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  2. Music Mod | I require troubleshooting

    Hey buddy, i keep missing you on discord so i'll just guide you on how to replace DLC music files here. First (This has to be the first thing you do), you will need to download and install the .at3 codec, which can be found here: http://www.free-codecs.com/sony_atrac3_audio_codec_download.htm Once that is done, you need to download and install Goldwave (trial version, or buy the paid version if you want). You can find it by googling pretty easily Now all you have to do is Edit the song however you want (If needed) in Goldwave and then save it as a .wav file with ATRAC3 132kbps in the attributes drop down box. (If you didn't do point 1 first, you can't do this) You will then need to download this program (GWAT3): http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=21988297122730264040 Open GWAT3, then drag and drop your .wav Atrac3 132kbps music file into the GWAT3 field and click "goldwave". Just a note, it will only accept a .wav ATRAC3 132kbps file from Goldwave, otherwise it gives an error. Rename the music file that comes out to whatever DLC music you want to replace (Almost full list below). Just a note, you must rename the file extension as well (i.e. Music.at3 must be renamed to just 4bb1f666.edat, and not 4bb1f666.edat.at3) Go to where your PPSSPP is installed, then click on: memstick>PSP>GAME>ULUS10566 and drag and drop your renamed and edited music file, it should prompt you if you want to replace a file if done correctly. Simply confirm the replacement and you are done :) If at any point you get stuck or something isn't working as it should, Just PM me here or on the Discord server and i'll try to get back to you ASAP, good luck with modding! FULL DLC MUSIC LIST (Except FFXI) 4bb1f666.edat (Airship - I) 8c0b30f1.edat (Chaos Shrine - I) 9af6a7e2.edat (Cornelia Castle - I) 29b6d521.edat (Menu Screen - I) da12e97d.edat (Battle - I) e61c17e1.edat (Revival - II) 535737ea.edat (The Princess' Seduction - II) 399f5659.edat (Tower of the Magi - II) 833b6402.edat (Good ol' Fellows - III) b9144d3a.edat (Forbidden Land - III) 0b2cc72d.edat (Boundless Ocean - III) 51c67fa1.edat (Within the Giant - IV) 51f40b08.edat (Golbez, Clad in Dark - IV) 48584508.edat (Final Battle - IV) ffa458be.edat (Evil Lord Exdeath - V) 2c68d3d6.edat (The Dawn Warriors - V) 233ba221.edat (Boss Battle - V) 1fcd6bfc.edat (Magitek Research Facility - VI) 2776e731.edat (Protect the Espers! - VI) 0629d3b1.edat (Phantom Train - VI) 529f7dea.edat (Electric De Chocobo - VII) e625b3fd.edat (Birth of a God - VII) a79ab68e.edat (Crazy Motorcycle - VII) 642fd7c0.edat (Shuffle or Boogie - VIII) fd1674ca.edat (The Landing - VIII) 72c23681.edat (Liberi Fatali - VIII) 2ec89b87.edat (Rose of May - IX) 3e841330.edat (Swords of Fury - IX) 603c36a9.edat (Hunter's Chance - IX) bc44fb24.edat (Assault - X) 2f356e6c.edat (Decisive Battle - X) ec94cb0e.edat (Enemy Attack - X) c2f19ff4.edat (Flash of Steel - XII) 6cb07cc9.edat (Discord - XII) dd599254.edat (Respite - XII) 7a021167.edat (Eidolons - XIII) 63bec712.edat (Chocobos of Cocoon - XIII) 3f2954c7.edat (Eden Under Siege - XIII) 32c58d60.edat (Dust to Dust - XIII) 0f065616.edat (Fighting Fate - XIII)
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  4. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Magus Zealous Mystic - Bring forth ruination with ancient shadow magic. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I, uh, think I went a bit overboard remaking him for Arcade, but I figured it was a fun way to include his barrier shifting from the boss fight against him. That said, his 012 moveset is very old and I didn't feel like going over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it matches my current standards. All I did was shift around some minor details of his equipment and made it so that his EX Mode was less boring. What his old EX Mode did was simply increase his damage output as his health decreases. Which is cool, sure, but not fitting for him. Also felt like Zeal's theme would make for good dungeon music for Chrono Characters, considering that we already have some upbeat dungeon music like Matoya's Cave and Via Purifico. Sure, it's not really a dungeon per say, but I still figured it'd be good to include it. EDIT: Changed how his Arcade dash attack is nuanced to make it better centered around his magic, rather than being a dedicated melee attack.
  5. Music Mod | I require troubleshooting

    (Reply sponge) I forgot to check "Notify me of replies" in that last one.
  6. Music Mod | I require troubleshooting

    I need help with my music mod on Dissidia 012 my music won't show up when I put it in there I tried to replace FFIV music, and the FFIV music was still there I need help
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  8. http://dissidia.info/2017/08/18/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-release-date-information https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/458359/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-ultimate-collector-s-edition-ps4 https://store.eu.square-enix.com/eu/product/458444/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-ultimate-collector-s-edition-ps4
  9. Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Placeholder #5 (last one for good measure)
  10. Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Placeholder #4
  11. Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Placeholder #3
  12. Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Placeholder #2
  13. Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Placeholder #1
  14. Since I see this popping up, I'll put up my old mods on a thread too since it seems like DF is going away (still not sure if it's just an issue with the site). It's definitely going to take a lot of work again to build the thread with all the fancy pictures and videos.
  15. Custom BGM DLC by Amyrakunejo

