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    Wow that's actually pretty neat your wanting to get into this now. In that case here is my channel While twitch is somthing i have used in the past, due to alot of updates, moving states (yes this can effect your streaming dependant on where you live), and OS updates... i have fallen off the live stream business. How ever it's not to say I haven't learned any thing from my baby steps through YouTube and twitch and thus here is some of my tips for getting looked at in YouTube /Twitch. Disclaimer; I am no means a pro YouTuber (barely have 100 subs to my name ) these tips are use it or leave it help. Quality First and for most while ps4 is neat with its share function I'm willing to bet money there will be a god awful watermark on there somehow. And while I hate to say it, the quality on the ps4 share function is lack luster. Most if not all viewers want alot of clean crisp gameplay and if they like what they see they will continue on watching that channel or series. Recommendation obviously is to get a video capture card. I am currently using an ElGato HD60 Pro which hooks into the PCI port of my motherboard. Now I am not here to endorse Elgato however they are pretty much the lead runners in Capture Card Devices and mine happens to be one of their pricey models(I just looked and apparently they made a newer better model of the version I have... go figure.). But as with all things, there's cheaper versions of the same. So if you go snooping through the Elgato line up you'll see they have different strokes for different folks, their earliest model the Elgato game capture HD is being discontinued/No longer being manufactured so if it's sold out best to look for the next best thing. With a capture card you directly capture everything on your screen as you see and as your audience will see it making great quality for your videos. I'll be posting more tips later, going to go ahead and post this so my battery on my phone don't die hahaha.
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    But my Hazama would totally kick the crap out of his Ragna though :D
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    What's it been now... 6 years... geez and here I was thinking we all found our seperate games... Welp to start off, I was a wee lad of about 14 when I first started Dissidia. Later after FF13 came out met a friend, friend later introduced me to dissidia forums where he in fact learned all his skills from before even touching the game and beating me with his 40 hours of gameplay to my 120 hours, and I pretty much got to know and love this community. LXD is my hasbando mentor back in ye ole Duodecium days but since at the early time I didn't have a ps3 or a good computer to run PPSSPP I kinda fell off the community flow. But I studied LXD's Zidane combos like crazy (did i mention of a monkey boy main) trying to master his 6 k combo only managing a 4k so to LXD I will never be able to hold a candle to. Now I play FF14 like my life depends on it. Super hyped for Dissidia NT but mad Yoshi P(FF14 Director) is fixing to release patch 4.2 at the end of Jan, when he knows good well that Dissida NT is coming out in US around that time, Oh well. Also a casual YouTuber in fact dissidia was what got me to start on my YouTube channel priority in terms of Gaming/Anime. Some of my more popular videos came out of the time of my playthroughs of Duodecium Story. I would add a shameless plug but I should know better than that, I'll just throw that up in my about me. Hope to see you guys in the battlefield, or in my raids.
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    Afternoon guys, I been getting a large number of questions these past few days about Japanese PSN's and importing the game for the earlier Japanese launch. So i thought I would put together a quick FAQ for playing either the Japanese Beta or the Japanese version of the full game. Q1: Is it easy to create a Japanese PSN account? Yes the hardest part is getting an Japanese address to use for your details, once you solved that issue, it easy as pie, after creating your JP account, login to the account via a new profile on your PS4. Q2: How do I create a Japanese PSN account There are plenty of guides around the internet, a quick google and you should have your account created in no time. Q3: I created my account, how do I access the open beta the awesome japanese are doing? You first need to wait until Midnight Friday morning JST (that is 3PM GMT or 10AM EST) then head to the PSN store on your Japanese profile, the store will be in Japanese but you can find search at the top of the store screen, then just search dissidia (Dissidia is still in English Text on the JP store) and you should find the beta as a free download. Beta will be open on the 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st December and 6th and 7th January, the beta will be open from 6PM JST to 11PM JST on these days (that 9AM - 2PM GMT and 4AM EST - 9AM EST, Sorry America :( ) Q4: I liked the beta, I want to import! what are my options? You got 2 options, you can either buy a physical copy and get it delivered, I recommend Amazon Japan or Play-Asia for this, they both take western credit cards and Play-Asia even accepts PayPal! while you get a nice clean box and disc, you might be waiting on delivery and your looking at up to 20$ (£15) for express delivery if you want the game by launch day. Your other option is to buy the digital version off the Japanese PSN store, the advantage is A, you can download the game on the 8th and play at midnight JST on the 11th (that 3PM GMT and 10AM EST on Wednesday 10th, you can play it a day early :D) and b, no shipping costs The disadvantage is you need to get PSN cards for the JP PSN store as you cannot use English cards/paypal on the JP Store. Good news is Play-Asia which I mentioned before does digital PSN cards. Also, it costs more, your looking at £75 (or 100$) to buy the game off PSN. Q5: Do I need to play on my terribly named JP PSN account to play the Japanese Beta/Import NOPE! once you have downloaded the beta/game you can switch to your English PSN account and play on there, you even gain trophies and trophies even carry over from the Japanese game to the English one!! You can even play online using your English PSN account (You WILL need PS+ for the final game but NOT for the open beta.) Q6: This download takes forever!!!! Do I have to wait on my JP account while it downloads? Again NOPE!!!! You can start the download, then switch to your English account and play other games and the download will continue.in the background. Updates will download as long as you got update auto-download turn on without needing to login to your Japanese account. Q7: DLC came out, do I need to buy the DLC off the JP store for my Japanese copy? Yes, English DLC Download will not work on a Japanese version of a game, you must buy DLC off the English store for the English version and JP DLC for the JP version of the game. Q8: Can I play my friends with their English copy on my JP copy? Yes, You can play English players with your Japanese copy. Q9: Will the JP version have any sort of English text? We are not sure, assume that it does not. Hope this helps out players that are looking to join the Japanese beta but are not sure on certain things and/or want to import but wasn't sure about some things. See you on the battlefield!
