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    Welcome to the first minor tournament for Dissidia NT hosted by Dissidia Community New Tale Details: The tournament will start 03/24/18 at 1pm Gmt -5 . Due to this tournament having no region locks, we are trying to accommodate all parties with a reasonable start time. All teams signed up for the tournament must be present and on the tournament channel at least 15 minutes before the start time. Teams 30 minutes or later will be disqualified , or sent to losers bracket if you manage to make it in late. Originally we were going to have entry fee's , we do not want anyone to feel pressure on this first tournament. So we are waving the entry fee for this tournament to encourage sign ups. We will be giving out custom team signatures and a 30$ prize for the winning team. This tournament is more about us getting our feet wet on the way we want things to run going forward. With that being said, I would prefer this tournament to be finished on 03/25/18. I have allotted us a window to complete the tournament by 04/01/18. Which gives us a 9 day window to complete due to time zone restraints and availability. Sign ups will close on 03/22/18, brackets will be released 15 minutes before the tournament start time. Please feel free to use this thread for discussion regarding anything to do with New Tale. Rules: Each match will be played as a best of 5. Stages will be set as random in the custom lobby options. There will be no character restrictions for this tournament. All results will be posted in the Brackets and Results thread when it is created. ANY form of rage-quitting will be terms for DQ, we all know this game kicks people out of lobbies randomly. So let's try and be fair when something like that happens. If you cannot settle It amongst yourselves then ask a Mod for help. Please join smash.gg to participate in this tournament. https://smash.gg/tournament/dissidia-community-season-1-minor

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