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    Hallo, u can call me Dallian. It started long ago with the jap release, I played it a lot then I had to replay it all on the eng ver :P still, I loved it. But then duodecim came out, omg, I fell in love with it, is probably my most played psp game (that was on 2012, I think), I discovered dissidia forums back then, they had a very nice web app to export ur builds as images (I'm still looking for it tho). A couple of weeks ago, with the announcement of mh world I got kinda nostalgic (And my sis new psp didn't helped lol), specially since my psp's battery is kinda dead (Since 2 years or so). Long story short, I downloaded ppsspp and started playing mhfu with a cousin and, why not, duodecim. Sadly I couldn't transfer my old save so I ended replaying it, I'm still unlocking stuff tho. Well, nostalgia brought me back to dissidia forums and dissidia forums brought me here. I've never tested my skills with other playes beside my sis and cousin, I would love to see tournaments and play with others (As soon as I bring baxk my old Tifa :P). That's my story, I play some other games but duodecim is one of my favorites of all time. Nice to meet u all ^_^
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    I learned of Dissidia through a friend during my first year of college in 2012. I had never played any Final Fantasy games besides Tactics Advance. However, we had a profound love for Smash Bros. and Dissidia seemed quite similar; with an extreme love for the fantasy genre and a burning desire to be better than him, Dissidia instantly took a place in my heart. The following year had me getting my first PsP and learning all that I could about Dissidia. Since then I have become a hardcore competitive fighting game player vying to be the best. I became pretty good at Dissidia, but due to dead forums and limited knowledge of online psp play i was certain there was no hope for me ever testing my Dissidia skills against other players, thus I continued expanding my skillset with other fighting games. Now 3 years later I stumble upon the Dissidia discord and learn of ZTO. As of yesterday I have installed all the necessary components and am ready to recruit some other fans in a similar situation to me. I'm not here for casual play. I intend to climb over everyone. So keep things challenging please.
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    Dante Devil Hunter - Well rounded and powerful fighter who utilizes merciless attack strings. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Taking a short break from Final Fantasy characters to upload this mostly to prove a point. You can consider 012 as "DMC4 Type" and Arcade as "DMC3 Type" pretty easily, I think. Despite this I decided on using DMC1's soundtrack for his musical themes since, in my opinion, it's really underappreciated. If I do more DMC characters I'll probably not have them share dungeon themes, instead going with whatever game I feel fits them best. Also the unique EX-Skill mechanic was just for fluff reasons. I felt like it'd better encourage aggressive play with Dante, and better match the point I wanted to make with him.
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    https://www.truetrophies.com/n12317/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-2500-ps4-closed-beta-code-giveaway A lot of codes in there.
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    Noctis Lucis Caelum Warp Breaker - A versatile and powerful warrior who wields the strength of his ancestors Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Consider the "arcade version" a speculative list until he inevitably drops in Arcade. I dunno if "Unique" is the right type for him though, admittedly. I don't know if his Royal Arms ex skill is a drastic enough change for it, but I know he wouldn't be Shoot and he seems to function as something between Speed and Heavy with the way I have him designed. Oh well.
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    Update: Link to Half Life's channel fixed
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    Hello everyone. You may know me as MikominMM from DissidiaForums. The texture mods I did here sucked ass but i'll try harder. I'm mostly making music mods so PM me if you got a request and i'll do it for sure! Might as Well Bring all of my Previous Music mods here. Attack On Titan Removed original mods. Later to be re-purposed. Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: Awakening Fire Emblem Echoes - Shadows of Valentia Fire Emblem Fates
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    Are you accepting requests now? I have some metal arranges I wanted in the game
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    Not a Fan of Rock and Metal Music, unless It's JPOP/Anime Songs. I think there's a member here who accepting BGM MODs request. I request some JPOP/Anime BGM's If He/She have a free time. But I want to try that BGM of yours If you don't mind. Thanks