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    IMPORTANT I have assorted these players in regards to their associated rankings with said character. If a person plays a character and has uploaded gameplay of that character onto his/her channel, and are above Adamant E with that character, I listed them under said character. I am only human, so PM me if anything changes or if I failed to notice anything that should be noted. Rankings are as follows (ordered from highest to lowest) Crystal (クリスタル) Adamant (アダマン) Diamond (ダイヤ) Mythril (ミスリル) Platinum (プラチナ) Gold (ゴールド) Silver (シルヴァ) Bronze (ブロンズ) Each rank has a sub rank that you have to go through to get to the next tier. A > B > C > D > E If you request for me to add any player in particular to this list, then PM me their channel. If they are not actually active, then I'll compile some single videos into another topic if I get enough requests. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIST OF PLAYERS AS A REPRESENTATIVE LIST OF HOW POPULAR ANY CHARACTER IS. NOT EVERYONE UPLOADS MATCHES OF THEMSELVES, AND I CANNOT FIND EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO DOES ON YOUTUBE. (If people want niconico links to people. I'll look for those, but there has to be a demand for that in order for me to even bother with listing nico links.) Popo Chi Marin marie rose Kisarah ch P Cassis Kamenin Lunabelle Mahirok taka9192 okazaki alfred mana-dao Muu-chan Dekoichi Asegami ibuki roi Floraniel Maokorin Half Life Kitai no Homo Tekuo Naga Magician Nube sonosaki Muu-chan mashumaro Aona otyka Dissi Sekka Kedachiku Shigumu Higashide(?) tokunin Ryuusei Bittan Kiraboshi batamon fuyuka Ryuusei Corn Farmer Shirofina Marin maoku Mike Popcorn Sosui ininfeju Ponkotsu Tsuyoshi Karura Sosui Kiina Nube Akii Shiina Save The Queen Marin ENISHI Matsu hirarinbushi Sankouya Nagano Aka Yume Aona otyka Matsumoto taka9192 Sepp Minuet Jakudo Naga Magician STB Ruxuil Holy Miya hayate Shirofina Rei Zenzopanero Marin Dissi Miyu Nakagawa Shirofina momokoiro GENGAR marie rose Adam ininfeju Pakunenjin Shinosho Bittan sbedion Secchan otaku Kira Shirofina ibuki Toya Sana-chan Secchan Rau Zane-Chan Sekka rikusuke Zinan Matsu Torote Karura Kiina Dissi Miyu Nakagawa Oiyo Matsu Holy Miya hohi Eri otaku Hero nocchi Dissi Miyu Nakagawa disconnection Enji Popo Tei-chan corne Marin Sekka Chi mitsuboshi Tekuo Corn Farmer Taka Kiina Shirofina Happy Beard Marin Zane-Chan Pakunenjin Holy Miya Minuet Marin Shirofina Toya Aoi Akuma KAS Sana-chan Mikeneko Gomesu hohi dear Xemnas kuroyuri Chi Yauken(?_ Aona Matsu Aoi Akuma Kiina ininfeju Marin Zane-Chan ENISHI Sekka Kuneshige Shigumu Aona Mike Popcorn ininfeju Baba KAS Popo Rei Yugudora Kisarah ch Kakine
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    Starting a thread to compile and post the most recent news about Dissidia Arcade. Let me start with the most recent one New Character! Small note- I will keep this post up to date with the latest Character video
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    I created an account just to express how much me and my friends like this ruleset. Not sure if it applies to everybody else but it minimized camping for us (well we frown on camping anyway). Personally, what I really like is how we can enter EX mode more frequently and longer since we can actually utilize the EX Mode's unique effects per character (such as Garland having an armor against Bravery attacks to prevent interruption during his attack animations). I hope you can check our matches sometime. I've uploaded a few. :)
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    Hello there, Colonel Birdstrong (formerly SatoshiKura) here. Since the old forums are down, I thought I'd try and migrate everything here. I'll be leaving some of my older, uglier mods to die, but if there's a specific one you want me to upload, let me know and I'll throw it on here. Download Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, joins Dissidia! He's used on the Warrior of Light. This Link carries just as much equipment as he normally does! While in EX Mode, he can equip different things! He can switch from his Kokiri Tunic to the Zora or Goron Tunics, change his shield for the Mirror Shield, put on the Golden Gauntlets, or trade out the Master Sword for the ever-powerful Biggoron Sword! He can always just keep the Master Sword or start out in one of the other tunics as well. Included is Dark Link, who also has access to the Biggoron Sword, Mirror Shield, and Golden Gauntlets. Screenshots: Download Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Hyrule Warriors imported into Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy! He goes over Firion. His model uses assets from Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Hyrule Warriors. Link uses a few of his weapons from Twilight Princess, plus Zelda's Light Arrow! An alternate version included in his download allows him to wield the Ordon Sword in place of the Light Arrow. Screenshots: Download Fierce Deity joins the ranks of the various Final Fantasy characters in Dissidia 012! He is used over Cloud. In EX Mode, he switches out the traditional Helix Sword for the strongest version available in Hyrule Warriors. Also included is a dark version! Screenshots Download Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Twilight Princess on Exdeath. He comes with two alts: His "Grandpa Ganondorf" color from Brawl, and Project M's Ocarina of Time Ganondorf model. Screenshots: Download Ganondorf from Twilight Princess/Hyrule Warriors joins on Garland! He wields his dual swords from Hyrule Warriors. Screenshots: Download A Lizalfos from the Zelda series joins Dissidia! It goes on Jecht. Its gauntlet-hand has full finger movement! Other than that, there's not really anything special about it. Screenshots: Download Robin, using his appearance from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, comes to Dissidia on Firion. He wields the Levin Sword and three tomes: Wind, Thunder, and Fire. Screenshots: Download Lyndis, from Fire Emblem 7, comes to Dissidia over Lightning. She makes use of both of the weapon types available to her from her original game and final class, switching between the bow and sword to deal damage at both short and long range. A little fun fact is that her nickname, Lyn, means Lightning in another language. Her skirt has some very obvious clipping, but that was unavoidable. For some reason, her arms are a bit darker than the rest of her skin, I know the problem, but when I try to fix it.... Well, she starts becoming invisible. Or the model just completely screws up. Her hair also sometimes stabs through her body. Screenshot: Download Samus, in her most iconic suit, joins Dissidia on Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus in her Fusion Suit! As with her Varia Suit, she goes over Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus, in her Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. She goes over Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus, without her suit. She uses her Paralyzer from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and goes over Lightning. Thanks to SJS on Brawl Vault for permission to use his model! Screenshot: Download Samus' nemesis, Ridley, comes to Dissidia on Feral Chaos. Screenshot: Download Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising imported into Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy! He goes over Vaan. His model uses assets from Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS. Pit has access to every weapon type usable in Uprising. He starts with the basic weapons (besides Palutena's Bow), and in EX Mode, he gains stronger versions! Also included is a Dark Pit version, who uses the Silver Bow and Dark Pit Staff in place of Palutena's Bow and the Orb Staff respectively. Thanks to DSX8 for supplying his files! Screenshots: Download Pit, from the Kid Icarus series, comes to Dissidia on Zidane! Zidane's animations and attacks are pretty much perfect for him. Also included is a Dark Pit retexture, made using SJS' Dark Pit textures that I can't find on Brawl Vault anymore. Good thing I had them laying around, though. Screenshot: Download Captain Falcon, from the F-Zero series, comes to Dissidia in a rather feminine way on Tifa Lockhart. He looks relatively fine when actually fighting, but his intro, loss, and victory animations are.... well..... yeah. He may look weird in some animations, but what do you expect? I put one of most manly Nintendo characters on TIFA. Included is an EXEX, which was made by Bloko for his Blaziken mod. Screenshot: Download Inuyasha, from the series that shares his name, comes to Dissidia on Cloud Strife. This was a request by AkiraMudou. The Tessaiga changes into its barrier-piercing red form upon entering EX Mode. Custom EX mode aura is also included, just rename its extension (.exex) to .edat and name it whatever Hasher says to name the EXEX. Video: Download Zero Two comes to Dissidia on Kuja. He doesn't really sport anything special, except for the fact that he's taken a humanoid form. Credit goes to _Data_Drain and Akari_Un for the model, and SJS for the portrait's image. Screenshot: Download Cloud, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on... Well, do I really need to say? Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Shulk comes to Dissidia on Squall! And believe me, he's really feeling it, and so am I! He fits so well on Squall, just try using Blasting Zone. His Monado also opens up and gains a beam matching Lionheart's length while in EX Mode. Credit goes to Random Talking Bush for the model, and KTH from Brawl Vault for supplying me with him and a few other things. Screenshot: Download Sheik, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Tifa! She's got all of her colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Samus, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Laguna! She has all of her colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Her arm cannon changes shape during Laguna's various attacks as well! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Dark Samus, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cloud of Darkness! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Marth, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cecil! He has all of his colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Lucina, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Lightning! She's got all of her colors from Smash 3DS, an optional Mask version, and lower res versions of both for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Roy, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cecil! He has all of his colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Corrin, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Lightning! She has all her (female) colors from Smash 3DS, and lower res versions of the main texture for better performance against modded characters. And, for the first time on one of my mods, she has facial expressions, and Yato is animated! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files, and to Windblast as well for all the aid he gave in making the texture animations work. Screenshots: Download Chrom, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Warrior of Light! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Greninja, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Zidane! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download A Hunter equipped with the Vangis set from Monster Hunter Tri cleaves his way into Dissidia! He uses the Longsword Shadowbinder (P). To go with the Longsword's style of fighting, he goes over Sephiroth. Screenshots: Download Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. 3DS joins yet again! This time, he's over Golbez. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing Nargacuga armor has snuck into Dissidia! He uses various Sword and Shield weapons from Monster Hunter Generations. Screenshots: Download A hunter dressed in Yukumo Village's own armor arrives! He wields several Switch Axes, which take on their Sword Mode form in EX Mode. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing the Caravan's signature armor set vaults into the fray! He uses several Insect Glaives. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing G Rank Kushala Daora armor joins to knock out his enemies with his powerful Charge Blades! Screenshots:
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    I initially researched and posted this in DF, but since the site is down and there are many new players who would benefit from this info, i decided to post this here aswell. Dash Mechanics (General) -A dash of the same type has the same maximum travel distance regardless of the character used when Free Air Dash Boost is NOT equipped. (Tifa's Free Air Dash has the same maximum travel distance as Exdeath's Free Air Dash) -Free Air Dash Boost does not affect the maximum time of a full dash. (it increases speed and distance of a full dash by the same amount, so total time is unchanged) -Free Air Dash Boost gives a flat 16% speed boost (and based on the point above, also a 16% distance boost) to Free Air Dash, Reverse Free Air Dash, Ground Dash and Reverse Ground Dash. -Free Air Dash Boost has absolutely no effect on Omni Air Dash, Omni Air Dash + and Omni Ground Dash. -Air Dash Boost had no effect on Free Air Dash, Reverse Free Air Dash, Ground Dash, Reverse Ground Dash, Omni Air Dash, Omni Air Dash + and Omni Ground Dash. -The speed of the Omni Ground Dash of a character is 8% slower (therefore it also has 8% less maximum travel distance) than the rest of the character's dashes. This is probably a bug in the coding. -The speed of a character's Free Air Dash, Reverse Free Air Dash, Ground Dash, Reverse Ground Dash, Omni Air Dash and Omni Air Dash + is identical when Free Air Dash Boost is NOT equipped. -The Free Air Dash Boost from Lightning's exclusive weapon, Odin Blade, will not stack with the regular Free Air Dash Boost from her abilities. Equipping both or either will give the exact same boost of 16%. Dash Mechanics (Regarding assist build) -Free Air Dash Boost does NOT increase the amount of assist gained when Dash Feinting -All the different types of dashes that can build assist will build up assist at the same rate when Dash Feinting (1 point of AST for every active dash frame, with 500 AST points being 1 bar and 1000 AST points being 2 bars.). -Dashing while not locked onto your opponent builds no assist even if you have "Assist Gauge Up Dash" and a compatible dash equipped. -Omni Air Dash, Omni Air Dash + and Omni Ground Dash cannot build up assist at all. -Reverse Air Dash, Reverse Ground Dash and Reverse Free Air Dash CAN build assist as long as either Air Dash, Free Air Dash or Ground Dash is equipped on the same set as well and you are locked on to your opponent. -Air Dash, Free Air Dash and Ground Dash will always build assist as long as you are locked onto your opponent. -The amount of assist built up by using Assist Gauge Up Dash while dashing is uniform (you build the same amount of assist per frame at the start of a dash and at the end of dash). Active dash frames in a full dash (Assuming 60 FPS) (Free Air Dash/Reverse Free Air Dash & Omni Air Dash/+) (78F) EX Tidus (82F) Onion Knight, Tifa, EX Prishe (86F) Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, EX Gabranth, Lightning (90F) WoL, Cecil PL, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Squall, Kuja, Jecht, Shantotto, Vaan, Feral Chaos (94F) Garland, Firion, Emperor, Cecil DK, Kain, Terra, Kefka, Sephiroth, Laguna (98F) CoD, Ultimecia, Yuna, Gabranth (102F) Exdeath (Ground Dash/Reverse Ground Dash & Omni Ground Dash/+) (90F) EX Tidus (94F) Onion Knight, Tifa, EX Prishe (98F) Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, EX Gabranth, Lightning (102F) WoL, Cecil PL, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Squall, Kuja, Jecht, Shantotto, Vaan, Feral Chaos (106F) Garland, Firion, Emperor, Cecil DK, Kain, Terra, Kefka, Sephiroth, Laguna (110F) CoD, Ultimecia, Yuna, Gabranth (114F) Exdeath Note that active dash frames are the amount of frames the game "thinks" you are dashing (you will build assist, despite not actually moving), not the actual time in motion during a dash. The first ~13 frames where you are stationary while starting up a dash ARE considered as active dash frames by the game. Conversely, there are ~12 frames after becoming stationary upon ending a ground dash that ARE also considered as active dash frames by the game.
