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  2. This ruleset was created to make hitconfirms more balanced in a way. Me and Justice, the individuals that came up with this ruleset's first version, felt that high bravery builds with side by side and/or huge depletion made blocks too much rewarding and discouraged being agressive for the one who got hit by an hp attack, while a bravery attack have very little rewards (to prove that, the parameter people use in most situations to assist change out of an attack is if its hp or bravery damage). Besides, having your assist locked can become unnecesary 15 seconds of running/camping/waiting. We wanted something different from jp ranked too, so we buffed ex through custom ruleset and damage through builds. I also thought that the critcal attack system is not balanced because of frame differences, attack position and guard breaking properties that some characters have and others dont for absolutely no reason but Square Enix being dumb. Now I will show the complete changelog of the Dissidence ruleset in its current version (v3). I am always up for discussions about what should be changed to make the ruleset better. Ruleset (values of the options when you start making a new ruleset) - The original values will be on the right Initial Stage Bravery - 50 (100) Stage Bravery Recovery Time - 100 (100) Banish Trap Damage - 100 (100) Warp Damage - 100 (100) Critical Hit Rate - 0 (100) - That disables ex in EVERYTHING, including block punishes and ex burst Critical Damage - 100 (100) Ex Core Appearence Rate - 100 (100) Ex Core Absorption - 180 (100) Ex Force Absortion - 200 (100) Ex Mode Duration - 20 (20) Wall Rush Damage - 25 (25) Bravery Bonus - 10 (10) Stage Bravery - 100 (100) Assist Break Rate - 100 (100) Ex Break Rate - 0 (100) Assist Gauge Charge (Attack) - 60 (100) Assist Gauge Charge (Hit) - 250 (100) Assist Lock Duration - 0 (100) Assist Gauge Depletion Rate - 100 (100) Ex Damage From Assist - 200 (100) Ex Revenge Duration - 5 (5) Now, BAN EVERYTHING ELSE (summons, artefacts, bonus, equips), EXCEPT what is on the following build, makes sure people are on track when dissidence ruleset is selected Dissidence Build Example (don't mind the lack of assist and choice of moves): In my tournaments I made a rule to ban top tier assist as well, but that was to give the games some fresh air and rare to see combos. That may balance something too, like reducing the rewards on assist punishing that the low tiers suffer so much. The top tier assist are: Kuja, Jecht, Yuna, Aerith, Sephiroth and Tidus. I made a savefile with everything set up to avoid insane work (I don't promise the best setups regarding skills): Well, feel free to expose your thoghts posting here about what change you would apply, or if the ruleset is godlike/trash/whatever
  3. I second this...
  4. Do you happen to have the code for that?? The only one I can find is for the japanese version.. Good to see you still live xD I love your work btw. It's really awesome.
  5. Hell, I have access to the CWCheat as it is coded into PPSSPP but...I get it. That would be quite the hassle.
  6. Well, it seems that the game is not coded to look for Aeris' DLC costumes in the data (you can force DLC costumes for her via CWCheat and the game reads them fine, though). That's why I chose not to use DLC slots for her: I feel that it's much more of a hassle to add an extra requirement to use those costumes than to replace an in-game costume :P BTW, I'm still alive, just not modding that much these days :P
  7. So, I've pretty much completed the game, as far as all the main modes go (yes, I even beat Feral Chaos and it is awesome to play as him because of his unique Ex Burst), but it wasn't until I beat 013 (yeah, I beat 000 before completing 013 - fight me) that I noticed this... Every so often, when reviewing fmv clips in the Theater, I'd get a screenshot with moogles populating it, but only if I left the cursor on it. If I move the cursor once and then back, that vanished unless I do a bunch of cursor movement. I watch these clips, to see nothing spectacular or different. I did search for this, and have seen where Mognet explains this, though I've yet to see the mail regarding this (I've probably seen every mail message at least ten times by now)... Is there anything to this? If there is, I'd like to know. I do have all the clips unlocked (some of these were a MEGA PITA to get). On another note...I think the secondary game ending is damn sad...anyone else?
  8. curious about something; why do the Aeris costumes replace a model? Can they not be added as DLC?
  9. prepere to be disappointed
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  11. You might be disappointed when you see the new Exdeath. I think I only want 0-form to remain a huge ass laser capable of catching multiple opponents. Everything else I'm good with as long as it's made interesting.
  12. What attacks or mechanics do you desire to be preserved in the in the arcade version? For Light: Thunder & Watera must maintain themselves, I need my Poko & Bob (though I think a video showed Thunder being like Lickidy-Split Thundaga). For Prishe: Custom brave options with ridiculous combinations please. And some more taco references like a Spicy Fire-Breath attack. For Exdeath: This guy still needs to be able to block everything. For Gabranth: I demand this guy say even more ruthless stuff, "You miserable wrench" must be topped. I haven`t watched the Arcade videos lately, so I might be behind on some facts. I haven`t played XI either, so I`m unfamiliar with Prishe's affinity of tacos.
  13. For the recent activity tab, I liked it when the latest post is displayed with the little preview. .
  14. I also would be up for infinite CP tournament, though I doubt it would change hugely....
  15. Off. Skill, Low Tiers and Phantom Train interest me. I'd personally vouch for Phantom Train with Emperor only and in AST-centric, it's a lovely mess. Was "infinite" CP possible with some cheat? A tourney with that could be a nice change of pace as well. Even wilder idea could be tournament mode with teams of three characters... but that could get ugly with meter drain / Side by Side.
