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  7. To further elaborate on what Poiman was talking about, team based game tend to be more simple to begin with. Its why I include both 012 and Arcade versions of each character, to better show of my intended "gimmick" for them and give a display of the difference between a 1v1 arena fighter and a team based fighter. I'd like to say Snow and Vincent are probably my most versatile Arcade move sets given that Snow fills a role that is almost nonexistent in Arcade currently, a more traditional tank, while Vincent just straight up changes his play style based on what HP attack he has.
  8. Duck Dynasty

    Duck Dynasty was a major tournament spanning from January 15 2017 to March 26 2017. It had 22 players, of which the top 3 are: @Muggshotter @Wheelz @Mogstache Full bracket:
  9. TSR - Ule Timezone: GMT -6 (Mexico)
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  11. Niflheim Dissidia Tournament - April 29th 2017 Necessary Stuff: Adhocserver.exe Zero Tier One PPSSPP version 1.11-222 NA version of DDFF (code ULUS 10566) Discord (All except .iso of the game and discord can be downloaded from ) General Rules: Ruleset: Dissidence - Fixed equips version (savefile with all characters ready, change assists and skills as you wish: ) Feral Chaos Banned 1-hit chase rule: "If you chase after a successful chase BRV attack, it must be an empty chase (don't perform any additional chase attacks)" Infinites are allowed Kuja, Sephiroth, Aerith, Tidus, Yuna and Jecht assists are Banned Summons are Banned Reverse Free Dash + Assist Gauge Up on Dash combination is banned Dave's Stuped Rule (you cannot pick a stage you have already won on) Any rage-quitting behavior, be it "softly" (pressing Start > giving up the match) or "hardly" (closing the PPSSPP, etc.) will result in a disqualification from the tournament Special Rules: You choose two characters: one for winners' brackets and one for losers' brackets. Only during the Grand Finals both are unlocked at the same time. Your winners' brackets character CANNOT be one among the following: Prishe, Squall, Lightning, Firion, Sephiroth, Zidane, Onion Knight, Exdeath, WoL and Cloud You can pick the same character for both brackets if its not on the list aforementioned If your character during a set is Shantotto, Yuna, Terra, CoD, Cecil, Bartz or Laguna, you have the RIGHT to pick any allowed stage you like and Dave's Stuped rule does not apply to you In case both players pick one of these characters or none, a coinflip will decide who picks the stage among the following stater stages: World of Darkness, Lunar Basement, Sky Fortress Bahamut Then, the loser may pick any of the following stages: Old Chaos Shrine, World of Darkness, Lunar Basement, Order's Sanctuary, Kefka's Tower, Crystal World, Sky Fortress Bahamut, Crystal Tower, Prima Vista (the allowed stages) Omega variants are banned There is no striking/ban system, therefore, sets can be done from beggining to end with just a coinflip, just rememeber to post who won on discord so the brackets can be updated Tournament Format: One day double elimination tournament All sets are best of 3 matches Finals (winners, losers and grand finals) are best of 5 matches Remember to save ALL of your matches and send the replays to Sign up format: Name: Timezone: Deadline: April 28th, 11:59 PM GMT -12 Send me a DM in discord with your choices and I will reveal a list with everyone's picks an hour before the tournament starts Send me another DM to confirm your presence. It is best you do it 10 minutes before the tournament starts or earlier Brackets: I will do as I please. A link of the brackets will be posted on our discord at least an hour before it starts Reiterating, tournament will begin and end on April 29th START: 5:00 PM Reference Timezone GMT 0 (may change) END: ASAP Build Sample:
  12. The arcade characters have less options on their own, since in a match they're only allowed one HP attack, but I'd like to point out: 3 characters. The amount of combo potential that this opens up is astonishing, really, and if the characters had access to the options that they did in 012, it would utterly break the game and not in a good way as there would be so much stuff on screen (even more than there already is) that even the most experienced veteran would have a ton of problems keeping track of the action. At least, that's my explanation for it. Probably one of the more experienced players could give a better reason.
  13. Im thinking of getting a laptop possibly if i go to school or for whatever reason i feel it may be good just to have one. Anywho im thinking of getting a mac book because of the whole no virus thing. Can you make mod imports on a mac/apple laptop? Also if anyone will happen to know, can you play game systems emulators like n64 and such on a mac book as well?
  14. UPDATE: Thanks to Hyne, this list looks muich more organized than it did before. Might I add that those pictures that were added were wonderful as well! With the release of a new character aand a new balance patfch a couple oppf these channels have been revived! However, I may start removing some accounts that are inactive inn the future. -Added more players -Added a slot for Emperor -Emperor's picture pending
  15. Heh. Here I am, a peruser of the forums. None of you know me, really, because I technically joined the forums in about 2014 but did nothing on them. I only started playing Dissidia in about 2013, and when I found out about the competitive scene, I was hooked. The problem I have is... I just suck at the game. That and my reflexes are way slower than they should be. Dissidia's one of my favorite games to just sit down and play occasionally, and I absolutely love watching the competitive scene. Every match-up is a joy to watch for me. Though, seriously, we need more CoD. I know she's the worst character in the game, but she's so much fun... Joking aside, it's nice to see so many people who play and enjoy this game. And here I am, a Cecil Harvey main. And I know the mechanics that make him passable in competitive play. Doesn't mean I can put it into practice. So if anything, if I had some practice with it, I would totally be a commentator. Not that I've ever really seen one... Also, did I get too rambly? It happens occasionally.
  16. final fantasy record keeper

