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    Hey guys, played Duodecim and loved how ExDeath played, mained him for as long as my PSP worked. Played a lot of other characters too. Currently playing Vaan and Cecil as I'm waiting for release so I can play my main man once again. Or at least a beta with him in it.
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    Yo I picked up Dissidia way back in the day, and fell in love with Exdeath's gameplay. While I dabbled in other characters, Exdeath was always my best. Looking forward to playing with everybody again!
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    Yo! Ima make this short and sweet I played some dissidia on the psp when i was younger. I was wondering wtf happened to the old dissidia forums? I'm guessing lack of donations...I see some old names! You guys know who you are. :) I hope I see more familiar faces, and i hope to see ALL OF YOU in the NT closed beta!

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