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    Oerba Yun Fang Pulsing Huntress - Powers through opposition with debilitating abilities and raw offensive prowess. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes It took me a while to figure out how to make Fang, hence her being last. Eventually I decided upon her being probably the heaviest rush-down character out of all the XIII movesets I've made, as well as potentially the most versatile rushdown characters I've created period. Her ability to close the gap with Saboteur and, in the 012 version, Sentinel alongside the relative safety of Bahamut's glider form felt like a good way to go about making someone who can stay in her opponent's face while keeping herself safe. Although there's definitely some risk/reward stuff going on with how I did Highwind, which I figured would be more accurate to how it works in XIII than making it an HP attack as I original planned and just turn Fang into an even more OP Kain. Speaking of, due to PSP limitations, I imagine Bahamut's gestalt form would probably be shrunk down so it's just strong enough for Fang to stand and brace herself on and not much bigger. Kinda like her own Green Goblin glider. I know that wouldn't be necessary in the Arcade version, but the thought still amuses me and made for an interesting take on the HP attack format for XIII characters.
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    Hey all! I am completely new to the dissidia games, though i've been playing Final Fantasy games since I could read. I am very excited to be part of the community and help it grow. Can't wait for the 30th!
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    Hey all, I am getting super excited for the upcoming Dissidia, and can't wait to start playing the open beta this weekend! This will be my first time playing a Dissidia game, though I have always wanted to (never owned psp or other handhelds). With that being said, I really want to find people to play with grow with, as I'm very interested in the competitive potential NT will be bringing! My tag is Thebobackwards on the PSN, please feel free to add me/send a message, or if anyone has any other places that I may meet some people to play with, please let me know! Looking forward to becoming an active part of this community!
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    Im down to play with you guys as well! My psn is Jjpalmer2
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    I was a huge fan of the Advent Children movie. Then, after learning that a game was about to release, that had action similar to AC, I started to look into it. I remember looking up Dissidia trailers and gameplay videos with my brother on GameTrailers, including one very funny instance of accidentally layering duplicates of the Bartz' vs Exdeath cutscene with a slight delay. The game looked so cool that it convinced me to buy the silver PSP bundled with Dissidia and the Advent Children UMD, which I still have to this day (still operational). Once I started playing it, I fell in love, and it actually acted as my gateway to play more Final Fantasy games, since I had only had a minimal amount of exposure to older FF titles via emulators. I also eventually bought my brother a PSP and his own copy of Dissidia. We played against each other several times every week. As 012 Duodecim released, I immediately jumped on it day one and loved it more than the original. The gameplay had been fine-tuned, and the aadded characters were great. Especially Lightning and Tifa, who became two of my most used characters, next to Squal, WoL, and Tidus. My brother and I, as well as 2 of our friends, would play it every time we hung out, my brother and I continuing to play against each other at least a time or two every week. Eventually, we moved on to the Vita, but would rebuy Duodecim digitally, to play from time to time. With the impending release of NT, and my disappointment with the very different direction it has taken from pre-established "Dissidia", I am going to pick Duodecim back up to quell this betrayal I feel from Square Enix. I even regret buying Final Fantasy 15, a bit. I'll probably finish 15 eventually, but only after my disdain for SqEnix dies down. I just find it sad that they would take the series in such a drastically different direction, saying "screw you" to those of us who wanted a sequel to what what was already established across two entries for some aspirations of esports grandeure. They really shoud've given NT some non-Dissidia title (is suggest Manipulus or Equitus, latin words that have to do with "teamwork") and eventually made a Dissidia sequel that actually feels like previous Dissidia. So, at the end of the day, I'm a long-time, passionate (and now somewhat disgruntled) fan who's love and passion for the series has been rewarded by being left in the dirt, given a game that doesn't feel like Dissidia to me, and met with no choice but to miss the series that I put thousands of hours into during my teenage years and play the old entries.
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    I have over 200 hours on the original Dissidia and 300 on Duodecim. I have played almost all FFs. It was always my dream to play Dissidia on a console since the PS3 days. If Caius Ballad is released later as a dlc then all my dream matches will come true. Also it would be good to see some sort of local Multiplayer in the future.
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    So I planned to write this for quite a while, but now with the global version announcement I really need to. Anyway, I've been playing for a while now and been thinking of the approach I should take when the global version hits. As I played and invested into a fair number of meta characters, I couldn't help but think there will come a point I won't be able to keep up (f2p btw). I'm still fine and will be for a while because the characters I went with will be very strong for quite a long time. Regardless, I keep feeling that the best way to approach this game in a more casual way is to stick to a theme and persevere in that. Your theme could be your dream party, or better yet, your favorite game. Favorite dream party is a shorter venture than an entire game, because once you're done with it, you can do whatever (and probably be dragged into metagaming). Taking a whole game as the theme is a great long-term goal and I recommend it to any casual player not looking to spend a lot (or any) money. Example: I'm probably going to have two accounts; one exclusively dedicated to FFVIII, and the other to whatever (meta or non-FF8 characters I like). On the exclusive account, I won't be opening any packs from banners that don't feature an FFVIII character — not even the 50% off offers (when you do every half-off, it adds up after a while...). Even the banners which will feature FFVIII I won't go all-in unless they have two or more characters from the game, as just one is a decent risk of not opening the desired item, or having to expend too much just for that one character. Noticed that when I chased a character, I found myself having to spend between 25000-35000 gems when the luck wasn't on my side. 25k is probably going to be my top-end expense in global, unless it's my absolute favorite character in question (characters are re-featured from time to time so there's more than one chance to obtain their items, not to mention that subsequent features may provide them with a new weapon in addition to the old one, and extra copies beyond the initial four, that are required to max out an item, hurt quite a bit). Patience and perseverance is key to f2p/lowspend. Don't get tempted and stay firm on your chosen path. That way you'll have the least amount of regret — maybe even none!
