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    What do you think of the site?
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    Just for clarification's sake... , 1 : Kefka Assist on Kujie-koo will consistently Combo with EVERY HP ( Force / Flare Star / Seraphic / Ultima ) with practice. 2 : Never use Kefka Assist on Pandae / Kefka's Tower / Phantom Train , as the Walls AND Ceilings will very often de-spawn ECF. Seraphic Star is good yes, but not a good " Mixup " , but can be used as a good Tool on your opponent's Wakeup after a Horizontal Wall Rush only. I was working on a video showcasing it, but my computer blew up and I lost all my replays + I've nobody to play with nowadays :/ tbh..., the game at 30 FPS Lock makes Mixups quite non-existent as there is far too much time to react > Dodge accordingly, and imo Flare Star is the closest you'll get if you learn to REACT to an opponent's terrible Block. Snatch Blow should only ever be used in either the Kuja Mirror, vs Ulti ( still on the fence about using it for her ) , or vs Emp ( and tbh... what Kuja loses that MU ? lol ). It's pretty dang useless vs the rest of his MUs and you don't want to only have 1 Close Range BRV as both Strike + Burst have different applications for Locking Assists / at close range as your opponent should constantly be on Rushdown vs Kuja making SB obsolete in those scenarios. I kinda feel like I'm repeating things already said on our old Forum, but if you want more input , then I highly suggest checking DF posts by Kuja users there as well. I'll add more data including Custom Combos + MUs to help when I have the time. ( Lost my Build images too , so I'll post em later -_-; ) Nice Beginners Guide JoyRaines ! keep it up ^^
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    I'm only going to respond to one of the points you've made, as I feel there's no need to argue the others further, but I want to talk briefly about seraphic. Mixing up seraphic is more to land people who are blocking heavily, expecting the snatch blow. I feel like I didn't REALLY ellaborate, but you ARE right that it wont work unless they predict block the snatch blow. That's my only thought here, I've used it myself as a mixup tool quite a lot, and it's generally safe in most situations. I just thought it was an interesting mention is all. It could still be useful vs mages.

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