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    Here ye, here ye! To all who witness here today, a proceeding and final determination will occur regarding the case of Bash Broz v BR VII… On February 5th, 2017, a match occurred between Kurp (Zidane, AKA Blaklite, AKA iTriggered, AKA ChocolateShake) and VII (Exdeath, AKA Lag Surfin’) on Orphan’s Cradle. The initial match was ended prematurely due to a accidental summon activation. By the grace of the BB TO’s, the match was awarded a “redo” to resolve the issue. The two players commenced the redo and finished the match in its entirety. However, it was discovered by Mr. Kurp and Ms. Irae (AKA Chase Who**) that VII had altered his customization in comparison to the initial match (i.e. “Auto Assist Lock” was engaged in the initial match, but then disengaged in the redo match). After confronting VII about the accusation, VII denied the claim, despite the witnesses claiming, otherwise. Because of the allegations above, the following charges are present: - Failing to obey a lawful order - Deceit - Poor sportsmanship Concerning these charges, the Bash Broz Committee has come to a decision regarding the fate of Duck Dynasty, Winner’s Bracket, Round 3… Regarding Player VII of Duck Dynasty, the evidence against you and the evidence for you, you are hereby DISQUALIFIED from the Duck Dynasty Tournament. Let this be a lesson for all of you before you decide to try and cheat your opponent's...

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