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    Starting the game: Warrior of Light is by far the best character out of the starting lineup of WoL, Vivi, Rem, for whom you are randomly given a free 5-star weapon. Depending on how long you will take to gear up another character, it may be worth it to re-roll the entire account to get his (WoL's) weapon specifically. His protecting ability can carry you far in the story mode. Cloud is the second best Chapter 1 character; he's worth using even if you don't have his exclusive weapon. He's got guaranteed Chase initiation as well as Stun on his abilities. As soon as you get out of Chapter 1 (tutorial), go into the daily crystal dungeon and spend all the battle stocks (each day a crystal dungeon of a different color is available and up to 10 battles, after that you need a moogle key which unlocks it for 30 minutes instead). Crystal dungeons are the best source of experience; they will get your party far above the level of early chapters, making the game a lot easier.
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    Hi guys! Played a lot of 012 right up until recently. Current interests include Kuja, Ace, Sephiroth, Tidus and Firion. So far liking Kuja and Firion the most for their purposes. Kuja punishes a passive playstyle which I feel is good for this game and Firion can hold a position extremely well with his unmatched ground game. Mained Sephiroth in 012
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    Hello Hello! Like most people here, been playing since the first game, although I THINK I actually got it in 2010? I don't really remember, I'm bad with time. Anyways, I loved it a lot, so much so that I read up on it online and came across DF, and joined up there. You might (probably not) remember me as Dissidient10, but that's all old news. Hopefully I can get good enough to put up a fight in NT, can't wait to enjoy being a part of the Dissidia community again!
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    Hey! Sorry, just saw your message on the other topic. I'd be happy to talk about my recording/streaming process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to be as detailed as I can, hopefully it helps! So YouTube is my main thing, and my commentary videos were pretty simple because I didn't have to record any game play. I just downloaded the videos from YouTube, and used OBS to record over them. OBS is a pretty popular streaming tool, I don't actually use it for streaming but a lot of people do. I can explain it if you don't know what it is, but it's basically a streaming/recording hub where you can choose what audio and visuals you want to use. Anyways, as far as mics go, any decent mic will probably do. I personally have an Audio‑Technica AT2020 which I found at my local music store. It was around $100, works solid. So yeah, that's my basic commentary recording setup. Open the video, put it up on OBS with my mic, and just record. For actual gameplay, I personally use an Avermedia Gamer Live Portable 2. It was a little cheaper than the Elgato, which I'm pretty sure is the most popular capture card for gaming. Either way, I imagine they work really similarly. It has a few settings -- one of which is a stream mode which is basically a straight feed from your TV to the computer you're connected to. That will let you grab that visual in OBS and record/stream it. Avermedia also has it's own hub that works exactly like OBS that I use, I haven't had any problems with it and it seems a little more user friendly. Another option on the AGLP2 is to just straight record your gameplay. It has ~50gb of internal storage and saves it in 1080p60fps which is nice. For the JPN beta, I would basically set it to this record setting, turn it on at 4 AM, turn it off at 9 AM when the beta ended, then transfer the file to my computer and cut out the matches that were bad. As far as actual editing goes, I use Blender for my video editing. It's definitely the cheap option (Blender is free, but it's actually made for 3D modeling and rendering). For whatever reason, it also has a video editing mode. A lot of people use Adobe Premier (not free) or Windows Movie Maker (free but limited in functionality). I've worked with Adobe Premier in the past, and I feel like I have all of the options I need in Blender. It's definitely been a learning curve and there isn't that much out there in terms of a tutorial for it though so it helps if you've worked with that kind of software in the past. Anyways, it's pretty straightforward for making highlight reels and stuff, just insert your clips and cut out what you don't want. I'd be happy to go over the settings and stuff if anyone wants, but I feel like I'm the only person who has ever used Blender for video editing so I doubt anyone else will go that route haha. I haven't had any issues with copyright from YouTube. Maybe I'm too small a channel for anyone to care, but so far so good. I always put in the Square Enix copyright line that they requested we use back in the NA closed beta. So yeah tl;dr for me, for straight gameplay I just record to my AGLP2 and then transfer it to my computer and edit it with Blender. For streaming, I just put the AGLP2 in stream mode and use their software to stream, although OBS works just as well.