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    Hallo, u can call me Dallian. It started long ago with the jap release, I played it a lot then I had to replay it all on the eng ver :P still, I loved it. But then duodecim came out, omg, I fell in love with it, is probably my most played psp game (that was on 2012, I think), I discovered dissidia forums back then, they had a very nice web app to export ur builds as images (I'm still looking for it tho). A couple of weeks ago, with the announcement of mh world I got kinda nostalgic (And my sis new psp didn't helped lol), specially since my psp's battery is kinda dead (Since 2 years or so). Long story short, I downloaded ppsspp and started playing mhfu with a cousin and, why not, duodecim. Sadly I couldn't transfer my old save so I ended replaying it, I'm still unlocking stuff tho. Well, nostalgia brought me back to dissidia forums and dissidia forums brought me here. I've never tested my skills with other playes beside my sis and cousin, I would love to see tournaments and play with others (As soon as I bring baxk my old Tifa :P). That's my story, I play some other games but duodecim is one of my favorites of all time. Nice to meet u all ^_^
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    I read about Dissidia in a 2007 issue of Game Informer, can't for the life of me remember what month it was in. I was intrigued, but despite being a fighting game fanatic and a Final Fantasy fan even at that age (was only 13) I wasn't really sold, and once reviews came out and weren't all that impressive in praise, I decided against picking it up. However, after scumming around for my Freshman year (we in 2009 now) and failing Algebra (yeah, I know) I ended up in summer school with one of my best friends, who would bring his PSP to school everyday just like I did. Only, while I was playing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, he had Dissidia. He let me play on his PSP during our break one day, and immediately upon playing my first match on his maxed out Kefka, I was absolutely hooked. Took a few months before I convinced my parents to snag it for me (I was 15 at this point) but once they did, I spent stupid amounts of hours playing it. I neglected almost every other PSP game I had, barely touched my consoles, and stayed up far past curfew just playing it in bed until my alarm clock would go off the next morning for school. Once at school, I'd spend every lunch period, study hall, and any other chance I could get playing against my friends that owned the game. We had a blast, and between collecting all the items and gear pieces, maxing out every character and all their abilities, and having our own small little tournaments among ourselves, we were hooked. However, being someone that followed the FGC, played Smash Bros Brawl competitively, and was an avid Smashboards user, I looked around for a competitive forum and community for Dissidia as well, to try and gain a leg up on my friends and learn all the top level secrets, builds and strats. That led me to discover Dissidiaforums, and I fell in love. I watched all the replays uploaded to the Youtube channel and individual replay threads, scoured every character board to peruse all the tech and MU discussions going on. I fell deeper into the rabbit hole than I already was. I didn't actually join the forums until a couple years later, however, and that was for Duodecim, not for the original Dissidia. Playing with my friends persisted all throughout high school, with me eventually getting a PS3 for myself in mid 2013 so I could play ad-hoc party and such. I 100% completed Duodecim as well, even though it was a far more painful process to go about than its predecessor. In the original Dissidia I mained Kefka and Squall, due to me liking Kefka's spell slinging playstyle (and being a huge VI fan) and me adoring Squall's combo heavy playstyle (despite hating VIII). My main in Duodecim changed a lot over the course of its lifespan. I started with Kefka and Squall, eventually switched over to Cloud and Tidus, then Laguna, then Bartz, Jecht, and more all until eventually resting upon Tidus and Bartz as my go to boys. I adore Dissidia as a franchise, and while Arcade looks... Well looks really rough and a little shoddy for competitive play... Looking at the frequent patch notes and engine overhauls SE has been doing on it, and seeing the gradual improvement of the game since its initial arcade release, I hold hope that there may be something to salvage by the time it makes its console debut. The sooner the better, because my PC can't rub PPSSPP comfortably and I really miss playing with folks from the forums, and exposing myself in tournaments seeing as I didn't understand high level play in Dissidia back then. I'm so much better now, just wish I could show it lol
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    Hi, this guide is for those who are interested in the competitive scene of DDFF so I will focus on PvP (Player vs Player) builds and specific match ups. Content : Brief explanation on how Kuja works Assists Set A : EX Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Set B : EX Core build Set C : Assist Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Set D : Bravery Boost on Dodge build Match Ups & Tips I - The Graceful Glider Kuja has different ways to trigger his bravery attacks' follow-ups depending on how distant you and your opponent are. This means that you can use the directional buttons (up and down) to decide which follow-up you want to do. For example if you are using Strike Energy and want to use the melee follow-up first press the directional button (up) and press "O" just after while pressing "up". If on the contrary you want the range follow-up press down and press "O" just after while pressing "down". This pattern works for several of his attacks as Snatch Shot, Snatch Blow and Burst Energy. As for his glide abilities remember that if you decide to use them you will not be able to perform Descent Speed Boost even if you equip it. But I will talk about match ups about whether you have to equip any glide abilities or not in the "Match Ups" part. II - Assists - Sephiroth : He's very reliable, you can use him in small stages as in larger ones because you will always get a chase option from him, be it from a ground bravery attack or from an aerial one. - Aerith : If you prefer to gain EX Force easily then she is your best choice and she cannot be locked by an assist change Lv1 or 2 when she performs an attack with one assist bar so it's a safe option as well as an efficient way to gain EX Force. - Zidane : Wall rushes are usually guaranteed if you use him in small stages however it is not always the case in larger ones so in the end it depends on your playstyle. He's a reliable assist if used correctly and you can trick opponents with his Lv2 assist HP in midair for punishes. - Kefka : I personally didn't try this assist but the comboes you can do with him are very interesting (props to Mericus for that). Look for "ShadowFlareSpam" YouTube channel to see how this assist can work with Kuja. III - Set A : EX Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Use the CP glitch to be able to equip Lufenian Dirk and Lufenian Vest (see this thread to know how to http://dissidia.community/topic/19-ddffguide-equip-anything-without-using-cp-like-bartz-labyrinth-bug/) Seal of Lufenia set effect : EX Depletion +5% This set can help you against fast EX-builders characters and provides you decent damage with Lufenian Dirk which gives you +1 ATK. Battle Hammer is mandatory for Assist Depletion with a few boosters for decent depletion. Your goal as a player is to make sure your opponent doesn't have any assist available so you can pressure him and keep that advantage throughout the match if possible. It is a hybrid build which merges damage and EX Force so if you prefer to run a better EX build replace Hyper RIng and Earring with Glutton and White Gem for example (that is if you want to keep depletion as well). Pros : Decent Assist Depletion Good EX Depletion Good EX Force generated Good bravery damage Con : Low bravery base IV - Set B : EX Core build Use the CP glitch as mentioned above (III) for the appropriate equipment. Soul of Yamato set effect : LUK+3 / Regen+20% / HP to BRV (you gain BRV if your HP is full) / EX Core Appearance Boost This can cause Exdeath players a lot of trouble because the character has a very slow dash speed so you would normally always have the advantage at gathering EX Cores. You can enter in EX Mode several times during a fight with that build but use your EX Mode wisely as you are not in safety if you have not a full EX bar. As you can see this set has no EX Depletion nor Assist Depletion since Exdeath's probability of having a full EX bar is low if you manage to do your job and on top of that he doesn't care about Assist Depletion for he can simply build assist meter safely and whenever he wants. You can also run this build against any campy-style players who don't necessarily use Exdeath but it is pretty risky against other characters since you do not have any depletion. Pros : Excellent EX Core absorption Very good EX Core appearance boost Cons : No EX Depletion No Assist Depletion V - Set C : Assist Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Use the CP glitch as mentioned above (III) for the appropriate equipment. Judgement of Lufenia set effect : Assist Depletion +15% If you think your opponent run a Side By Side build with a specific character then use this build to force him to be on the defensive if you happen to confirm any HP attack because he can end a match quickly because of that build at the cost of gaining no EX whatsoever. Dismay Shock is here in case your opponent does not have Side By Side so you can still decrease your enemy's EX bar to prevent any EX Mode/Revenge. It is mandatory to have it because our community's meta game is highly focused on Depletion (both EX and Assist). Pros : Good Assist Depletion Good EX Force generated Con : Lower EX Depletion VI - Set D : Bravery Boost on Dodge build Use the CP glitch as mentioned above (III) for the appropriate equipment. Adamant Chains set effect : BRV Boost on Dodge +8% / Slight Midair Evasion Boost effect It is recommended to use it with Midair Evasion Boost, Evasion Boost and Precision Evasion against fast characters as Onion Knight, Zidane, Squall and Prishe. Simply because you need to have a high evasion boost to be able to keep up with their fast bravery attacks so as a result you increase your movement distance as well as your invincibility duration and thus slightly lower your chances of being hit. Be careful : you will probably not see much difference but this may save you from dodge punishes from your opponent and this can be crucial in a match. Pros : High Evasion Boost Bravery Boost on Dodge + 10% in total Very good EX Force generated thanks to Aerith assist, TA and Glutton Cons : Low EX Depletion Low Assist Depletion VII - Match Ups & Tips 1. I recommend you to use Snatch Shot and not equip Snatch Blow with it against most melee characters because they can easily block Snatch Blow on reaction. However I recommend you to use Snatch Blow against the following mage characters : - Ultimecia : It can pass through her Charged Lance if she doesn't release it when Snatch Blow is about to hit her otherwise you will get staggered. - The Emperor : It bypasses all of his traps so this makes the match up entirely in Kuja's favor. 2. Use your glide abilities against the following characters : - Firion : In order to avoid Straightarrow, it's crucial against spammers. - Kain : Always keep some distance by floating around to avoid his Jumps and thus negate his pressure game. - Golbez : Stay in midair and try to lure him in aerial combat which is his weakness. However beware of his Glare Hand ; it's a fast ground bravery attack and has a decent range so be as high as possible. 3. Burst Energy is useful against nearly all characters (if not all) because it's a fast bravery attack so you can build assist safely. Besides you avoid the risk of being block punished for it is a magical attack. It has a short range so always keep an eye on the distance between you and your opponent. 4. Strike Energy should always be used in any match up, it works a bit like Burst Energy except that it can be blocked. However it is Kuja's most efficient bravery attack when it comes to punish enemies. On top of that it deals the best damage comparing to his other moves. 5. Flare Star is a must if you have to retaliate after a successful block on your part or if you expect a block from your opponent. You can also use it after using one of the assists as mentioned in the beginning of this guide. 6. Ultima can punish bad dodges from your enemy if you have analyzed his fighting pattern but it isn't mandatory as Flare Star. It depends on which attack you prefer to use. However I'd recommend it against ground campy characters such as Golbez or Firion for instance. 7. Seraphic Star can be used in any stage so if you have a good approach with it go ahead since it's a good punishing move as long as you take its range into account. 8. Force Symphony can put a lot of pressure vs Golbez if he's on the ground. Hence it's a good tactic if you want to lure him in aerial combat. Use it also against Exdeath just because it's a "one-hit HP move" meaning that it deals directly HP damage instead of a few bravery blows before the HP damage is dealt. As a result, it will be very hard for Exdeath to "Omniblock" it. 9. Here is a short list of what you should equip in your Extra Abilities : - Precision Evasion - Counterattack - Sneak Attack - Riposte - Disable Sneak Attack (your opponent cannot use his SA critical bonus against you) - EXP to Assist / HP 10. You don't need to equip any ground abilities with Kuja as you will always fight in midair. It can save you a lot of CPs. Alright this concludes my guide on Kuja. Feel free to adapt these builds to your liking depending on your match up approaches and I hope I could enlighten you somehow.
