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    Hey guys, I've been loving Dissidia Nt which dropped not that long ago. Been a pretty fun fighting game easy to play and the new team mechanic is pretty interesting. I don't think I ever completed a mainline final fantasy game other than 15 but I know some stuff about all of them. Put like 300 hours on Dissidia Duodecim just for fun, loved playing vs the cpus and the story mode. I really love the mix between RPG and fighting which are my two favorite genres. Don't really think of myself as a competitive person, just like figuring stuff out in the game. Played smash 4 competitively though before, used to be PRd #1 in my hometown. In NT I've been playing Bartz and loving his mechanics and playstyle. Signed up for this website because I saw the Final Fantasy twitter talk about tournaments. The prize for the newest tournament "Newtale" is the soundtrack which is something I would love to have in my car. So I was driven to find a team and stuff and compete for that. My solo rank is Diamond B as Bartz, and seen the people that are competing online already. If you want to play in that tournament and lack a partner I'm down for it! Actually sort of hoping that my local Gamer bar/dungeon starts hosting local tournaments for this game sometime later, it was even promised! Getting some more experience now wouldn't be too bad as well.
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to Dissidia in a more competitive way. I bummed the other games off of friends and played on emulators. I remember the banned Golbez infinite from watching videos online and learned it. It was awesome and although I knew it was banned in a tournament setting I always wanted to compete. I never owned my own PSP though, so I pursued other games like MvC3 and BlazBlue. With NT though I'm all in with my main man ExDeath, who I learned to love from the Dissidia games despite my favorites being 4 and 9. I hope to compete in the tournaments in Los Angeles if I can get a team together. As it stands I mostly just stream it and am on the climb grind. I hope to meet a good bit of you on my journey!
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    I remember back in 012 you could have multiple teams in the free fight section. You could also name them. Did any of you actually bother to do so? I personally named them all after blitzball teams from FF X. "Dissidia Abes" for my main team for example, "Heavy Goers" for my team of buff dudes.... I can't remember the others I had but I was pretty proud of them. What about you guys?
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    EXD GUIDE WHAT IS AN EXDEATH? Want to play EXD? At high level, I'd say about 8 members of the Dissidia012 cast give Exdeath a very hard time. EXD's character archetype (Entropic Adversary) is to have the opponent engage him to win. This boils down to punishing the opponent to win. He has Maelstrom as a move to punish those who do not engage. However, only 3 characters in this game cannot handle it without Aerith’s Planet Protector: Yuna, Kuja, and Shantotto. EXD is unique in that players have to change their play style in order to play and fight him. EXD is the ultimate cardcounter. With his ability to build assist quickly, it becomes a part of his character. He is the fastest assist builder in the game. EXD is always looking at his opponent and what the opponent is doing to either block or punish. His assist, which is selected specifically for the matchup, should always be looking to punish the opponent’s moves. Beware of characters who chase. It is a primary way to build EX. EXD is not good to punish empty chases. In especially calculated matchups, being in good reach of zones where cores spawn is a good idea. Any unblockable moves have a HIGH chance to be exploited against EXD at times down the line. It helps to remember these attacks even outside of EXD, because they are something to be reckoned with. But with EXD, these attacks matter very much, and you need to know them. Many characters cannot block Mael + Planet Protector reliably, but you should know which characters are capable of easily doing so. List of "Special" or unblockable BRV: Terra: Graviga Laguna: Sticky Bomb (explosion) Emperor: Thunder Crest Golbez: Rising Wave (Far) Exdeath: Black Hole Ultimecia: Charged Knight's Arrow (idle) Kuja: Remote Flare List of "Special" or unblockable HP: Terra: Flood, Ultima Zidane: Shift Break (water only) Garland: Earthquake (rocks only) Emperor: Starfall, Dreary Cell Exdeath: Grand Cross (normal/counter) Kefka: Hyperdrive ___________ EXD has very little pressure game outside