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    When this came finally comes out you'd best believe that I am gonna be one of the ones who start uploading videos so quick it'll make your head spin. There's just one itty bitty issue. I haven't the slightest idea of how YouTube or twitch works, however I figured that there are others who are also unaware of the inside and outs of using YouTube or Twitch. And if we want the is game to get popular and make it to EVO then what better way then to create a market by uploading videos and Livestreams. So let's talk about it, let's share what we know about these topics, answers to common questions or stories about experiences you'd like to share with the community so that future uploaders can avoid the issues you had while trying to figure things out on your own. We can talk about what kind of setup can give us the best quality footage, the rules do and don't about YouTube and Twitch. Ya know things that will allow us to help each other make the best quality channels. We can even share gaming setups and equipment for streaming, just talk about everything related to twitch and YouTube cause I for one would like to make a career out of this and I'm more than positive there are others as well. And while we're at it, please by all means I encourage you to share you YouTube channel or twitch id so that we can all come over and subscribe (I know I will at least). Let'sshare advice and make this happen- S.O.L
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    Heyo im newish to the scene i used to be on the old forums but played mostly pve stuff i mained sephiroth in the first game and gabranth/sephi in the second I play sf5 and competitive smash 4 as well I look forward to meeting you all and learning Yshtola and Sephi to not be a burden to people! PSN is jjpalmer 2 and my discords blazer
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    Oh boy asking the big gun questions, alright I'm gonna try to put this in Spolier tags in order to save space and room and the incase some of you looking at this later are already aware. - The YouTube Copyright Issues Video Copyrights Sound/Music Copyrights So that about does it for youtube copyright madness feel free to pm me, or ask, any other questions you may have and also i am open to critisism from any content creators on my views and how i approach the copyright dance. But moving on, the next question happens to deal with Capture Cards again spoiler tags for long wall of text. (Sorry guys I just don't know when to shut up :/)
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    PSN ID: DBranford Mains: Lightning, Terra, maybe Ace/Ramza
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    Hello there, Colonel Birdstrong (formerly SatoshiKura) here. Since the old forums are down, I thought I'd try and migrate everything here. I'll be leaving some of my older, uglier mods to die, but if there's a specific one you want me to upload, let me know and I'll throw it on here. Download Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, joins Dissidia! He's used on the Warrior of Light. This Link carries just as much equipment as he normally does! While in EX Mode, he can equip different things! He can switch from his Kokiri Tunic to the Zora or Goron Tunics, change his shield for the Mirror Shield, put on the Golden Gauntlets, or trade out the Master Sword for the ever-powerful Biggoron Sword! He can always just keep the Master Sword or start out in one of the other tunics as well. Included is Dark Link, who also has access to the Biggoron Sword, Mirror Shield, and Golden Gauntlets. Screenshots: Download Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Hyrule Warriors imported into Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy! He goes over Firion. His model uses assets from Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Hyrule Warriors. Link uses a few of his weapons from Twilight Princess, plus Zelda's Light Arrow! An alternate version included in his download allows him to wield the Ordon Sword in place of the Light Arrow. Screenshots: Download Fierce Deity joins the ranks of the various Final Fantasy characters in Dissidia 012! He is used over Cloud. In EX Mode, he switches out the traditional Helix Sword for the strongest version available in Hyrule Warriors. Also included is a dark version! Screenshots Download Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Twilight Princess on Exdeath. He comes with two alts: His "Grandpa Ganondorf" color from Brawl, and Project M's Ocarina of Time Ganondorf model. Screenshots: Download Ganondorf from Twilight Princess/Hyrule Warriors joins on Garland! He wields his dual swords from Hyrule Warriors. Screenshots: Download A Lizalfos from the Zelda series joins Dissidia! It goes on Jecht. Its gauntlet-hand has full finger movement! Other than that, there's not really anything special about it. Screenshots: Download Robin, using his appearance from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, comes to Dissidia on Firion. He wields the Levin Sword and three tomes: Wind, Thunder, and Fire. Screenshots: Download Lyndis, from Fire Emblem 7, comes to Dissidia over Lightning. She makes use of both of the weapon types available to her from her original game and final class, switching between the bow and sword to deal damage at both short and long range. A little fun fact is that her nickname, Lyn, means Lightning in another language. Her skirt has some very obvious clipping, but that was unavoidable. For some reason, her arms are a bit darker than the rest of her skin, I know the problem, but when I try to fix it.... Well, she starts becoming invisible. Or the model just completely screws up. Her hair also sometimes stabs through her body. Screenshot: Download Samus, in her most iconic suit, joins Dissidia on Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus in her Fusion Suit! As with her Varia Suit, she goes over Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus, in her Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. She goes over Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus, without her suit. She uses her Paralyzer from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and goes over Lightning. Thanks to SJS on Brawl Vault for permission to use his model! Screenshot: Download Samus' nemesis, Ridley, comes to Dissidia on Feral Chaos. Screenshot: Download Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising imported into Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy! He goes over Vaan. His model uses assets from Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS. Pit has access to every weapon type usable in Uprising. He starts with the basic weapons (besides Palutena's Bow), and in EX Mode, he gains stronger versions! Also included is a Dark Pit version, who uses the Silver Bow and Dark Pit Staff in place of Palutena's