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    Discord Name: SapphirePhoenix IG Name: SapphPhoenix Timezone: GMT -5
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    Final Fantasy ======================================== ________________________________________ Cloud Strife ======================================== ________________________________________ Cid Highwind ======================================== ________________________________________ Barret Wallace ======================================== ________________________________________ Vincent Valentine ======================================== ________________________________________ Yuffie Kisaragi ======================================== ________________________________________ Sephiroth ======================================== ________________________________________ Dyne ======================================== ________________________________________ Elena ======================================== ________________________________________ Summons ======================================== ________________________________________
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    Most of you know me as LuckySeven, but along with most things in my life my name is changed to JSeven for here. I typed in dissidia forums after 2 years of retiring to see if this place was dead but couldnt find the sight but got sent here lol Just checking the difference and seeing who migrated from the old forums. I don't plan on playing dissdia duodecim here...mostly because im too lazy to download all the shit to play with others but i might hop on the NT. For sure casually, but not sure competively. Man I got so much memories looking at everything here. Haha Im on discord which ill probably be on more than the actual forums. But yea good to see a lot of you guys again
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    Table of Contents Final Fantasy IV Rydia VI Edgar Roni Figaro VII Compilation Vincent Valentine VIII Rinoa Heartilly X Duology Paine XIII Trilogy Snow Villers Oerba Dia Vanille Hope Estheim Sazh Katzroy Yaag Rosch XV Universe Noctic Lucis Caelum Mystic Quest Benjamin Devil May Cry Dante Live A Live Sundown Masaru Takahara Li Kuugo Chrono Trigger Magus
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    The purpose of this topic is to know if I have not missed anything regarding the issues this beta had. I have already sent my feedback to the Square Enix Support Team. You will find it below if you are interested to see its content. Do not hesitate to add things I may have forgotten to the Square Enix Support Team : http://sqex.to/MWF. This way this game will be better than ever! P.S. : Hyne talked about a way of getting matches frenquently : "like if peer to peer hosting stays, it may be good for it mm to search within region for a minute before it goes outside". I found it to be interesting and gave my thoughts about it to the Support Team in the 5th paragraph.
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    Alright, intro time. I played Dissidia when it first came out, mainly played Garland and Shantotto, in Duodecim I mainly played Laguna alongside those two. I was a member kinda of the older Dissidia forums back when the first one came out, different name though. I didn't exactly have the best internet to be playing online much though I did enter one of the tournaments on whim once, didn't leave the prelims just gonna leave that in the past.
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    Heyo! I'm completely new to dissidia with NT, I decided to pop in and see what the forums are all about. Hopefully I'll be able to learn from a lot of you and get some games in when it comes out!
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    Hi, decided to finally make an account here since the NT beta started and I've been dedicating a lot of free time to it and the arcade version. I played a lot of the original Dissidia with some friends from school since its US launch, they were all a lot older and better than me with the game at the time. Since then I've gotten into more traditional fighting games and eventually into anime fighters like Persona and Blazblue. It wasn't until earlier this year that I ran into some competitive Duodecim footage on youtube and decided to download it onto my Vita for old times sake, but after doing that I started to find Dissidia Arcade videos and started following a bunch of JP players and their channels, then EVO happened which was followed up by the closed beta announcement and suddenly I'm gathering resources and analyzing match videos in preparation for the beta. Lucky me I got into the closed beta soon after it was announced and I've been really loving my time with it(mostly)! Anyway! I made this account hoping to have people to discuss the game with and learn as much as I can about it. I'm also starting to record my beta matches and want to start uploading and sharing them. This was long! Sorry! I am interested in playing Duodecim too, so I hope we can play together in both games in the future.
