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  2. Well... At least I can say I'm happy Vaan isn't at the very bottom
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  4. The luckiest best equipment packs opened by our community members: ???? ???? ????
  5. Minotaur Alexander Leviathan Sylph Shiva Odin Ramuh Ifrit Pandemona Chocobo
  6. FINAL FANTASY Warrior of Light FINAL FANTASY II Firion Maria FINAL FANTASY III Onion Knight FINAL FANTASY IV Cecil Edge Kain Palom Yang FINAL FANTASY V Bartz Faris Galuf Krile FINAL FANTASY VI Celes Cyan Edgar Kefka Sabin Setzer Shadow Terra FINAL FANTASY VII Aerith Cloud Tifa Vincent Yuffie FINAL FANTASY VIII Fujin Irvine Laguna Quistis Raijin Seifer Squall Zell FINAL FANTASY IX Eiko Garnet Kuja Steiner Vivi Zidane FINAL FANTASY X Auron Seymour Tidus Wakka Yuna FINAL FANTASY XI Lion Prishe Shantotto FINAL FANTASY XII Ashe Balthier Penelo Vaan FINAL FANTASY XIII Hope Lightning Sazh Snow Vanille Serah FINAL FANTASY XIV Y'shtola Yda Papalymo Thancred FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Ramza FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 Ace Cater King Rem FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: CRYSTAL BEARERS Layle
  7. Well then brainwashing failed, as they have yet to get into FF — Minecraft rules still. They do enjoy the FF music though.
  8. hummed? more like brainwashing from early stage dude
  9. changed maximum title length to 99 characters added new emotes JetMad KefP
  10. Today my son made a remark on my humming and we went to remember which songs I lulled them to sleep with — so I figured to share them and spread the idea. Y'know, for when you all have children of your own... or simply just for fun. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles — Carol (scat) Final Fantasy IX — Qu's Marsh Final Fantasy IX — You're Not Alone These are very well suited for humming, my boys always fell asleep fast and sound.
  11. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Winners Bracket Round 3: Wheelz vs TheEmden M1: Prishe vs The Emperor - Kefka's Tower- Wheelz 1-0 M2: Prishe vs Exdeath - Lunar Subterrane- Wheelz 2-0 Wheelz wins 2-0 over TheEmden.
  12. Haha yea a.k.a iCame_69 my psn got reported so it’s AcetheticM420 now :/ sad dayz
  13. upgraded forum software css fixes
  14. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Loser's Round 2: Gen. Mighty vs. hisownson M1 Exdeath (GM) vs. Squall (son) Order Sanc. -son's win M2 Golbez (GM) vs. Squall (son) WoD -GM's win M3 Golbez (GM) vs. Squall (son) Dream' End -son's win Gen. Mighty 1-2 hisownson
  15. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    LB Round 3: Poiman64 versus Levi Match 1: Cecil versus Golbez - M.S. Prima Vista ~ 0-1 Match 2: Cecil versus Golbez - Pandemonium - Top Floor ~ 1-1 Match 3: Cecil versus Kain - Pandemonium - Top Floor ~ 2-1 Winner: Poiman64 2-1 against Levi.
  16. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 2 (Winner's Bracket) Match 1: Poiman64 (Cecil) vs. JoyRaines (Firion) - PV - JoyRaines Match 2: Poiman64 (Cecil) vs. JoyRaines (Firion) - WoD - JoyRaines Winner ~ JoyRaines wins 2-0 against Poiman64
  17. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    WBR2 Dart (Kuja) vs. Most (Garland) ~ Orphans Cradle = Dart Dart (Kuja) vs. Most (Garland) ~ Dreams End = Dart Dart 2-0
  18. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    lxd vs coppola m1 lxd (zid) vs coppola (squall) - WoD > lxd m2 lxd (seph) vs coppola (squall) - WoD and dissidence ruleset > coppola m3 lxd (zid) vs coppola (firion) - lunar > lxd 2-1 > lxd
  19. sup guys i hope some of you still remember me :-0 your favorite sexy squall main is back. Who’s ready to get pounded in dissidia nt? But seriously I missed you guys from the forums 😭😭 good to see familiar names again.
  20. Terra higher than CoD, this is a problem.
  21. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Match 1 | Order's Sanctuary | Lokreah (Shantotto) VS Slaycrol (Gabranth) | Official | WINNER: LOKREAH Match 2 | Order's Sanctuary | Lokreah (Yuna) VS Slaycrol (Gabranth) | Official | WINNER: LOKREAH
  22. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    R1: Most vs SapphPhoenix m1 Most (Ultimecia) vs SapphPhoenix(Jecht): OCS - Most m2: Most(Golbez) vs SapphPhoenix(Terra): WoD - SapphPhoenix m3: Most(Golbez) vs SapphPhoenix(Terra): Kefka's Tower- Most Most 2-1
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  24. ideas on starting my own mods for dissida 012

    Does anyone one have any ideas on making I'm new at it and plus I'm trying to make mods from other game series if anybody has any idea to how I should start off let me know ^○^
  25. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    M1. Ultimaweapon2000 (Vaan) vs Blaklite (Tifa) - Top floor - Winner - Ultimaweapon2000 M2. Ultimaweapon2000 (Vaan) vs Blaklite (Tifa) - Orders sanctuary - winner - Ultimaweapon2000 Ultimaweapon2000 wins 2-0
  26. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 3 M1: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Sellos (Exdeath) - Order's Sanctuary - kewldude475 (1-0) M2: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Sellos (Jecht) - Order's Sanctuary - Sellos (1-1) M3: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Sellos (Jecht) Pandaemonium Top Floor - kewldude475 (2-1) kewldude475 wins 2-1
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