Bow and the Orb Staff respectively. Thanks to DSX8 for supplying his files! Screenshots: Download Pit, from the Kid Icarus series, comes to Dissidia on Zidane! Zidane's animations and attacks are pretty much perfect for him. Also included is a Dark Pit retexture, made using SJS' Dark Pit textures that I can't find on Brawl Vault anymore. Good thing I had them laying around, though. Screenshot: Download Captain Falcon, from the F-Zero series, comes to Dissidia in a rather feminine way on Tifa Lockhart. He looks relatively fine when actually fighting, but his intro, loss, and victory animations are.... well..... yeah. He may look weird in some animations, but what do you expect? I put one of most manly Nintendo characters on TIFA. Included is an EXEX, which was made by Bloko for his Blaziken mod. Screenshot: Download Inuyasha, from the series that shares his name, comes to Dissidia on Cloud Strife. This was a request by AkiraMudou. The Tessaiga changes into its barrier-piercing red form upon entering EX Mode. Custom EX mode aura is also included, just rename its extension (.exex) to .edat and name it whatever Hasher says to name the EXEX. Video: Download Zero Two comes to Dissidia on Kuja. He doesn't really sport anything special, except for the fact that he's taken a humanoid form. Credit goes to _Data_Drain and Akari_Un for the model, and SJS for the portrait's image. Screenshot: Download Cloud, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on... Well, do I really need to say? Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Shulk comes to Dissidia on Squall! And believe me, he's really feeling it, and so am I! He fits so well on Squall, just try using Blasting Zone. His Monado also opens up and gains a beam matching Lionheart's length while in EX Mode. Credit goes to Random Talking Bush for the model, and KTH from Brawl Vault for supplying me with him and a few other things. Screenshot: Download Sheik, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Tifa! She's got all of her colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Samus, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Laguna! She has all of her colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Her arm cannon changes shape during Laguna's various attacks as well! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Dark Samus, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cloud of Darkness! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Marth, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cecil! He has all of his colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Lucina, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Lightning! She's got all of her colors from Smash 3DS, an optional Mask version, and lower res versions of both for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Roy, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cecil! He has all of his colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Corrin, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Lightning! She has all her (female) colors from Smash 3DS, and lower res versions of the main texture for better performance against modded characters. And, for the first time on one of my mods, she has facial expressions, and Yato is animated! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files, and to Windblast as well for all the aid he gave in making the texture animations work. Screenshots: Download Chrom, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Warrior of Light! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Greninja, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Zidane! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download A Hunter equipped with the Vangis set from Monster Hunter Tri cleaves his way into Dissidia! He uses the Longsword Shadowbinder (P). To go with the Longsword's style of fighting, he goes over Sephiroth. Screenshots: Download Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. 3DS joins yet again! This time, he's over Golbez. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing Nargacuga armor has snuck into Dissidia! He uses various Sword and Shield weapons from Monster Hunter Generations. Screenshots: Download A hunter dressed in Yukumo Village's own armor arrives! He wields several Switch Axes, which take on their Sword Mode form in EX Mode. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing the Caravan's signature armor set vaults into the fray! He uses several Insect Glaives. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing G Rank Kushala Daora armor joins to knock out his enemies with his powerful Charge Blades! Screenshots: Download Alm, from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, joins Dissidia on Firion, wielding several weapons from his journeys through Valentia! In EX Mode, he promotes to his Hero class and swaps his Royal Sword and plain weaponry for the powerful Falchion and the Valentian Regalia. Screenshots: Download Celica, from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, joins Dissidia on Terra. She wields her powerful magic and reliable sword, and in EX Mode, promotes to her Princess class. Screenshots:
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    Welcome to the club Bo, I'm also a new player. Not to dissidia as a whole but NT is definitely something I'm not used to. My psn in scion_o_light and I'd be more than happy to take you along for a noon friendly party
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    What's your PSN, maybe we could play together sometime
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    Hey everyone I'm new to this community (joined a few days ago) been playing Dissidia since 2009 (possibly one of the most fun PSP games I still play to this day). I mostly play as WoL, Garland, Firion, Emperor Mateus, Cecil, Kain Highwind, Golbez, Bartz & Exdeath. Hopefully we'll all work hard on ranking up & maybe give each other some useful tips on how we could've improved on our matches by going over what mistakes we made & how could we done better to prevent it from happening again.