of Aerith's Holy, Maelstrom, Planet Protector+Maelstrom, and Black Hole pressure. Black Hole is can be assist punished if the opponent has good reaction time. Reverse Polarity is especially useful when near a wall or roof. Sword Dance is easily dodged and easily punished with fast pokes. Yuna can punish this. Vaccum Wave offers little to no levity, but is useful against Ultimecia a bit, it can be used to bait Jecht’s toes. Hurricane is easily blocked, but is useful against Ultimecia and Laguna and even Jecht in heated matchups After one of Exdeath's guard attacks, you can: CIRCLE NEUTRAL - Hurricane CIRCLE Towards Opponent + - Sword Dance (Can be used twice, 4 in EX Mode. CIRCLE Away from Opponent + - Vacuum Wave (Can be used twice, 4 in EX Mode. SQUARE NEUTRAL - Almagest SQUARE Away from Opponent + - Grand Cross TECHNICAL NOTES PRECISION DODGE Dodging at the right time gives you invincibility frames till the end of the dodge animation, you can tell you did it when your character is glowing a gold color. Note how Jecht can dodge into an attack like Sudden Cruelty and use Jecht Block to block it. Exdeath can do this with Turn Guard. However, there is 1 frame where Omniblock is starting up, and generally, Omniblock cannot do this. A steady hand can save your life. PRECISION BLOCK Exdeath gains high priority normal blocks with this ability while blodging. A precision block is activated within 1 frame of it starting. Every blodge done for every character is a constitutes a precision block. This may be helpful to some in certain matchups. Using an HP blodge to score a reflect off of an attack like Heel Crush or WWF can be risky if the opponent has near-death status and you blodge with HPs or BRVs. PLAYPLAN As Exdeath, you want to be scary, calculated and collected. This means being patient. This means being varied. You are a cardcounter. You can time your engagements around the appearances of excores. You can realize sometimes, "it sure has been a long time since a core appeared..." and move to position yourself optimally to reach the core, wherever it may be. As a character that wins by blocking, you want to get into their head. Play many different people. Chess masters have seen their battles play out many times before them. Reaction time comes into play as well. So build up your muscle memory and reactions by playing. Matchups that rely solely on EXD's blocking to win are matchups that involve what I call EXD Grit Matchups. TECHNIKS ASSIST GAME MATCHUPS
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    Yo. I'm mint, pretty new here. I've been a Final Fantasy fan for awhile, although the only ones I've really played are FFI, FF6(Favorite), FF7, FF10, and FF13. When I was younger I got the first Dissidia on my PSP and played it all the time (replaying it now, there was a LOOOOT of content in this game, like wow.). With NT coming out I got hype but after seeing some of the gameplay(strictly 3v3) it seemed pretty eh imo. I found my PSP awhile ago and started playing Dissidia for fun and it's actually sort of addicting, despite the fact that I have yet to play online. Playing it again made me want to look up tournaments and then I started watching Duodecim videos-which, holy fuck it's crazy entertaining to watch high level play-and now I'm here. Didn't even realize there WAS a Dissidia community tbh. Anyway, my main goal now is getting Duodecim on my Vita (I doubt anyone plays the original anymore + my PSP is kinda broken), and playing that with people. That's my introduction, I guess, I look forward to playing more Dissidia, and maybe I'll get NT at some point.
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    Hi everyone, I'm based in SE Asia (Singapore). Always been a fighting game player and the concept of a fighting game-esque Final Fantasy always intrigued me since even Ehrgeiz lol. I've been waiting for a console based FF Dissidia for years. So I was really hyped when NT got announced for PS4 and it's finally here. Main: Garland Sub: Terra/Golbez/Vaan/Lightning/Zidane in order. Of course, there's always room to play around the cast. To anyone based in SE Asia, especially Singapore, please add my PSN: desato55. PM me if you want personal contacts. I do upload some online matches in my Twitch channel as linked below: https://www.twitch.tv/ki_0rez Singapore also has a Facebook Dissidia NT page too. https://www.facebook.com/Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NT-Singapore-360953990993242/ Side Note: Chinese New Year is approaching so I won't be available from the 14th till the 20th of February 2018. After that I'll be rocking this game hard.
