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    Hey all I'll be running a SMALL (depending on entrants) Tournament on February 24 at 5:00PM EST that will be 2v2 all proceeds will be donated to a Charity (TBD) related towards Black History month! HMU in comments and on PSN @ Shapeless Tamer. The Tournament is as specified 2v2 Best of 3. Characters will be Winner Locked so as follows, (M1 = Blind, M2 Loser Chance to change) ETC until a team wins 2. Thanks all and STAY TAME!
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    Hello everyone ! I'm a huge Dissidia fan : I've played 450 hours on the first game and more than 200 on Duodecim. Though I really love the series, I was not hyped by Dissidia NT, because it mainly focuses on playing with your team, and I HATE this kind of games. Back when I didn't have Dissidia duodecim, I used to play Firion as a main in DFF2008, though I also liked other straight-forward characters such as Cloud. I've reached a really high level without ever having played online. Then, I got D012FF this Christmas and I immediatly fell in love with Kain and Gilgamesh, both of them being my main characters. I'm not that strong though, since I've never completly finished any of these games. I hope that I'll find some good strategies here, and, why not someone to play with online.
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    Hello all! I am a fellow dissidia fan who has come to this forum as I am interested in mods. Sadly I was never able to visit the dissdia forums and I am very sad about the massive loss of mods that came about when the site shut down.
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    Hey there, new to this particular community but was an avid user of the Dissidia Forums. Quick background on me: Started with OG Dissidia and got decent with every character. Played for nearly 1000 hours. When 012 was announced I decided I would focus on a select few characters and got pretty good with Jecht, Tidus, Squall, and Garland. I played just under 1000 hours. Back then I was playing a lot on Ad/Hoc party with some friends from the community like Zellphyr and RDFMASTER but noticed there was a fairly large skill gap in terms of my survivability against them. I decided if we ever got another one I would go competitive. NT has now been released and here I am ready to get competitive. Currently I have two mains. Tidus and Garland. Garland has quickly become an addiction so it will be either of those two until I find something that clicks better. Currently have just over 50 hours in NT and would like to get into tournaments. I hope to find some familiar faces here and meet some new people who can challenge me to step out of my comfort zone. Can' wait to see you out on the field of battle.
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    Judge Masters: Dryad-Bitfrost, Fai-La-Ai, MrAwwsum Unknown Entity: Cross, Clein, Edo Match 1: Judge Masters (Kuja, Warrior of Light, Emperor) vs. Unknown Entity (Cecil, Emperor, Lightning) - Stellar Fulcrum Match 2: Judge Masters (Emperor, Y'shtola, Warrior of Light) vs. Unknown Entity (Lightning, Cecil, Emperor) - Stellar Fulcrum Match 3: Judge Masters (Y'shtola, Emperor, Warrior of Light) vs. Unknown Entity (Emperor, Lightning, Cecil) - The Floating Continent Unknown Entity ~ 3-0
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    Hi everyone, I'm based in SE Asia (Singapore). Always been a fighting game player and the concept of a fighting game-esque Final Fantasy always intrigued me since even Ehrgeiz lol. I've been waiting for a console based FF Dissidia for years. So I was really hyped when NT got announced for PS4 and it's finally here. Main: Garland Sub: Terra/Golbez/Vaan/Lightning/Zidane in order. Of course, there's always room to play around the cast. To anyone based in SE Asia, especially Singapore, please add my PSN: desato55. PM me if you want personal contacts. I do upload some online matches in my Twitch channel as linked below: https://www.twitch.tv/ki_0rez Singapore also has a Facebook Dissidia NT page too. https://www.facebook.com/Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NT-Singapore-360953990993242/ Side Note: Chinese New Year is approaching so I won't be available from the 14th till the 20th of February 2018. After that I'll be rocking this game hard.

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