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    Playing buddies from the same country and still lagging? Well, the main cause might not be wifi (seriously, NEVER USE WIFI IF YOU CAN) or internet speed (it doesnt really make a big difference, but always check if your speed is at standard values at speedtest.net for example, if they are lower it means you may have connection issues that most of the time are solved by simple reseting your router), but your emulator settings. The settings on this guide were tested and they really make a difference, specially when lag is innevitable (ping above 120ms). For better results, both players must use them. I used 1.11-222-g3cc7891 the best version of PPSSP and the community's standard as reference for screenshots. General Settings: never change them, by the way, anisotropic filtering and upscale are useless in my opinion, they only increase CPU usage and lag for almost no change in graphics, what you need is resolution. The following settings consider that you use the previous ones as well. Maximum Performance Settings Pros: auto resolution (the game will look nice), any computer can run Dissidia with these settings (tested with pentium 4 and I am not kidding) Cons: darker effects, for example, dark watera, dark Order's Sanctuary - like there is a huge dark cloud above the stage (I like it by the way) and dark EX Revenge, rarely some small black blocks might appear. Note: the backend should be OpenGL and nothing else. Sample: Dark OS Standard Settings Use it only if you have issues with OpenGL or really hate darker effects. Can be used with OpenGL backend as well. Bufferend rendering let you choose the resolution, so put values your computer can handle (recommended 3x or auto). Final note: if you don't believe me, f*** you and keep lagging.
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    PROFILE Real Name Cloud Strife Featured Game Final Fantasy VII Series Age 21 Job Class None CV Takahiro Sakurai TYPE: Heavy Cloud is a heavy character that sacrifices some speed to charge up his attacks and deal massive damage at close range. Unique Mechanic: Charge Cloud can charge up his attacks by holding down the II/O button to increase the damage and the range of his moves. Type Name Damage Damage LV2 Damage LV3 Total Damage Total Damage LV2 Total Damage LV3 Frames (NOT COMPLETED) Bravery Attack Ground Sonic Break 128+160+256 136+168+264 144+176+272 544 568 592 Climhazzard 48*6+128+144 49*6+136+160 51*6+144+176 560 590 626 Blade Beam (48+)480 (48+)488 (48+)496(+320) 480 488 496 Air Slashing Blow 128+160+256 136+168+264 144+176+272 544 568 592 Braver (80*n+)512 (80*n+)528 (80*n+)544 512 528 544 Finishing Touch 224*2 128*4 88*7 448 512 616 Dash Spin Drive 208+304 512 HP Attack All Cross Slash 128*2 144*2 160*2 256 288 320 Meteorain (16*6) (96) Cherry Blossom 128*2 256 Omnislash 32*4 [56*9] 128 [504] 47F [42F] EX Skill All Limit Break - - - Brave Attack Overview Sonic Break Description Perform a slow, powerful three-hit sword combo. The first hit creates a small gust of wind that pulls in the opponent. Additional Effects Wallrush (Diagonal) Strengths Occurs fast Good range Weaknesses No anti air properties Can be easlity interrupted Notes Main Bread and Butter Attack on the Ground Climhazzard Description Charge forward to impale the opponent, then slash to knock them into the air before stabbing to slam them down. Additional Effects Wallrush (Downwards) Strengths First hit can hit from afar The second hit is an Anti-Air attack Can cut through projectiles Weaknesses Start up is slow Bad tracking Can whiff due to terrain Notes Use it to get close to the opponents Blade Beam Description Create a high-speed energy slash. Additional Effects None Strengths Occurs fast Can go through objects Weaknesses Low damage Gets blocked in some terrains Notes Can use it on the ground for an AOE strike and to hit from afar. Slashing Blow Description Unleash two quick aerial slashes, then slam the opponent to the ground. Additional Effects Wallrush (Downwards) Strengths Can wallrush easily Can cancel out of the second hit safely. Can charge it up fast Weaknesses Weak vertical distance Notes Main Bread and Butter Attack on the air. Cloud can safetly spam it. Braver Description Charge forward to stab the opponent, then jump and slam them down. Additional Effects Wallrush (Diagonal) Strengths Surprisingly fast Drags the opponents to the ground High damage Can hit the eneimes above cloud during the leap Can break summon cores easily High priority Weaknesses Doesn't transition well from the charge Teammates can accidentally throw the opponent away from Braver Hits in a narrow spot Notes Use it for sneak attacks to interrupt opponents and try to force your way through HP attacks. Finishing Touch Description Summon a tornado to deal damage. Additional Effects None Strengths Has great range when charged. Large vertical hitbox Is safe after throwing out the Tornado Backsteps when throwing the tornado Weaknesses Slow startup Notes A great projectile in the air Use it to safely get in to the opponents face or to keep yourself away from harm. Spin Drive Description Lunge at the opponent with a sword strike. Additional Effects Wallrush (Diagonal) Strengths Hitbox appears early Weaknesses Hard to combo after a wallrush Hitbox is messed up, can't hit properly when it should. Notes Use it for sneak attacks. HP Attack Overview Cross Slash Description Charge forward and slash the opponent three times, knocking them back on the third hit. Cloud will track the opponent if the first hit misses. Additional Effects None Strengths Fastest HP attack out of Cloud's arsenal Can mix up the timing with charging. Can punish backsteps Deals bravery damage and can lead to breaks. Weaknesses Long attack duration Cannot be canceled Notes Use it carefully as Cloud can't cancel his attack if he whiffs. Meteorain Description Summon multiple meteors up into the air that rain down on the opponent Additional Effects None Strengths Can hit opponents in the air easily Long range Fairly fast without charging Weaknesses Meteors fall slowly Can be interrupted. Notes Can be used for sneak attacks long distance Shouldn't be used near the opponent. Cherry Blossom Description Unleashes rapid spells on the enemy to deal damage. Additional Effects None Strengths Infinite Range Can hurt multiple enemies Highest HP Priority Weaknesses Very long start-up Can be avoided by side steps and back steps during the red lightning part Cannot combo from other bravery attacks Notes Should be used on a wide stage Have someone to cover you during the start-up Omnislash Description Deal rapid strikes in sucsession, then finish it up with a diving sword hit. Additional Effects Invincible during Limit Break Strengths Can lunge a solid distance Invincibility during Limit Break Insane damage from an HP attack Can follow up from wallrush Weaknesses Long attack duration Deals less damage without Limit break Slow start up Notes Use it from wallrush combos to break the opponent and deal huge HP damage with Limit Break
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    Hello! I am Meganecon. I mostly play fighting games, specifically Guilty Gear, and wanted to try a new game out. I've played Dissidia casually for a while but since the game died I haven't played it. After discovering a competitive community I decided to play it again so I'm really excited to play with you all. I'm relatively new to competitive Dissidia, so I don't really know much about how neutral works or anything but I'm sure I'll learn as time goes on! I don't really have a main since I don't play much, but the characters I like to play the most are Vaan, Tifa, Lightning, and Shantotto. Hope to play some matches soon!

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