in particular was my favorite and I always viewed him differently than others, less a villian and more like a victim like Kain was. I also related to the character and used my imagination to fill in his backstory. Would always use cheats to play as Seifer in FF8, travel all around the world after beating the game and battle monsters, imagining storylines and so forth in my head. Final Fantasy X was...NOT my style. I gave FInal Fantasy XI a try, it just wasn't for me. Didn't have any real interest in XII or XIII, I gave XIV an honest try...I'm sorry, no. Just not me. But Final Fantasy Dissidia? I thought it was EXCELLENT. Though I felt Seifer would have been a better rival for Squall. I was a bit disappointed there weren't extra characters. Still, I loved the game, the fighting system, the way it was all weaved together into a decent storyline. I was hyped for Duodecim and was CONFIDENT without a doubt they'd stuff Seifer in there. And they didn't. STILL an awesome game though, but then I found out about some mods (I mostly play on PPSSPP on my laptop). Some time ago, I managed to make a Seifer MOD over Squall and had a lot of fun. I have a different laptop now and I stopped serving in the army since 2014 (Stopped from active duty, I'm now in the National Guard) but I was redownloaded emulators, games....and man, did I miss playing as Seifer in DD! So I decided to redownload it. And I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I properly modded Seifer in the game, lol. In DD, I'm more about being true to the character's fighting style than actually winning. In the case of Seifer, I usually apply items and so forth that closer match how I felt him to be in FF8 and when using him as a mod over Squall, I tended to focus on attacks that looked more like Seifer's style (Squall's gunblade style has been noted as switching sometimes from one-handed to two-handed attacks and Seifer is known to have an affinity for fire, so I do a lot of that). It's fun and challenging. If ANYONE could help me with how to mod SEifer back in my PPSSPP emulation of Final Fantasy DuoDecim, I would greatly apprecaite it. I'm starting over from scratch basically, since my old laptop died. That being said, I really enjoy the Final Fantasy series as a whole and I'm certainly not against talking to people about it. I don't believe there is a bad FInal Fantasy game. Just some we like over others. And if you're a fellow FF8 fan, let's be friends. There ain't that many of us, it seems. Looking forward to having some fun here.
  9. D-V Mods

    SiegeJay: Unfortunately i don't.
  10. D-V Mods

    Hello sir do you have any dark magician for emperor mod? 😁
  11. Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Donyou have any dark magician for emperor mod 😊
  12. Character refresh: Warrior of Light

    Totally called this rework, I am officially redubbing myself as the dissidia prophet lolz
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  14. Hey hi hello, i am a new player in dissidia nt and after completing the story i am planning to start the ranked multiplayer mode. Since i dont have a team and i will surely be with random persons i am looking for some mentor tips. I think it can help anyone for any stage of ranked. For those who are ready to help can you post your advices and your identity like this: Rank: Main Character: Advices for this character: Advices for this type of class: Advices for team strategy: Advices to progress(moves, thinking etc...): Thanks and sorry if it is wrote in a weird way i am not really good in english( french guy ya know). ^^
  15. Anyone has meta knight mod by drakeclawfang
  16. I remember back in 012 you could have multiple teams in the free fight section. You could also name them. Did any of you actually bother to do so? I personally named them all after blitzball teams from FF X. "Dissidia Abes" for my main team for example, "Heavy Goers" for my team of buff dudes.... I can't remember the others I had but I was pretty proud of them. What about you guys?
  17. Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

  18. It's hard to find AHP opponents. Let people know that you can play in this thread below! If anyone wishes to play me, I've both JP and NA AHP.
  19. I would like to post an inquiry for information on modifying the data value for character costumes in replays. The only character model modifications that work online are reskins. This would help out those who want to use more advanced character mods such as those that add or subtract from the original polygonal count of the original 3 costumes or skins that fit in the reskin DLC slot.
  20. Exdeath Guide — SELLOS