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    Hi Everyone! Glad to see the rebirth of the Dissidia community. I'm a longtime Final Fantasy fan, my first being VII, then I went towards the later games then back towards I-VI. I've been playing Dissidia since the original version on PSP. My original mains were Squall and Cloud of Darkness. In early 012, I played Squall and Lightning but ultimately discovered the awesomeness of Prishe! She's one of the few characters where I really liked everything about them, from aesthetics, fighting style, personality, etc. In competitive Dissidia, I wasn't terrible, but I wasn't the best player back then and had this weird stubbornness to not use the most effective tools in my arsenal (Proper EX/Assist builds or not using moves I felt overpowered aka charged One Inch Punch). Now, I'm light years ahead in fighting game/combat knowledge and look forward to reinventing myself in NT. In NT, I'm digging the 3v3 battle system and looking forward to playing this game long term. I'm still dabbling with who I'll use, but I have a pretty good idea. If Prishe is in fact the returning female character in the season pass, best believe that's my main :)
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    Hello everybody! My first Final Fantasy game was FF7 on the PS1. I didn't know a bit about the whole serie, i thought FF1,2,3,4,5, etc were the sequel of the first one (so i thought to see Cloud in each one..). :D After a few years i understood their differences and started playing them all.. but i was lazy that i just finished FF5 and X.... and, Crisis Core. Crisis Core was my first and only game that i know quite everything. I know the most of the story chats and Zack was my favourite character ever. Also, i started playing that game in 2009 in the summer holiday at the sea, where i met a girl (maybe the first falling love on the first seen?). But then i lost her as soon as i came back home. 4 years later i was still randomly playing that game and as Zack says:"4 years?" when he thinks about her Aerith and decides to come back to her place, that worked for me.. as i went to the same sea, the same place. But, like Zack i wasn't able to see the girl. Then one day i saw Dissidia for psp and it was love at the first impression. There wasn't Zack, but i found other interesting characters: like Tidus, Squall and Cloud. Then 012 where i played so much to know the most of the characters quotes. However i found that sometimes your favourite characters aren't the ones you're stronger with. It happened to me, my stronger characters were: Warrior of Light, Onion Knight and Squall. Now it worked the same with Dissidia NT, started with Tidus but found that i'm stronger with Sephiroth. However, i'm here to meet and play with someone! :) Looking forward to meet some italian player, too! :)
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    Wow... pinch me. I found this community through a random facebook comment. Anyhow, greetings. I have played Dissidia and Dissidia 012 back in the day. Completely broke Dissidia 012 (since it was mechanically broken anyway) and ~ enjoyed doing it. Pre-ordered Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and as of time of writing ~ 5 days to release. Can't wait. Hope to form some great friendships and greater rivalries in NT. Can't wait to master all characters (I am like that) and pummel my opponents into the ground until I am bored of it. Enjoy the ride guys.
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    You know what, a rebalanced remake of Duodecim would be great. I would be happy with that, evevn if it were to be exclusive to PS Vita/PS TV. They could rebalance the game's more imbalanced aspects and movesets, add in the option to set a match timer in PVP, and add online (P2P would be good enough) matchmaking that defaults to the "Official (Skill)" ruleset. The emulator mods have already shown that Duodecm can look great with graphics/texture mods, so an official graphical update wouldn't be very difficult for a company with as many resources as SqEnix.
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    Heya! I am Gellin22 and the last final fantasy I have played was Crystal chronicles. Huge fan of fighting games and I get such good feeling when playing Disssida. My cousin introduced me to this game and we have been having a ball setting up plays and playing catch with the enemy opponents. Looking forward to ranking up and hopefully playing at a competitive level one day. Add me on PSN Gellin22. Looking forward to being apart of dissidia community!
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    To add onto what Hyne said, most modern games also passively track player actions for the sake of devs to analyse how they're games are being played. While usually this is done for balancing game features and fixing bugs, in theory if they see a large spike in Dissidia being played 1v1 rather than its intended 3v3 format they may consider either supporting that "dueling" style within NT or making another game with more focus on it. However, the latter's chances is a bit slim due to the above mentioned article. Although that doesn't necessarily mean a remake of 012 is out of the question, just that a "New" game probably isn't going to be coming any time soon.
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    Hello to all of you lovely, lovely people I am L337CAT. My history with Final Fantasy isn't all that interesting. No cute stories of going on adventures with the franchise's iconic characters when I was a kid or the like. In truth I've never even played a Final Fantasy game. I've only ever played one JRPG in my life that I can recall and even then not all the way through. The genre and I just never really got on that well. All that said I've always liked the setting, story, characters and art style of Final Fantasy and wished that there was a game with more action-oriented gameplay. Which brings us to Dissidia. I didn't first learn of Dissidia properly until early 2016 when the game was still new in arcades. It was then that I learned about Duodecim which I still have not played yet, but will someday. I can only guess that I didn't know of it because I never owned a psp. One could say I was excited. I was "finally" getting a game that for so long was just a "fantasy" for me. So with all that out of the way I'll just finish by stating that I'm glad to be here even if I am a complete newcomer and that I look forward to playing and interacting with you all and seeing what you have to say. One last thing. If you read what I wrote above thank you and you may have noticed that I like puns especially bad ones even if I suck at them.
