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    The point of the half off realm banners are to give you synergy for the dungeons they recently added to the main campaign every month. But if you pull something that is of great use for a character with a good deal of versatiliy in their ability pool then go for it. And from what you pulled you got Quistis' Super AND Burst Breaks in a single pull which is pretty damn good in my eyes. And Quistis herself when you look at her is a support mage moreso than anything but since you have her SB's you can RES buff/Hastega/Major regen your party and be the Bio Magic damage queen. BSB pulls are never bad. Never
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    No, on the FF4 Banner 4 before it went. I used to say this "don't let relics decide your team." Unfortunately, you joined at the time that we have massive power creep, so Relics do kinda decide your team. :/ When I joined in May 2016, I could beat semi-difficult content with P. Cecil wielding DK Cecil's Deathbringer. I wanted to play my dream FF party and that's what Record Keeper presented itself as to me. Because I chase them, I have a ton of relics for FF4's realm (hey, my favorite game of all time), and I have some cool stuff for other characters I like (Terra, Yuna, Lightning, etc.), so I can make my dream team I want. :3

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