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    Hi everyone!! Some fellow modders told me about the existence of this forum and seeing that the old forums are down for the moment, I decided to move all my mod related stuff here as well so everyone can keep track of them :) Here are basically all the mods that I've done for the game so far. They include costume mods, music mods and a few tools to ease custom DLC creation, so I hope you like everything :P! I'll be adding the missing content in the coming days. Enjoy! Model mods Squall - Kingdom Hearts 2 Gear Updated at 2016-12-23 My first mod ever: Squall in his KH2 outfit, ready to kick some ass. Comes with four weapon options: Revolver, KH2 Revolver, Cutting Trigger and Twin Lance! DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID KH2 Gear Squall Player 75 DLC 2 0A03 KH2 Gear Squall Assist 76 DLC 2 0B03 Squall - Dollet SeeD Cadet Uniform This mod features Squall in his cadet uniform from the beginning of FFVIII, when the party goes to attack Dollet as their final SeeD test. DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID SeeD Cadet Squall Player 77 DLC 3 0C03 SeeD Cadet Squall Assist 78 DLC 3 0D03 Cloud - Miss Cloud Dress This time, Cloud crossdresses in order to fight the hordes of Chaos! It comes in two flavors, Umbrella or Nail Bat version, you decide! HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Miss Cloud Dress Cloud Player 81 DLC 5 1003 Miss Cloud Dress Cloud Assist 82 DLC 5 1103 Aerith - Kingdom Hearts Gear This time, it's Aerith's turn to use her Kingdom Hearts gear to support the warriors of Cosmos and Chaos alike. NOTE: This model import will replace an existing Aerith full costume (Normal, Alt 1 or Alt 2) so keep that in mind ;). It also needs a player entry, though Aerith is not playable. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID KH Aerith Player 83 Normal, Alt 1, Alt 2 1203 KH Aerith Assist 84 Normal, Alt 1, Alt 2 1303 Lightning - Prada Outfit Lightning enters Dissidia Duodecim with a Prada outfit to battle against her foes with style. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Prada Lightning Player 79 DLC 3 0E03 Prada Lightning Assist 80 DLC 3 0F03 Lightning - Equilibrium Garb Lightning returns (pun intended :P) as the Savior to Dissidia Duodecim to free the souls of the warriors of Chaos. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Equilibrium Lightning Player 91 DLC 4 1A03 Equilibrium Lightning Assist 92 DLC 4 1B03 Equilibrium Lightning Attachment 93 - 1C03 Lightning - Midgar's Flower Girl Garb Another Lightning mod, now it features her dressed as Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough from FFVII. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Flower Girl Lightning Player 96 DLC 6 1F03 Flower Girl Lightning Assist 97 DLC 6 2003 Lightning - Spira's Summoner Garb Here're more Lightning goodies, this time she dresses up as Yuna from Final Fantasy X in order to kick some asses. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Spira's Summoner Lightning Player 98 DLC 7 2103 Spira's Summoner Lightning Assist 99 DLC 7 2203 Spira's Summoner Lightning Attachment 100 - 2303 Lightning - Miqo'te Garb Lightning dresses as one of the Miqo'te race from FFXIV to defeat all the bad boys in Chaos' forces, Eorzea style. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Miqo'te Lightning Player 94 DLC 5 1D03 Miqo'te Lightning Assist 95 DLC 5 1E03 Miqo'te Lightning Attachment 101 - 2403 Tidus - Class Second's Ace Tidus enrolls as a student at Magic Academy Peristylium Suzaku to see if he can learn some new tricks to defeat Chaos' forces. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Class Second's Ace Tidus Player 102 DLC 3 2503 Class Second's Ace Tidus Assist 103 DLC 3 2603 Class Second's Ace Tidus Attachment 104 - 2703 Aerith - Kingdom Hearts 2 Gear Now Aerith will use her Kingdom Hearts 2 gear to aid whichever warrior calls her! NOTE: This model import will replace an existing Aerith full costume (Normal, Alt 1 or Alt 2) so keep that in mind ;). It also needs a player entry, though Aerith is not playable. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID KH2 Aerith Player 85 Normal, Alt 1, Alt 2 1403 KH2 Aerith Assist 86 Normal, Alt 1, Alt 2 1503 Lightning - Tomb Raider Garb Lightning now wears the outfit of a true survivor, Lara Croft! Comes with two flavors: with & without her shield from Lightning Returns! HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Tomb Raider Lightning Player 105 DLC 8 2803 Tomb Raider Lightning Assist 106 DLC 8 2903 Tifa - Wall Market Dress Tifa dons her Wall Market dress to face the warriors of Chaos! Will they be able not to fall for Tifa's... attributes :P? Thanks to Windblast for adding transparency to Tifa's hair! HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Wall Market Tifa Player 107 DLC 2 2A03 Wall Market Tifa Assist 108 DLC 2 2B03 Aerith - Wall Market Dress Aerith follows Tifa's trend and decides to wear her Wall Market dress to fight the warriors of Chaos in style! NOTE: This model import will replace an existing Aerith full costume (Normal, Alt 1 or Alt 2) so keep that in mind ;). It also needs a player entry, though Aerith is not playable. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Wall Market Aerith Player 109 Normal, Alt 1, Alt 2 2C03 Wall Market Aerith Assist 110 Normal, Alt 1, Alt 2 2D03 Cloud - FFVII:G-BIKE Biker Costume Here's Cloud in his new FFVII G-Bike attire ready to kick some Chaos warriors' asses. No motorbikes were harmed in the making of this mod :P. Comes in two flavors: FFVII head & weapons and FFVII:AC head & weapons. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Biker Cloud Player 113 DLC 6 3003 Biker Cloud Assist 114 DLC 6 3103 Terra - Classic Costume Terra fights against the hordes of Chaos with her classic sprite appearance from Final Fantasy VI. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Classic Terra Player 60 DLC 2 FB02 Classic Terra Assist 61 DLC 2 FC02 Squall - Classic Costume Updated at 2016-12-04 Squall fights against the hordes of Chaos with his classic appearance from Final Fantasy VIII. The mod comes with three different base gunblades as base weapon: Revolver, Cutting Trigger & Twin Lance! HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Classic Squall Player 58 DLC 4 F902 Classic Squall Assist 59 DLC 4 FA02 Cloud - Early Concept Art Costume Cloud defies gravity again with his early FFVII concept art's hair & outfit in order to kick some Chaos' asses. HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Early Concept Cloud Player 119 DLC 7 3603 Early Concept Cloud Assist 120 DLC 7 3703 Cloud - Classic Costume Cloud goes back to his classic looks for some old-school action! HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Classic Cloud Player 121 DLC 8 3803 Classic Cloud Assist 122 DLC 8 3903 Lightning - Knight of Etro Garb Lightning dons her iconic, valkyrie-like armor to fight against any foe that comes in her way - especially warriors of Chaos! Credits to 2pw for the original model! HQ Render here DLC info: DLC name DLC slot DLC Costume ID Knight of Etro Lightning Player 250 DLC 2 B903 Knight of Etro Lightning Assist 251 DLC 2 BA03 Knight of Etro Lightning Attachment 249 - B803 Music mods Kingdom Hearts DLC BGM Selection Adds a new BGM DLC soundtrack from all Kingdom Hearts games to date. Slot: 18 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy Type-0 DLC BGM Selection Adds a new BGM DLC soundtrack from Final Fantasy Type-0. Huge thanks to deraj8 for the looped at3s!! Slot: 16 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy III DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy III controller and text files and adds new songs based on Final Fantasy III games. You must have the original Final Fantasy III BGM DLC installed for this to work. Huge thanks to deraj8 for the looped at3s!! Slot: 3 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy IV DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy IV controller and text files and adds new songs based on Final Fantasy IV games. You must have the original Final Fantasy IV BGM DLC installed for this to work. Slot: 4 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy VII controller and text files and adds new songs based on Final Fantasy VII games. You must have the original Final Fantasy VII BGM DLC installed for this to work. Slot: 7 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VIII DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy VIII controller and text files and adds new songs from Final Fantasy VIII. You must have the original Final Fantasy VIII BGM DLC installed for this to work. Slot: 8 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy IX DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy IX controller and text files and adds new songs from Final Fantasy IX. You must have the original Final Fantasy IX BGM DLC installed for this to work. Slot: 9 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy X DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy X controller and text files and adds new songs based on Final Fantasy X games. You must have the original Final Fantasy X BGM DLC installed for this to work. Slot: 10 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy XII DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy XII controller and text files and adds new songs based on Final Fantasy XII games. You must have the original Final Fantasy XII BGM DLC installed for this to work. Huge thanks to deraj8 for the looped at3s!! Slot: 12 Soundtrack: Final Fantasy XIII DLC BGM Expansion Pack Replaces the original Final Fantasy XIII controller and text files and adds new songs based on Final Fantasy XIII games. You must have the original Final Fantasy XIII BGM DLC installed for this to work. Thanks to deraj8 for some of the looped at3s!! Slot: 13 Soundtrack: Others DDFF Toolkit - All-in-One DLC generator/editor tool This is a Windows tool to create and modify DLCs of any kind, be it costume mods or music mods. It even allows you to edit stuff such as a given costume's EX-Mode aura colors or model attachments. It also provides an easy-to-use DLC Reporter to know which DLCs you have installed in your DLC folder.
