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  3. D-V Mods

    The website also has Castlevania Judgement Models as well but there's only five of them
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  5. Does anyone have the "young xehanort" mod in edat files?

    It depends on which of the Young Xehanort mods you're talking about... I think I do have... but I need to search a little... I'll try to send you later today or tomorrow at the same time.
  6. ok so back when dissidiaforums was around I made a quest data called Revenge. The story consisted Squall and Tidus going on a quest of revenge against the emperor and ultimecia... anyway would anyone still have the quest data after so long of a time? I just downloaded an emulator and wanted to actually make the sequel and let one of my friends play it. i know it seems like a long shot but if anyone has it can you upload it to media fire? for some awful reason mediafire deleted it.
  7. D-V Mods

    Thank you very much. :)
  8. Yes you can still enter but I wouldn't at the time . There will be some changes put into effect after our first tournament.Big news coming in the near future,check out our tournament New Tale on 03/31.
  9. Upload my old download mods in my laptop

    Since the old dissida forums is shut down and many mods have been delete or cant be found + recover , I upload my DLC folder made by dissDLCToolKit from years ago. This folder has many mods i download and put in my PSP/GAME contain : + KH Mods : Sora , Roxas , Riku , Kairi-Namine , Mickey , all members of OGXIII , KHBBS trio ... + FF Mods : Angeal , Genesis , Vincent Valentine , Zack Fair, Seymour Gado , Lulu , Wakka , Yuna White+Black Mages + Songtress Costume , Zell ,Rinoa, Seifer... + FF Type-0 : Almost Class Zero char + some other ( Cid , Kurasame , Caetuna ... ) + Misc Mods : Hatsune Miku , Tokisaki Kurumi , Kirito + Asuna ... + BGM : track + OST from FF ,KH , Persona , DAL ... ( You can see the name of song by view the readme.txt file in BGM Slot Folder ) ( Notes : Sorry if this mods made by you and i don't credits the name of the creator because i can't remember >.< ) You can easily check the entry slot or Player object entry edat file by click the readme.text in the Mod folder . Wish this help you if you are desperately searching for the old mods that cant be found . Here are the link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LVSfsDOIVeKhQpEzigNynCjsKYUW_5Wv/view P/s : Sorry for my bad English ( It's not my mother language btw ) . Have a nice day !
  10. D-V Mods

    If the were more Castlevania Judgement Mods, how happy i would be? Good work D-V!
  11. D-V Mods

    Thank you for reminding me. :)
  12. Newer players may need to run through some clips twice, as I assume you have basic knowledge of various mechanics I go over (Ex: Crystal spawn in 30 secs) But it should hopefully be enjoyable and informative to players of all levels. In crystal now and I still use this in all of my matches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tGvp9tEJXQ
  13. What are your thoughts on the Trial of Shiva theme? I think it was epic that it reminds me of the Chaos Battle 3 and God of Fire from the first Dissidia and 012 respectively. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJkVV3ltPE4 and this is the singer Nadine Benjamin's twitter account: https://twitter.com/NadinBenjamin She has a powerful voice I gotta say :D
  14. (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    I know, Just giving general info when it comes to rigging Unless we change Gil's weaps in the iso, any Gil mod will get stuck using the default weaps
  15. (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    Gilgamesh summons weapons when he fights, a custom skeleton is not going to give him a weapon.
  16. (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    For Gilgamesh, there's always costumes for his 12 and 13-2 appearences for direct model imports. for those more skilled, if you recall that one Exdeath mod that had him in the Dancer outfit (Honestly my favorite mod ever made)....why not that for Gilgamesh? it'd fit his goofy nature. ...but. Cloud of Darkness is difficult, given her very weird moveset and all that jazz.
  17. Season 1 Discussion thread

    Hey guys, I have a general question. I wrote on the Discord server, but nonetheless will post here. So, the true source to participate in official and non-official tournaments is this forum, correct? Also, how long will be S1, and is there a possibility of still gathering a team and participating? How does that go? I know there's the sign up thread, but I see there are already matches going on, and people already did some stuff. So would I still be in time? Thanks a bunch, guys!
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  19. D-V Mods

    Triple post
  20. Vayne really caught me by surprise, I know a lot of people were expecting Caius. For better or for worse, here's a deconstruction of how is gameplay will be, how he will commonly be played, and how you can counter his kit. I'm looking forward to the DLC, and if you aren't already, then hopefully in the soon future! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZerOGw1GgM
  21. (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    In terms of rigging, it wont really be a problem since you can use custom skeletons for the mods. I've only made one mod for both Exdeath and CoD (CoD Kiyohime doesn't exist) each but they're all joke characters. (Ugandan Knuckles and Ramiel respectively) For Exdeath, I can name a few characters that can fit him. In fact, my current WIP is an Exdeath mod. For the other two, well, except for more joke characters, I really have no idea who to put them over.
  22. D-V Mods

    + Sypha at Page 1
  23. D-V Mods

    A new mod on page 1. :)
  24. D-V Mods

    Thanks for the link. :)
  25. Hello, I'm looking for a Dissidia Opera Omnia gift code. If someone don't have use for it i would greatly appreciate to have it. Mp me for it. Thanks you. :)
  26. sure gimme an FFXII character that isn't Gabranth. I see how it is.
  27. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    I have the dubbed version so yeah.
  28. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    Yes, I do with that kind of volume ... if you have the Undub version it has to be a bit lower because the Japanese voices in the game are lower.
  29. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    A little lower as in it's softer than the game's actual music or softer so you can still hear the fighting?
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