    EXD GUIDE WHAT IS AN EXDEATH? Want to play EXD? At high level, I'd say about 8 members of the Dissidia012 cast give Exdeath a very hard time. EXD's character archetype (Entropic Adversary) is to have the opponent engage him to win. This boils down to punishing the opponent to win. He has Maelstrom as a move to punish those who do not engage. However, only 3 characters in this game cannot handle it without Aerith’s Planet Protector: Yuna, Kuja, and Shantotto. EXD is unique in that players have to change their play style in order to play and fight him. EXD is the ultimate cardcounter. With his ability to build assist quickly, it becomes a part of his character. He is the fastest assist builder in the game. EXD is always looking at his opponent and what the opponent is doing to either block or punish. His assist, which is selected specifically for the matchup, should always be looking to punish the opponent’s moves. Beware of characters who chase. It is a primary way to build EX. EXD is not good to punish empty chases. In especially calculated matchups, being in good reach of zones where cores spawn is a good idea. Any unblockable moves have a HIGH chance to be exploited against EXD at times down the line. It helps to remember these attacks even outside of EXD, because they are something to be reckoned with. But with EXD, these attacks matter very much, and you need to know them. Many characters cannot block Mael + Planet Protector reliably, but you should know which characters are capable of easily doing so. List of "Special" or unblockable BRV: Terra: Graviga Laguna: Sticky Bomb (explosion) Emperor: Thunder Crest Golbez: Rising Wave (Far) Exdeath: Black Hole Ultimecia: Charged Knight's Arrow (idle) Kuja: Remote Flare List of "Special" or unblockable HP: Terra: Flood, Ultima Zidane: Shift Break (water only) Garland: Earthquake (rocks only) Emperor: Starfall, Dreary Cell Exdeath: Grand Cross (normal/counter) Kefka: Hyperdrive ___________ EXD has very little pressure game outside of Aerith's Holy, Maelstrom, Planet Protector+Maelstrom, and Black Hole pressure. Black Hole is can be assist punished if the opponent has good reaction time. Reverse Polarity is especially useful when near a wall or roof. Sword Dance is easily dodged and easily punished with fast pokes. Yuna can punish this. Vaccum Wave offers little to no levity, but is useful against Ultimecia a bit, it can be used to bait Jecht’s toes. Hurricane is easily blocked, but is useful against Ultimecia and Laguna and even Jecht in heated matchups After one of Exdeath's guard attacks, you can: CIRCLE NEUTRAL - Hurricane CIRCLE Towards Opponent + - Sword Dance (Can be used twice, 4 in EX Mode. CIRCLE Away from Opponent + - Vacuum Wave (Can be used twice, 4 in EX Mode. SQUARE NEUTRAL - Almagest SQUARE Away from Opponent + - Grand Cross TECHNICAL NOTES PRECISION DODGE Dodging at the right time gives you invincibility frames till the end of the dodge animation, you can tell you did it when your character is glowing a gold color. Note how Jecht can dodge into an attack like Sudden Cruelty and use Jecht Block to block it. Exdeath can do this with Turn Guard. However, there is 1 frame where Omniblock is starting up, and generally, Omniblock cannot do this. A steady hand can save your life. PRECISION BLOCK Exdeath gains high priority normal blocks with this ability while blodging. A precision block is activated within 1 frame of it starting. Every blodge done for every character is a constitutes a precision block. This may be helpful to some in certain matchups. Using an HP blodge to score a reflect off of an attack like Heel Crush or WWF can be risky if the opponent has near-death status and you blodge with HPs or BRVs. PLAYPLAN As Exdeath, you want to be scary, calculated and collected. This means being patient. This means being varied. You are a cardcounter. You can time your engagements around the appearances of excores. You can realize sometimes, "it sure has been a long time since a core appeared..." and move to position yourself optimally to reach the core, wherever it may be. As a character that wins by blocking, you want to get into their head. Play many different people. Chess masters have seen their battles play out many times before them. Reaction time comes into play as well. So build up your muscle memory and reactions by playing. Matchups that rely solely on EXD's blocking to win are matchups that involve what I call EXD Grit Matchups. TECHNIKS ASSIST GAME MATCHUPS
  21. Yo. I'm mint, pretty new here. I've been a Final Fantasy fan for awhile, although the only ones I've really played are FFI, FF6(Favorite), FF7, FF10, and FF13. When I was younger I got the first Dissidia on my PSP and played it all the time (replaying it now, there was a LOOOOT of content in this game, like wow.). With NT coming out I got hype but after seeing some of the gameplay(strictly 3v3) it seemed pretty eh imo. I found my PSP awhile ago and started playing Dissidia for fun and it's actually sort of addicting, despite the fact that I have yet to play online. Playing it again made me want to look up tournaments and then I started watching Duodecim videos-which, holy fuck it's crazy entertaining to watch high level play-and now I'm here. Didn't even realize there WAS a Dissidia community tbh. Anyway, my main goal now is getting Duodecim on my Vita (I doubt anyone plays the original anymore + my PSP is kinda broken), and playing that with people. That's my introduction, I guess, I look forward to playing more Dissidia, and maybe I'll get NT at some point.
  22. another mod ideas that would be good