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    PROFILE Real Name Unknown Featured Game Final Fantasy I Age Unknown Job Class Warrior CV Toshihiko Seki TYPE: Heavy Warrior of Light is a balanced character that can support his team while having enough options to cover himself on a solo duel. Type Name Damage Total Damage Frames Bravery Attack Ground Ascension 64+96+160+240 560 22F Sword Thurst 64+48*5+240 544 34F Shield of Light [Radiant Blade] 480-512-544 480-512-544 Shield of Light: 12F Radiant Blade: 25F Air Crossover 96*2+160+208 560 22F Shield Strike 160+112+272 544 30F Shield of Light [Radiant Blade] 128*3~7 384-640-896 Shield of Light: 12F Radiant Blade: 18F Dash Guard Rush 400 400 36F HP Attack All Shining Wave - - 72F Bright Saber - - 54F All End - - Guard Frames: 12F 72F Ultimate Shield 32*8+64 320 42F EX Skill All Holy Chain - - Brave Attack Overview Ascension Description Throw shield to drag the opponent closer, then perform a sword combo to knock them into the air. Additional Effects Wallrush (Diagonal) Strengths Melee Attack with good enough range The First and the third hit are Anti-Air attacks Weaknesses Hurtboxes are small and cannot track to the left or to the right well On Cliffs, the attack can whiff Notes Main Bread and Butter Attack on the Ground Sword Thurst Description Throw shield, then charge forward to knock the opponent back. Additional Effects Wallrush (Front) Strengths The Shield has great range compared to other melee attacks The Shield also has some hurtboxes on the air, making it a good anti-air tool Has Super Armour during the Shield Throw Clash Value is high Weaknesses Startup is slow and the tracking is poor On Cliffs, the attack can whiff Notes Use this attack to stop the opponents movement The attack is vunerable to melee attacks during the sword parts Shield of Light [Radiant Sword] Description Guard and hold out shield to unleash swords of light. Additional Effects Guard Frames Guard can stagger enemies On Successful Guard: Defensive Buff for 20 Seconds (1.2x Defense LV1, 1.4x Defense LV2) On Successful Guard: Level of Attack Increases (1 S&S LV1, 3S&S LV2, 5S&S LV3) Wallrush (Front) Strengths Able to counter attack out of a successful guard Fast attack after the guard Can hit multiple opponents easily A really wide attack at LV3 Weaknesses Guard Frames come up late The priority of the swords are low Warrior of Light can't move during the attack, making him vunerable to attack from behind Notes Can work very well when the opponent leasts expects it Is a good alternative to the usual block, due to its counterattack Crossover Description Move toward the opponent while spinning shield, then stab to knock them into the air. Additional Effects ・Wallrush (Diagonal) Strengths Fast melee attack Attack is disjointed Can track well after the first strike Weaknesses Can be interrupted easily Vunerable to long range attacks Notes Main Bread and Butter Attack on the Air Shield Strike Description Throw shield downwards to hit the opponent, then stab and knock them upward. Additional Effects ・Wallrush (Upwards) Strengths High Priority Long Range Can pull the opponent close to you Super Armour during the shield attack Weaknesses Has trouble hitting dodging opponents Vunerable to long range attacks Notes Benefits Warrior of Light very well since he is a slow character Can be used to interrupt Shoot type characters Shield of Light [Radiant Sword] [Air] Description Guard and hold out shield to unleash swords of light. Additional Effects Guard Frames Guard can stagger enemies On Successful Guard: Defensive Buff for 20 Seconds (1.2x Defense LV1, 1.4x Defense LV2) On Successful Guard: Level of Attack Increases (1 S&S LV1, 3S&S LV2, 5S&S LV3) Wallrush (Front) Strengths Able to counter attack out of a successful guard Fast attack after the guard Can hit multiple opponents easily A really wide attack at LV3 Weaknesses Guard Frames come up late The priority of the swords are low Warrior of Light can't move during the attack, making him vunerable to attack from behind Notes Can work very well when the opponent leasts expects it Is a good alternative to the usual block, due to its counterattack Guard Rush Description Dash in with a shield, then counterattack with swordplay. Additional Effects Guard Frames Wallrush (Front) Strengths High Priority means you can clash with many attacks and be able to counterattack The shield has a wide hitbox, making it easy to block many attacks Weaknesses Low horizontal distance Can be countered with medium distanced attacks Notes Can be used to get close to Shoot type characters, such as Terra or Y'sholta HP Attack Overview Shining Wave Description Stab sword into the ground and then swing to send pillars of light that home in on the opponent. Has a high reach into the air. Additional Effects Strengths Long Range Projectile is fast Can hit multiple enemies Weaknesses Cannot be comboed from other attacks Cannot hit enemies that are below Warrior of Light in the air Vunerable to Long Range attacks Notes Use this attack from a proper distance Very effectice in narrow places Bright Saber Description Charge up sword, then swing it to inflict damage Additional Effects Strengths Fast attack compared to other HPs Wide Range Can punish dodges Weaknesses Poor horizontal range Notes Can be used to destroy shields and punish dodges Can be comboed from wall rushes Got a buff to make it more stable All End Description Swing shield to block incoming attacks, then follow up with a sword strike Additional Effects Guard Stun Strengths Long Range Can block bravery attacks The HP hit is very fast Can also hit enemies that are covered in the shield Weaknesses Cannot be used as a reversal Guard frames dissapear when Warrior Light starts to swing his sword Poor horizontal range Notes Use it to sneak attack predictable opponents Can clash with Collosal Shantotto after the update Can be used to block HP attacks with right timing Ultimate Shield Description Throw shield forward to pull the opponent closer, then strike them multiple times and knock them away. Additional Effects Strengths Good tracking Great Damage for an HP attack Can hit multiple eneimes who got hit by the sword Super Armour during the sword strikes Weaknesses Cannot turn back during sword strikes Long attack Notes Perfect for wall rush combos, as the bravery hits from Ultimate Shield will most likely result in a break. Use it sparingly as it is a long attack
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    Personally I think the expanded roster of characters will likely be everyone who was included in the mobile game opera omnia. So like, Seymour ffx, Yuna ffx( new main if they do it justice), y'da (lyse)xiv, siefer ffviii, vivi ffix, hope ffxiii etc
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    Old silent member from dissidiaforum my old nickname is povos321 I have a project to make mod dissidia Greetings
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    Hey guys, not sure if many of you will remember me but I'm Star from the old Dissidia Forums (full name back then was Starseeker358). Been playing Dissidia since 2009 and was a member of the forums from 2010. I used to do some mod work and graphic stuff with all the OG members. Started to tone down a little bit around 2012 and have been semi active since. I'm an avid Zidane main in 012 and have put in 1500+ hours into the two PSP games collectively, some of my favourite games of all time. I played the NT beta several months ago and I'm real keen to get back into it when it comes out next month. I'm in Australia so if anyone else around here is from Oceania as well HMU as I'm sure I'll be looking for games. Hope to talk to you all again!