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    Hi everyone! So, um, introductions...well, my becoming a Final Fantasy fan started with the release of Final Fantasy X. It was one of my first games, and my first experience playing an RPG. I was really impressed with the graphics, the plot, and the beautiful world depicted in it (and not so amused with how troublesome most of the sidequests and superbosses were) - since then I've played most of the other entries in some form or another, but to this day X is still my favorite of the main entries. The release of the original Dissidia, and my experiences with it, was pretty revolutionary for me. I got to see a lot of familiar and unfamiliar characters interacting with one another and having flashy battles. It drove me to find out even more about the series, and through seeing them and playing with them, I grew to love some of the characters (The Emperor in particular, I never thought much of, but now I think he's one of the coolest villains in the series). From a gameplay perspective, it was even more of s a joy. I had never really liked traditional fighting games or shooters, so the only real competitive versus game I was able to enjoy up until I got into Dissidia was Smash Brothers. Between the first and second games I think I've clocked a few hundred hours in total. My biggest complaint is how inconvenient it was to battle over the internet and how lag-heavy many of the matches were, and hoped that there would eventually be a third entry with better online play. The long wait between the release of Duodecim and Arcade/NT was a bit painful since every new Theatrhythm game kinda chipped away at my hopes for ever getting a new Dissidia, but get it we did (even if it took another long period between Arcade and console) and I've been having fun playing it up on the both the Japanese and NA Open Betas for the past month. It plays like a very different game from the first two entries but I have been having a lot of fun with it, although I do have my doubts about the game being made for 3v3. I very much look forward to meeting and playing with the people of this community. Thanks for reading, and good day!
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    Hey all! I am completely new to the dissidia games, though i've been playing Final Fantasy games since I could read. I am very excited to be part of the community and help it grow. Can't wait for the 30th!
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    I was a huge fan of the Advent Children movie. Then, after learning that a game was about to release, that had action similar to AC, I started to look into it. I remember looking up Dissidia trailers and gameplay videos with my brother on GameTrailers, including one very funny instance of accidentally layering duplicates of the Bartz' vs Exdeath cutscene with a slight delay. The game looked so cool that it convinced me to buy the silver PSP bundled with Dissidia and the Advent Children UMD, which I still have to this day (still operational). Once I started playing it, I fell in love, and it actually acted as my gateway to play more Final Fantasy games, since I had only had a minimal amount of exposure to older FF titles via emulators. I also eventually bought my brother a PSP and his own copy of Dissidia. We played against each other several times every week. As 012 Duodecim released, I immediately jumped on it day one and loved it more than the original. The gameplay had been fine-tuned, and the aadded characters were great. Especially Lightning and Tifa, who became two of my most used characters, next to Squal, WoL, and Tidus. My brother and I, as well as 2 of our friends, would play it every time we hung out, my brother and I continuing to play against each other at least a time or two every week. Eventually, we moved on to the Vita, but would rebuy Duodecim digitally, to play from time to time. With the impending release of NT, and my disappointment with the very different direction it has taken from pre-established "Dissidia", I am going to pick Duodecim back up to quell this betrayal I feel from Square Enix. I even regret buying Final Fantasy 15, a bit. I'll probably finish 15 eventually, but only after my disdain for SqEnix dies down. I just find it sad that they would take the series in such a drastically different direction, saying "screw you" to those of us who wanted a sequel to what what was already established across two entries for some aspirations of esports grandeure. They really shoud've given NT some non-Dissidia title (is suggest Manipulus or Equitus, latin words that have to do with "teamwork") and eventually made a Dissidia sequel that actually feels like previous Dissidia. So, at the end of the day, I'm a long-time, passionate (and now somewhat disgruntled) fan who's love and passion for the series has been rewarded by being left in the dirt, given a game that doesn't feel like Dissidia to me, and met with no choice but to miss the series that I put thousands of hours into during my teenage years and play the old entries.
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    Hai, can you give me a way how to apply the stage mod?

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