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  2. final fantasy record keeper

    Try to save your mythril until 2nd anniversary and pull there. There are some game changer relics in there.
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  4. final fantasy record keeper

    I missed the FF1 event. I only managed to beat two Elite Dungeons. I think I'm getting bored... and frustrated because I feel like I'm hitting a wall where all I can do is dailies and the Mote Dungeons are too hard for me to get my 4* Motes and I have pretty much NO time to coordinate multiplayer fights due to real life (my job, chores, etc). ;_;
  5. final fantasy record keeper

    I might as well just listen to you. It's kinda har tbh since this relic draw has increased chances for Edea relics which I really want but urgh. Just gonna end up with a single relic anyway and then it's gonna be some sword or so urgh.
  6. final fantasy record keeper

    Cutting Winds Soaring Lightning U - U++ : Multiplayer Bahamut U+ - Apocalypse :
  7. final fantasy record keeper

    If you joined about 4 months back, you'd be really salty because there used to be a chance of pulling 0/11 5* relics and up.
  8. final fantasy record keeper

    Oh you're talking about Dreamstage. It's a decent SB. Avoiding magical attacks are great, even if it's one time per use. And if it makes you feel any better, I saw someone post their draw that had two of Fujin's knife and nothing else. And Fujin's knife is one of the worst relics on the banner. Though if I were you, I'd start saving up mythril for the 2nd anniversary event. A lot of good SBs are going to be in the banners, and you can't go wrong in pulling on any of the banners there. That's just my suggestion though, do whatever you want. :P
  9. LB Round 4 Irae vs Chimanruler M1: Irae(Sephy) vs Chiman(Squall) ~ EP - Irae 1-0 M2: Irae(Tifa) vs Chiman(Squall) ~ WoD - Irae 2-0 Winner: Irae 2-0
  10. final fantasy record keeper

    So I did the relic draw with increased chances for edea and quistis relics aaaaaand I got just one god damn 5* just a single one. Selphie weapon, forgot the name but restores large amount of hp to the group and lets them evade 1 magic attack. I was in need of a healer and especially a group heal so this definitely comes in handy.....But I dont have Selphie and I have no Soul of a hero left lmao. But hey, #soon. So it's definitely something useful. I should really get on to getting those passive abilities that djvd listed a few posts ago to increase soul gauge build. I guess that way I can pretty much overpower the whole classic game once I can constantly push out -SBs though i must say I am quite...QUITE salty about this draw. Just one 5 star for 50 mythril. That's disappointing :(
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  12. LB Round 4 Kurp vs Dart M1: Tifa vs Cloud - Lunar Sub - 0-1 M2: Tifa vs Cloud - WoD - 0-2 Winner: Dart 2-0 over Kurp
  13. final fantasy record keeper

    All things considered, I wasn't too worried about the Stop status, since my mitigation was as high as I could get at those times. You're right though, Mind Breakdown is something to think about.
  14. final fantasy record keeper

    Good job beating down that U++. One thing worth mentioning is that bringing Mind Break/Breakdown on Vaan(or Ramza and Tyro) woulda brought down those Stop durations a good sum. That or higher Mind per character.
  15. final fantasy record keeper

    Nice! As for Chaos... WHY NO FINAL BATTLE MUSIC? I swear FFI NES was so boring. >_<;
  16. final fantasy record keeper

    That's the most greens I've ever earned in one battle ._.
  17. final fantasy record keeper

    Forgot to upload this a few days ago, finally got around to it lol
  18. Round 3 (Loser's Bracket) Match 1: Chimanruler15 (Squall) vs. JoyRaines (Kuja) - Lunar Subterrane - Chimanruler15Match 2: Chimanruler15 (Kuja) vs. JoyRaines (Zidane) - Planet's Core - Chimanruler15 Winner: Chimanruler15 2-0
  19. Hey, name's RetroStation; pleasure to meet you all! I started with DFF in '09, and I mained Onion Knight and Golbez because I thought HP links were awesome, and Golbez grew on me as a character, despite not ever playing IV. I also dabbled with Zidane and Kuja because IX is my all-time fave. When I found out 012 was being released, I was excited and determined to snag a copy Day One. It's the only midnight release I ever went to, and I don't regret it. It wasn't until 2013 when I found local people to play with, and shortly after I stopped playing (broken/stolen PSPs were my luck back then). When I found out about PPSSPP last year, it made me want to play again, especially since I could easily help my other friends get copies of whatever they needed. Last month, I uploaded a clip of a Starfall setup I thought was hype to my personal Facebook. Tagged my friends who also played, and it sparked this huge conversation about getting people to play again in the local area. Then my friend Mitch found the Discord and invited me, so I'm really excited to see how well other people play!
  20. final fantasy record keeper

    Yeah Tiny Bee is a lolSB but Fenrir is still decent as a BSB if you don't have much else for PSY damage Soul Breaks ontop of DeNa always spoiling Cloud and his fanboys with the new soul break mechanics. But indeed Fenrir will be obsolete when Cloud's BSB 2 drops: EnWind, Self buff command 2 which makes command 1 do more damage off of Cloud's attack stat. Yummy. Cannot wait for that banner. Think Tiny Bee has been upstaged already too with Yuna's BSB 2 with its summon gimmick which I'm person ally not a fan of but it works and does a lot more for Yuna.
  21. final fantasy record keeper

    Unless it's Tiny Bee or Fenrir Overdrive. :V But yeah, you're right. I agree with Aegis, relics do decide your team at this point now. And if you can, as soon as possible be sure you try and get Tyro's Sentinel's Grimoire or Y'shtola's Stoneskin II, and Ramza's Shout (or something very similar to it. There are a few like it, use the google spreadsheet link I sent you).
  22. final fantasy record keeper

    The point of the half off realm banners are to give you synergy for the dungeons they recently added to the main campaign every month. But if you pull something that is of great use for a character with a good deal of versatiliy in their ability pool then go for it. And from what you pulled you got Quistis' Super AND Burst Breaks in a single pull which is pretty damn good in my eyes. And Quistis herself when you look at her is a support mage moreso than anything but since you have her SB's you can RES buff/Hastega/Major regen your party and be the Bio Magic damage queen. BSB pulls are never bad. Never
  23. final fantasy record keeper

    No, on the FF4 Banner 4 before it went. I used to say this "don't let relics decide your team." Unfortunately, you joined at the time that we have massive power creep, so Relics do kinda decide your team. :/ When I joined in May 2016, I could beat semi-difficult content with P. Cecil wielding DK Cecil's Deathbringer. I wanted to play my dream FF party and that's what Record Keeper presented itself as to me. Because I chase them, I have a ton of relics for FF4's realm (hey, my favorite game of all time), and I have some cool stuff for other characters I like (Terra, Yuna, Lightning, etc.), so I can make my dream team I want. :3
  24. final fantasy record keeper

    So did the 11relic draw for 25 mythril. Got Red scorpion whip (quistis) and quistis dress (funnily enough my Paladin Cecil is now wearing quistis dress kek). I have the feeeeelin this game wants me to play quistis. Just a hunch.
  25. final fantasy record keeper

    Wait... You got Edge's Red Jacket in the half-off for a FF8/FF11/FF12 banner?
  26. final fantasy record keeper

    I did 1 25xmythril draw already once. So as of right now, kind of short on them. But I will keep that in mind, just gonna save up mythril until relic draws come along suited for my characters.
  27. final fantasy record keeper

    ... I wanted a second Ragnarok for P. Cecil. :( I tried. Instead I lost money. >_<; Though, I did get Edge's Red Jacket. Gratz, DJVD.
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