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    I love Kuja. I've used a good deal of the cast, and although I have my doubts about assassins in general, let alone going solo, I like Kuja the best because of how safe he is plus how he's like a support. He takes great advantage of the games passive nature and with the right setup can be very offensive. He covers every angle from a safe distance. I really like Seraphic Star, and against marksman it's really good, but Force Symphony has been helping me carry with him a lot more. It's super easy to land in almost any circumstance. It's very quick as it catches rolls and allows you to escape quickly. Again Seraphic Star is good but any halfway decent team will be trying to kill you before Trance and is hardly consistent. Plus when you wall rush you feel useless. Quickly and consistently landing HP attacks is what you want with Force Symphony to take people out for a few seconds and force their hand. Plus it's an amazing mix-up and hard to dodge.
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    I'm assuming the answer to this is yes but want to make sure: can you only play against the same team once per week for your 10 matches?
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    Just wanna say good luck to all the teams involved, lets push each other to become better than today and to become the best players we can by helping out one another, lets get this show on the road bois.
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    Team Name: Platinum Members: Exulus, Zahlzeit, DaPlatinumTrim Time Zone: EST
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    Team name: Clean Bois Members: Chandela, EX_Shiki, xHyponicZero Timezone: PST, EST

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