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    http://dissidia.info/2017/06/07/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-for-ps4-announced dissidiafinalfantasynt.com
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    This ruleset was created to make hitconfirms more balanced in a way. Me and Justice, the individuals that came up with this ruleset's first version, felt that high bravery builds with side by side and/or huge depletion made blocks too much rewarding and discouraged being agressive for the one who got hit by an hp attack, while a bravery attack have very little rewards (to prove that, the parameter people use in most situations to assist change out of an attack is if its hp or bravery damage). Besides, having your assist locked can become unnecesary 15 seconds of running/camping/waiting. We wanted something different from jp ranked too, so we buffed ex through custom ruleset and damage through builds. I also thought that the critcal attack system is not balanced because of frame differences, attack position and guard breaking properties that some characters have and others dont for absolutely no reason but Square Enix being dumb. Now I will show the complete changelog of the Dissidence ruleset in its current version (v3). I am always up for discussions about what should be changed to make the ruleset better. Ruleset (values of the options when you start making a new ruleset) - The original values will be on the right Initial Stage Bravery - 50 (100) Stage Bravery Recovery Time - 100 (100) Banish Trap Damage - 100 (100) Warp Damage - 100 (100) Critical Hit Rate - 0 (100) - That disables crtis in EVERYTHING, including block punishes and ex burst Critical Damage - 100 (100) Ex Core Appearence Rate - 100 (100) Ex Core Absorption - 200 (100) Ex Force Absortion - 200 (100) Ex Mode Duration - 25 (20) Wall Rush Damage - 25 (25) Bravery Bonus - 10 (10) Stage Bravery - 100 (100) Assist Break Rate - 100 (100) Ex Break Rate - 0 (100) Assist Gauge Charge (Attack) - 100 (100) NEW - Back to version 3 values through attractorb accessory Assist Gauge Charge (Hit) - 400 (100) NEW - Balanced through attractorb accessory Assist Lock Duration - 0 (100) Assist Gauge Depletion Rate - 100 (100) Ex Damage From Assist - 200 (100) Ex Revenge Duration - 1 (5) NEW - You can't build massive amounts of bravery through EXR and finish with an hp Now, BAN EVERYTHING ELSE (summons, artefacts, bonus, equips), EXCEPT what is on the following build, makes sure people are on track when dissidence ruleset is selected Using reverse dash to build assist is banned. NEW - The only allowed extra skills are Precision types, Equipment Master types, Exp to Ex Force and Bravery Regen. Dissidence v4 Build Example (don't mind the lack of assist and choice of moves): In my tournaments I made a rule to ban top tier assist as well, but that was to give the games some fresh air and rare to see combos. That may balance something too, like reducing the rewards on assist punishing that the low tiers suffer so much. The top tier assist are: Kuja, Jecht, Yuna, Aerith, Sephiroth and Tidus. I made a savefile with everything set up to avoid insane work (I don't promise the best setups regarding skills): https://tinyurl.com/yabm8b3u Also thinking of adding Ex Defense (DFF mechanic) and disable assist charges through codes for matches. Well, feel free to expose your thoughts posting here about what change you would apply, or if the ruleset is godlike/trash/whatever
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    Time to get myself introduced My name is Stevie, I discovered JP DFF on the internet and as soon as I discovered it had a ton of FF characters and was on psp I was hooked. I never got to play DFF online but I mostly played Squall. DDFF launched and my favourite character (Yuna) got announced so I jumped ship to being a Yuna main, in 2012 I got a PS3 and the first thing I lean how to do was play DDFF online.Played online for 2 years before work took over and my PSP broke D:. back on Dissidia Forums I use to host some of the streams back in the day and joint ran 'Casual Lobby', a weekly stream in which allowed players to play each others 'or watch' matches without stress of a tournament setting. I plan to return hardcore in Dissidia NT, I plan to focus on Terra in the upcoming closed beta but I want to main Terra/Ramza when the game launch (until Yuna announced that is).
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    Vast majority of my stuff is based on/inspired by Dissidia and Final Fantasy. I only use official resources—such as screenshots, renders and artwork, No fanart. Unless... It's done by @Cornucopia, or me! My Dissidia screenshots are my most prized work. They are (in my opinion) by far the best resource and inspiration for a Final Fantasy fan (designer). Infinite possibilities.
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    I learned of Dissidia through a friend during my first year of college in 2012. I had never played any Final Fantasy games besides Tactics Advance. However, we had a profound love for Smash Bros. and Dissidia seemed quite similar; with an extreme love for the fantasy genre and a burning desire to be better than him, Dissidia instantly took a place in my heart. The following year had me getting my first PsP and learning all that I could about Dissidia. Since then I have become a hardcore competitive fighting game player vying to be the best. I became pretty good at Dissidia, but due to dead forums and limited knowledge of online psp play i was certain there was no hope for me ever testing my Dissidia skills against other players, thus I continued expanding my skillset with other fighting games. Now 3 years later I stumble upon the Dissidia discord and learn of ZTO. As of yesterday I have installed all the necessary components and am ready to recruit some other fans in a similar situation to me. I'm not here for casual play. I intend to climb over everyone. So keep things challenging please.