  16. As it stands, EU gets Low Tier and Off. Skill. NA is slightly interested in EoM/PT and DFF. C'mon, more feedback on this. This isn't a signup thread where you can wait for the last day.
  17. Sweet, I'm on a similar road. Welcome!
  18. Been into the Final Fantasy series since...far longer than I can clearly remember. Been playing the Dissidia series since 2010, but I only was able to get into Duodecim within the last six months. Most people here have avatars from the Final Fantasy series; mine is a face made with RPG Maker VX Ace Character Generator and edited using GIMP (for features not implemented with the generator). Yes, I love making my own games, and recreating other games as much if not more than I like playing them. I love the modding community for this and other reasons. I am a writer, mostly fiction and fan fiction, and I have covered Dissidia in several of my fan fictions. I even went so far as to create the beginning of the cycle, with a lot more characters than just the thirty-two (technically thirty-one), with a lot of them being from outside the series at the beginning (a topic of its' own). I am also a musician; I'm the only member of my group (positions open!) as of now, but word to the faint-of-heart... We're not pop or Top40 money thieving crap, no we are hardcore, screaming in-your-face, Slam Metal. We are...KARMA B*TCHES. And that is all...for now...
  19. C i n n a m o n Timezone: UK Let's do this~
  20. Some of the recent screenshots.
  21. Welcome, man! It's awesome to see you! :)
  22. 1. @Muggshotter 2. @Wheelz 3. @Mogstache
  23. Poiman64 Timezone: GMT -7:00 Let's hope I can do better this time, huh?
  24. Been playing since the JPN release of the first Dissidia. Been trying to get back into it recently. It's very nice to see some familiar faces here from the other forums.
  25. Yup you're right about that, both Crushing Blow and Thunderfall are punishable by AC. But it does depend on the situation, let's take an hypothetical one : Light has a full EX bar, one AST bar, and Squall has SbS and two AST bars but low enough BRV to get broken after an EX burst, Light uses AoO, it connects, Squall has no choice but to AST change so that Light can't make disappear both of his charges for nothing. Of course, situations like this won't happen often at all but it would be amazing to see someone pull it off. Thanks for the free fall bit, I wanted to know that info.
  26. iirc the situation where Free fall Thunder doesn't work is when it was used as a Recovery Attack, rather than from neutral. I think it also didn't work if you Thunder'd right after quickmoves. Interesting bit of info about AoO glitching out, I did not know this. I don't think it would be that useful for dealing with lvl 2 AC counters though, simply because it's a waste of 2 bars to lvl 2 AC counter that anyways unless said counter is going to kill; AoO doesn't deal that much damage nor lead to HP without assist...just shitload of ex gen with her DC combo into Thunder, which is nothing new when it comes to dealing with Lightning. I'd rather wait for you to call assist and then lvl 2 AC your Crushing Blow finish, or even if you use TF that's pretty punishable on change even if you didn't do it close enough to get staggered.
  27. I know this is old but I have a few things to say about this, some things are just plain wrong and sometimes it just needs more precision. First of all, free fall thunder : it will not always work, I do not know why yet, but in certain situations Light won't be able to pull it off, I think it occurs after a dodge but it would have to be checked. I'm also pretty sure 'Aerith unchained' can only be pulled off if the opponent is on the ground, because in the air Aerith will make the opponent glitch and it will drop the whole combo. That happens because you need to summon Aerith pretty early on after Crushing Blow. While this can be useful to avoid getting punished after an AST change, the best option is still to do Thunderfall after Watera connects, because Watera -> Thunderfall is a true combo indeed, and it wall rushes, and you don't need to get on the ground to use it Imo this is useless if that doesn't help you break the enemy, because there still is Watera-> Thunderfall. If your opponent is lost because of this then he might aswell stop playing, even though I agree it can be cool in casuals. I'm sorry, but that's just wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, it probably work against someone like Bartz, but I can guarantee that anyone with a poke that is 13F or less (aka most of the cast) WILL punish Thunder after a block if Light tries to pull off a second Thunder, if that were not the case Light would be unpunishable wtf. Also, just saying, Light doesn't fear an Aerial Circle as she has enough time to dodge after a double Thunder and Squall could get punished very easily. It certainly DOES NOT stop Nightglow, its startup being 13F too. Also here's an important tech you didn't mention : Lock-Off Paradigm change, it's very useful to get into Commando in the middle of an attack for the +1ATK. To do it you need to unlock your camera during an attack and then switch paradigms freely, once you lock-on again you can change paradigms at will. This glitch atually leads to an other one, which is something you've got to be careful with : Army of One. That's right, if you do the glitch during the first few hits of AoO, the attack will stop, so if you want to maximize the damage by going to COM, just wait a little bit before using the lock-off glitch or your combo will drop. By the way, this can also be useful in some few situations, popping at the top of my head is against Squall or Sephiroth, so that they can't lvl2 AST change to punish you, do the AoO glitch and your attack will stop, potentially wasting both of their bars. Other than that, the guide is pretty good from what I've read, I'll have to admit there might still be a few things to point out but I'm too lazy right now to go over it xD It's still nice to see people interested in Lightning, I think she's got a huge potential and there's really a lot to get from this character PS : Why are some stages forgotten? I don't think you know that all stages but PT and the Rift are allowed in competitive play.
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