    :( Well damn, that sucks, Aegis. I was wondering where you had been. Hope you come back one day, and see how much things progress in the game. As for myself, I managed to beat Apocalypse Phantom Train with a solo team just a while ago.
  17. final fantasy record keeper

    So, I wanted to let you guys know I uninstalled FFRK. I felt like I was hitting a wall, and all those gem pulls were hurting my finances. Ever since I uninstalled it, I feel like I have more free time, more money, more freedom. I don't feel bound to do dailies everyday or rush to get events done. It's a good feeling. It was fun for awhile. May 1st would have been my 1st anniversary for FFRK, but I needed to leave, or at least take a break. Though, from what I've read, FFRK is only going to become more grindy from here on out. I'll keep updating the first post with Record Materia and other updates from reddit, though. EDIT: Speaking of which, check the first post, I added a lot of useful info.
  18. final fantasy record keeper

    Got this shit dooooooone Back to farming Orbs for me!
  19. Supreme Champion: Muggshotter Worthy Adversary: Wheelz Maybe Next Time: Mogstache So after much [R]Ducking[F], deportation of illegal immigrants and other drama, the Bash Brothas Duck Dynasty tournament comes to a close. The EU bois came out strong in this tournament, Muggshotter took first place with his excellent and stylish Jecht gameplay destroying everyone in his way even that bad little elf girl. Congratulations Muggshotter! Your hard work and dedication to Jecht really paid off. Then we have me in that silver spot after many years of Dissidia I finally get a top spot in a major, not the spot I wanted to be in, but I came up short this time. Now the second EU boi Mogstache comes in with the bronze can with his very unique play style with Lightning and Squall that gained many fans throughout his amazing run in the losers bracket, very impressive Mogstache and we hope to see more of you next time! Very special thanks to all of you that joined and made this tournament possible couldn't have done it without the interest of you guys. Special shout outs to @xffixbmlx , @DZ_ , @xXxBlakkLitexXx and @Yunoa for helping me organize, TO and help prepare me for the tournament as well. Winners give a special thanks to our admin Hyne who will take care of signatures for our winners, when they are done they will be posted on this thread. Thanks you all for participating and this marks the end of our Quakk Dynasty. Standings Final Bracket:
  20. Grand Finals Muggshotter vs. Wheelz Set 1 Match 1: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Prishe) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - Wheelz (0-1) Match 2: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Squall) - World of Darkness - Muggshotter (1-1) Match 3: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Prishe) - Order's Sanctuary - Wheelz (1-2) Match 4: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Cloud) - Edge of Madness - Muggshotter (2-2) Match 5: Muggshotter Garland) vs. Wheelz (Prishe) - World of Darkness - Wheelz (2-3) Winner: Wheelz (3-2) -> Bracket reset Set 2 Match 1: Muggshotter (Lightning) vs. Wheelz (Prishe) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - Muggshotter (1-0) Match 2: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Prishe) - Order's Sanctuary - Muggshotter (2-0) Match 3: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Prishe) - Order's Sanctuary - Wheelz (2-1, too long to be saved) Match 4: Muggshotter (Jecht) vs. Wheelz (Cloud) - Pandaemonium - Muggshotter (3-1) Winner: Muggshotter (3-1)
  21. final fantasy record keeper

    Got Tyro's USB! After all that waiting! And I tried it out in the new MP raid, Apocalypse difficulty
  22. final fantasy record keeper

    Annnnnd with the Player's Choice(Ultros) Banner after getting the free mythril... I pulled everything on that banner except for Cloud's OSB and a Shout dupe. Was hoping for Cloud's OSB buuuut the Onion BSB pull was a lovely tradeoff among everything else I pulled. I'm done with 2nd anniversary. Good luck to everybody else all next week
  23. final fantasy record keeper

    They also updated the 2nd Ann banners with the global list: Most noticeable changes I saw were the Kain BSB in Phase 1 and Cid Raines BSB in phase 3
  24. final fantasy record keeper

    T H E H Y P E I S R E A L
  25. final fantasy record keeper

    It's very quiet in here lately... We beat the hell out of those dark knights... And I think THIS is my best MP team so far.
  26. final fantasy record keeper

    So... All the milestones have been reached for all three mini-games. That's 47 mythril. We're getting a one-time mythril dungeon that gives us 50 mythril. We have the first phase of The X Record event happening on the 2nd ann. That's 2 mythril. And we have our daily login. That's 1. We're getting exactly 100 mythril on the 25th.
  27. Losers Bracket Finals: Wheelz vs Mogstache M1: Wheelz (Prishe) vs. Mogstache (Lightning) @Lunar Subterrane - Wheelz 1-0 M2: Wheelz (Squall) vs. Mogstahce (Squall) @Orphans Cradle - Mogstahce 1-1 M3: Wheelz (Prishe) vs. Mogstache (Squall) @Orders Sanctuary - Wheelz 2-1 M4: Wheelz (Squall) vs. Mogstache (Lightning) @Dreams End - Mogstache 2-2 M5: Wheelz (Prishe) vs. Mogstache (Prishe) @World Of Darkness - Wheelz 3-2 Winner: Wheelz 3-2
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