    Let me know if you ever need help. I still make BGM's for myself every now and then and I wouldn't mind sharing a few tips.
  16. Hi everyone, Im a modder and i need use the japanese voice form the game (which is in .sscf format inside the package.bin ) Anyone can sent me a copy of new dissidia modding suite which can extract the package.bin file. All the link on the internet is down i need to extract japanese from the undub rom as far as i know only the new dissidia modding suite suite can do so if anyone can send me a copy i will very appricated.
  17. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    The Benjamin Movesets are very good, don't worry lol. I completely expected a bit of my idea to be axed, but ultimately the concept matches VERY well. So yeah, good job. Edit: I actually would really want this Benjamin in 012, he looks fun, and much better than you think. ;) As for Arcade, definitely looks very fun and would probably be my shoot type of choice if this were him in game. Honestly, both versions of him are incredibly simple and what to do with him will probably be very set, but it makes sense considering the game he's from. Again, good job.
  18. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Benjamin Mystic Warrior - Both a master of arms and a skilled magician, with a variety of tools help for any situation Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I think three in one week is a record for me, at least in regards to posting stuff. This was spawned out of some theory crafting between me, Poiman, and TMG. While I did my best to incorporate their ideas into this, ultimately it ended up being a slightly modified version of my original thoughts on it. Sorry guys, but I did warn you that this would happen. Ultimately, Benjamin is meant to be a lot like his game: Easy to pick up and learn, surprisingly deep, but ultimately not particularly good or interesting. I included as many of his spells and weapons as I could, but ultimately Life got axed from his Arcade set since I wanted the Wizard spells to be his HP attacks and I didn't think "+1 to lives gauge once per match" was the most balanced thing ever. Oh well, I think I did him well enough despite this
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  20. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Masaru Takahara Combined Fist - A master martial artist who uses the techniques of others to form the perfect fighting style. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes As promised, here's Masaru. I initially figured that adding another Monk to the game might be initially difficult to differentiate him from Tifa and Prishe, but I think he came out alright. Probably the closest Dissidia will ever get to having a dedicated Grappler, between all the joint locks and Ogre Grip. That said, even though it's probably super OP, I decided to emulate his insane ability to tank by making it so that he can just decide to not be Brave Broken. Figured it'd be balanced out by the fact that he all but needs to be up in his opponent's face to do much of anything, but since this is just me making a wish list of people I'd have added given the chance I guess balance doesn't need to be my first priority.
  21. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Man, Cube would be pretty great to have as well thanks to moves like Anti-Field, Upgrade, High Speed Op and the robot accessories you can port over to him (her? it?) from Akira's chapter. If you want to make your own version of him it'd be interesting to compare to when I get around to making him after I post Masaru and do up Oboro.
  22. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Okay, this makes me REALLY want to do the robot, Cube.
  23. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    The Sundown Kid Blazing Drifter - A quick shot and expert at ranged combat, laying down a hail of bullets against any and all adversaries. Fluff 012 Version Arcade version Bonus: Mad Dog Assist Notes While on my second play through of Live A Live, I decided to get my hopes up and start making movesets for the different protagonists from it. I waited a bit to post them though, as I wanted to focus on getting a good portion of Final Fantasy characters done up first. I've also made one for Masaru, which I'll post in the near future. I decided on Sundown first because I wasn't thinking the way I usually do. Normally I make the 012 version first and then adapt it for Arcade, but this time I was thinking of using the Western chapters main gimmick - searching for traps - as an inspiration for his EX-Skill in the Arcade version. Thus I imagined a speedy Sundown focused on darting around combat firing off shots at his enemy team while utilizing "Search" and "Use" to support his allies. While I certianly want to do all of the protagonists for Live-A-Live, the only one besides Masaru I know how I'll go about making is Oboro, and even that has a few questions I'll be asking before I start designing the shinobi.
  24. SatoshiKura's Mods: IG Derring Hunter released

    Thank you. I couldn't not bring them back! I fully intend to do more as well. For now, enjoy what's here!
  25. Quick Notes: Aerith assist TBA Meo > HP > HP > HP > Meo > HP -- More damage Meo > HP > HP + WR > HP > Meo HP -- More depletation less damage --- Ceiling Combo --- Can deal more damage then normal Aerith combo with specific build - 400~ more HP damage Just so i dont forget it :p
  26. Dissidia Arcade News

    Jecht Block ?
  27. SatoshiKura's Mods: IG Derring Hunter released

    Hey man your mods are awesome! I remember way back seeing your mods on the old Dissidia Forums, and I'm glad you we're able to bring some of them back. Thank you!
  28. upgraded forum software reordered Dissidia categories in several sections of the site
  29. Jecht

    Type/Class: Speed/Assassin Introduction Moveset Gallery Weapon Costume
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