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    These are all Desvol's work, yep
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    Hello my user name is ScionOfLight but I'd prefer to be called SOL. I played both the original dissidia and 012 when they came out, but living out in the no lands of Ohio (as well as a debilitating fear of competitive scenes) I never really "got gud" at dissidia only ever playing the game casually and never really BREAKING MY LIMITS...(bad joke). But it's a new chapter in my life and as the title implies in dissidia NT (new tale) I'm ready to do something different and expand my horizons. My goal is to take my career to the top, make it to EVO or whatever tournament scene pops out of this. In my opinion DFFNT would make a fabulous addition to EVO with it's surprising amount of depth and come on guys I think a spectator camera that can watch and move about the entire field of battle would be an epic thing to watch. During my 012 days my favorite characters were shantotto, kuja, and Yuna. And that time I really only played characters based on asthetics and whos powers I thought looked the best (which is still true to a point) but now I'm looking for more utility and a playstyle that compliments my personality and while I still love shantotto new agression based style, looking at my name should tell you right away who I plan to get good at. This is also my first time being part of a community, and I'm really looking forward to being apart of all this and watching it grow as the competitive scene gets bigger. But please if I do something unethical to standards do let me know, I have every intention of growing to love this community and don't wanna mess it up. So here's to all getting along. -SOL
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    Hi all, I stumbled onto the original Dissidia game while looking for something worthwhile to play; so naturally, I grabbed the Japanese copy first. I don't have any specific main during that time, I just went with anyone who caught my eye. It wasn't until Duodecim came out that I seriously considered specializing, so I ended up picking hard to learn characters as mains. Fast forward to NT, I will not deem myself ready for the big guns until I master my chosen main/s.
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    Locke Cole Phoenix Striker - Chase down foes and batter them, regardless the distance Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Arcade moveset is actually just a transcription of Leif's predictive moveset that I put some creative liberties into. Mostly with dash attack, moving some moves around input wise, and specifying some things he was a big vague on. I wasn't entirely sure how he was explaining the fluff for the brave moves, but I got the main function down so I think I'm fine. Also decided to name a lot of his Brave attacks off of weapons that are unique to him in VI to keep with the theme. 012 moveset is entirely my own creation, however. It was mostly an expansion on Leif's base design, while trying to include all of Locke's abilities from Record Keeper. Part of me feels like I probably should have kept his chain attack stuff from the arcade moveset, but I'm kinda glad I only kept it with Hawkeye since 012 characters just simply have more options than Arcade characters do.
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    Ragna the Bloodedge Black Beast - Onslaughts opponents with a barrage of quick attacks and crushing blows. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I tried doing something clever with musical themes, let's see if it worked. The 012 version is a bit rough and not too heavily updated since it's original version, with the gameplay description clearly lacking as a result. However, I think the raw amount of OPTIONS he has speaks for itself in the end. The Arcade version, however, was made just recently and shows what I think could be done with making a hybrid class character without considering it "Unique." I figured he would count better as heavy due to his overall damage output and his gap closers not actually being particularly mobile. Especially since his twin EX-Skill combo just screams "Heavy type" to me.
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    Hazama Snake of Endless Torment Zip around the battlefield and break your enemy's spirits with a venomous determination. Fluff Stuff 012 Moves NT Moves Author's comment (and whatever else I may be thinking of right now) I hope you liked this second Move set of mine! Hazama has some strong mobility going on so dodging his moves is vital! Feel free to share your thoughts on this moveset or any of my previous ones. Would you play Hazama in NT or 012?
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    I'm just going to throw out a couple of loose thoughts here and see what everyone's response is... We don't know if Square is going to host any sort of championship series, so if we want to make sure we are the main tournament hub and are taken seriously, we need to have an infrastructure in place and ready before the game releases. Otherwise we run the risk of like...FF Peasants or that FB group being seen as the go-to place to play Dissidia, and then our game will never be taken seriously by the wider tournament community. So, leading up to release, I think we should be prepared to launch the first tournament season or a Dissidia League. Something that will be structured and ongoing that gives the community a sense of legitimacy, direction, and ranking. To further that end, one idea I had was the encouragement of crews. Dissidia is a 3v3 game, so even if we only hold Dissidia Community tournaments once or twice a month, or even less, making sure your whole team is available on a certain day(s) can potentially be a big problem for a lot of people. So I was thinking that if players participated in crews of 6-10 players, we could alleviate that problem a bit. I'll use TNB as an example to illustrate. Let's say Dragon, Chandela and I enter the season as a team(call us TNB | DCL). We play two tournaments together, but Chandela is unavailable for the third. Within the crew rules, we would be able to sub in Dimitri and still keep our title as DCL and have our performance count towards DCL's ranking. This helps avoid having to keep individual player rankings(though you still could) and allows us to handle seeding in the normal fashion. So, say Dimitri is part of TNB | PDD (Poiman, Dimitri, DJ). When he played with us, it would have no bearing on his base team. That's why I suggested 6-10 players. That way, with at least 6, no one would ever have to just sit out for lack of enough members in the crew. As it's extremely likely that everyone won't be available every weekend, I think it is a system that could work. Finally, any given team would need to play more games than not with it's complete original roster. Meaning if I played one tournament with DCL, but had to play the next three tournaments with subs, it wouldn't make sense for DCL to receive ranking credit for those wins. The overall result would be a hard ranking per static team, just like if we were all single participants, and a sort of "soft ranking" by crew for use where applicable. You could still participate as a static team without a crew, but you'd have to deal with circumstances that could otherwise be mitigated. So with this system, seeding would look something like: Known Static Teams Known Crews Teams with no results. That took longer than I thought to explain, so I'll end it there. Please share what you think, add suggestions, ridicule me endlessly. After this gets some feedback I'll make another post. I have a bunch of topics to cover. (P.S. To the members of TNB, I understand that this changes the idea of crews from us having a good time, to something that holds more importance, so I understand if you don't want anything to do with it.)