    I just remembered playing this old mobile Game called before crisis core Game about the Turks and also watched a hitman reborn anime and it Gave me so modding ideas when I learn to mod Before crisis turk mods: Rod over van Two gun over squall Shotgun over laguna Martial arts male over jecht Martial arts female over Tifa Katana over sep Knife over Zidane Nunchaku over Bartz Hitman reborn mods: Tsuna over Bartz Future Gokudera Hayato over squall Future Takeshi Yamamoto over sep Future Ryohei Sasagawa over jecht Future Kyoya Hibari over gabranth Future lamb over gilgamesh And I'm also looking for (cissnei and elena models)
  23. Besides the details indicated in the video description, feel free to send clips related to Marksman, Vanguard or Specialist as well (With my team I can break down gameplay for those types even easier). The two easiest ways I know of to record clips is to upload them to youtube through PS4 and link the clip in the email or comment, or you can send the file through the indicated email using an mp4 file downloaded from a twitch stream function included in your PS4. (You need a computer for the latter option, but these are just the two I know of, there should be more.)
  24. YouTube and Twitch starter pack

    alright so my channel is up and running now, now its just a case of uploading videos, and making the channel pretty. which brings me to my next question, i've been to the youtube page of everyone who left a link and yes i did subscribe *wink. and in my travels i noticed that everyone has a very original banner and profile pic on display. so my question is, How did you make it? was it photoshop in the adobe creative cloud or something else?
  25. Hey guys, I've been loving Dissidia Nt which dropped not that long ago. Been a pretty fun fighting game easy to play and the new team mechanic is pretty interesting. I don't think I ever completed a mainline final fantasy game other than 15 but I know some stuff about all of them. Put like 300 hours on Dissidia Duodecim just for fun, loved playing vs the cpus and the story mode. I really love the mix between RPG and fighting which are my two favorite genres. Don't really think of myself as a competitive person, just like figuring stuff out in the game. Played smash 4 competitively though before, used to be PRd #1 in my hometown. In NT I've been playing Bartz and loving his mechanics and playstyle. Signed up for this website because I saw the Final Fantasy twitter talk about tournaments. The prize for the newest tournament "Newtale" is the soundtrack which is something I would love to have in my car. So I was driven to find a team and stuff and compete for that. My solo rank is Diamond B as Bartz, and seen the people that are competing online already. If you want to play in that tournament and lack a partner I'm down for it! Actually sort of hoping that my local Gamer bar/dungeon starts hosting local tournaments for this game sometime later, it was even promised! Getting some more experience now wouldn't be too bad as well.
  26. D-V Mods

    The website also has Castlevania Judgement Models as well but there's only five of them
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