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    I WANNA DO ONE ...ok... so i was never an expensive kid to buy presents for christmas. only because nothing that was new ever really interested me that much. he'd always try to persuade me to get one thing something super expensive cuz the new stuff was easier to get a hold of and he'd rather spend a lot of money really quickly than make an effort. but i told him either dont buy me anything or get me this game it's called "dissidia duodecim" he'd give me this withering look of disapproval cuz it sounded gay af. so then I HAD TO HAVE IT. he bought it and it was the best thing i ever gotten for christmas. i played that bitch 24/7. i didnt have a lot of close friends growing up.... cuz im weird. so i instantly ruled out multiplayer cuz i figured that's the only way you be able to play with someone with the psps trash online capabilities. i was so disappointed i never got to show off my "skills" back then. but it was always this itch i had to scratch somehow and i got so interested in pvp dissidia i looked to see if **anyone** ever got to play a pvp match. and sure enough i came across the dissidia channel. and i was glued to the channel for like days and commented on one video expressing how much i missed the game, and how much it sucked that i missed the chance to get to play with another human being, cause by this time i had broken my psp and hadnt played the game in almost a year. and sure enough here comes rdf, who at that time was still pretending to be a human, saying "yea we got this community" bla bla and sent me the link. and ever since i've been getting dash blocked and bodied ever since X).
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    First played the first game on my big bro psp back in summer 2013. I played the demo one or two years earlier and my has had the game for a long time. Decided to give it a try and was in love with the game. Was also a member of the dissidiaforums.com
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    Most of you know me as LuckySeven, but along with most things in my life my name is changed to JSeven for here. I typed in dissidia forums after 2 years of retiring to see if this place was dead but couldnt find the sight but got sent here lol Just checking the difference and seeing who migrated from the old forums. I don't plan on playing dissdia duodecim here...mostly because im too lazy to download all the shit to play with others but i might hop on the NT. For sure casually, but not sure competively. Man I got so much memories looking at everything here. Haha Im on discord which ill probably be on more than the actual forums. But yea good to see a lot of you guys again
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    Alright, intro time. I played Dissidia when it first came out, mainly played Garland and Shantotto, in Duodecim I mainly played Laguna alongside those two. I was a member kinda of the older Dissidia forums back when the first one came out, different name though. I didn't exactly have the best internet to be playing online much though I did enter one of the tournaments on whim once, didn't leave the prelims just gonna leave that in the past.
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    Heyo! I'm completely new to dissidia with NT, I decided to pop in and see what the forums are all about. Hopefully I'll be able to learn from a lot of you and get some games in when it comes out!
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    Hi, decided to finally make an account here since the NT beta started and I've been dedicating a lot of free time to it and the arcade version. I played a lot of the original Dissidia with some friends from school since its US launch, they were all a lot older and better than me with the game at the time. Since then I've gotten into more traditional fighting games and eventually into anime fighters like Persona and Blazblue. It wasn't until earlier this year that I ran into some competitive Duodecim footage on youtube and decided to download it onto my Vita for old times sake, but after doing that I started to find Dissidia Arcade videos and started following a bunch of JP players and their channels, then EVO happened which was followed up by the closed beta announcement and suddenly I'm gathering resources and analyzing match videos in preparation for the beta. Lucky me I got into the closed beta soon after it was announced and I've been really loving my time with it(mostly)! Anyway! I made this account hoping to have people to discuss the game with and learn as much as I can about it. I'm also starting to record my beta matches and want to start uploading and sharing them. This was long! Sorry! I am interested in playing Duodecim too, so I hope we can play together in both games in the future.
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    Hello, a few people here call me Strife (very generic, I know). I've been around Dissidia in general for a while but I don't consider myself as ancient as some of the guys here. I joined Dissidia Forums in 2012 because of Duodecim, I was interested in playing other people and understanding the game better. I made friends, talked shit, got into fights and many other things your average teenager would do. Oh yes, I also terrorized people with my connection. Anyway, I created this account since I'm interested in the new game coming out next year. I don't trust the netcode will be able to make me have enjoyable matches with people from here (which are very far from me most likely) but I'd still like to participate in discussions surrounding the game and whatnot if there's any.
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    Haven't played either Dissidia game that's currently out in a long damn time, so I guess you could refer to me as one of the retired old men at this point. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the Golbez guy some people may refer to that isn't X-Zone (if people still talk about either of us at all). I am also a former moderator on DF after 012 came out, assisted with running some of the tournaments but got pretty busy due to real life and all that.
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    Hey guys, played Duodecim and loved how ExDeath played, mained him for as long as my PSP worked. Played a lot of other characters too. Currently playing Vaan and Cecil as I'm waiting for release so I can play my main man once again. Or at least a beta with him in it.
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    Yo I picked up Dissidia way back in the day, and fell in love with Exdeath's gameplay. While I dabbled in other characters, Exdeath was always my best. Looking forward to playing with everybody again!
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    Yo! Ima make this short and sweet I played some dissidia on the psp when i was younger. I was wondering wtf happened to the old dissidia forums? I'm guessing lack of donations...I see some old names! You guys know who you are. :) I hope I see more familiar faces, and i hope to see ALL OF YOU in the NT closed beta!
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    I'm sleight from the Philippines. Just got back from a 1 yr hiatus. I main Zidane. My favorite ruleset is JP ranked. I hate chase. We play Dissidence ruleset now here in our country.
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