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    It's so late that I start playing DFF012 in 2015, but Im still enjoying It now in my PSP, YES PSP. I played as Exdeath because of His Unique Fighting Style. I am the one who playing DFF012 here in my place, so It's kinda lonely, but Im thankful that many of here (also on old DFF012 forum) are still MODDING, and that's the reason why Im still playing this game, Im hoping for more MOD's to come. :(
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    mfw you missed the ps3 ahp and the ppsspp hamachi scene tkg is so eager to push :( joined df since '10, did quite the amount of things except actually playing dissidia, including creating fantasy dissidia characters and playing the cyoa thing that stopped because stezil made the shittiest hospital map ever i also played emperor quite a lot if that counts. would want to start hamachi again if my connection and distance to usa allows me to
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    It's easy to spam a link. Register wherever, post link, log out. That doesn't exactly look nice though, does it. The proper path to healthy promotion and growth is in reality much harder, and it's located in content. The internet is the greatest source of information, so the best way to get out there is... to provide information. Winners in traffic and size are the ones who publish the earliest, the ones who publish in the most presentable, accessible ways and/or the ones who have the best credibility (reliability), known for being quality source of content and providing the complete range of data on a given subject. Thus, it comes down to either speed or exclusivity. We aren't a news site so there's little need, and opportunity for that matter, to push in this direction. That leaves exclusivity; content that is only available in one particular location, presented in a unique, user-friendly way. Whether that's videos or written articles, content like guides (HUD explanation, how to play, how to get better, character-specific guidelines, optimal setups, advanced techniques) and data hubs (properties, frames, range, hitboxes, hurtboxes, matchups) are invaluable and by far the best way to grow a website. We have a database that's expanding over time and I expect it to be prime source of traffic one day. Most of it will be replicated onto the wiki as well when the time comes. So, what can you do? You can just spread the word. It's fine—just don't make it look intrusive. If you want to be of substantial help though, there's a lot of data that needs to be migrated. Most of it will serve as an archive because we have an entirely new and different game on the way, but it will be great to have the PSP Dissidia data to look back at. Also, you never know in what way it may be useful. Then there's Dissidia NT, which is nearly completely unexplored (at least on this side of the planet). So much content up for grabs. If you wanna be at the forefront of it, here's some ideas: "A beginner's guide to DFFNT" "A PSP player's guide to DFFNT, aka 'What changed?'" "A guide to DFFNT's HUD" a guide to DFFNT's main mechanics/battle objectives/character classes Create useful, highly-sought content and slap a link to this site onto it—bam, success.
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    Preorder: NA https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/445809/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-ps4 EU https://store.eu.square-enix.com/eu/product/445939/dissidia-final-fantasy-nt-ps4 Dual audio confirmed by preorder:
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    Been playing since the JPN release of the first Dissidia. Been trying to get back into it recently. It's very nice to see some familiar faces here from the other forums.
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    Hey, name's RetroStation; pleasure to meet you all! I started with DFF in '09, and I mained Onion Knight and Golbez because I thought HP links were awesome, and Golbez grew on me as a character, despite not ever playing IV. I also dabbled with Zidane and Kuja because IX is my all-time fave. When I found out 012 was being released, I was excited and determined to snag a copy Day One. It's the only midnight release I ever went to, and I don't regret it. It wasn't until 2013 when I found local people to play with, and shortly after I stopped playing (broken/stolen PSPs were my luck back then). When I found out about PPSSPP last year, it made me want to play again, especially since I could easily help my other friends get copies of whatever they needed. Last month, I uploaded a clip of a Starfall setup I thought was hype to my personal Facebook. Tagged my friends who also played, and it sparked this huge conversation about getting people to play again in the local area. Then my friend Mitch found the Discord and invited me, so I'm really excited to see how well other people play!
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    So.... I did the half-off draw (the only one I've been looking forward to) in hope of pulling a dupe of my favorite BSB. Guess what? EDIT:
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    Either from an event featuring FF8 or FF6(FF8 is coming in a week or two just check the konpako link DVD linked for who you can unlock in that realm and others you like) to where you get them as event dungeon rewards or get a Soul of a Hero to exchange at the Hall of Rites for whatever character you that is available. Afterwards you'll want to obtain their Memory crystals to break their level caps as high as you can.
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    Welcome to the game, Cherub. As for your question, I'll give you an example as an answer: If you use Cloud in a FF7 realm, Cloud will get a stat boost (technically known as Record Synergy) in that realm only, but not in any other realm. There are, however, certain events, that give Record Synergy to certain other people. For example: Nightmare Dungeons will give Record Synergy to certain people depending on which dungeon you're in. There is a dungeon in the Nightmare Dungeons that give Record Synergy to 5* White Magic users no matter what realm they're originally from. So you could have Aerith from FF7, Garnet from FF9, and Selphie from FF8 in the same party and get Record Synergy for all three in the same battle. That's just one example though, and Nightmare Dungeons are closed right now (as you can see from the Home menu, the Nightmare Dungeon is inaccessible at the moment). And like Aegis said, characters aren't the only thing that get Record Synergy. Equipment do too. I have Cloud's new Ragnarok relic, and it has 164 ATK without Record Synergy. But WITH synergy, it has 277 ATK. Since it's a FF7 weapon, it would normally only get synergy only in a FF7 realm, unless it's in some special event like the Nightmare Dungeons, as I mentioned above. (you wouldn't want to use a sword in a white mage dungeon though, so be careful :P) By the way, there is no "end game" to anything in this game yet. We're not even close to being done with the game, as the game has a LOT more to offer, with a lot more to come. If you want to find more info on this game, such as knowing the Level 80 or 99 stats of your favorite characters, I'll give you a few links below: https://ffrkstrategy.gamematome.jp/game/951/wiki/Home This is the link people go to, to find info on anything that's already out, whether it's the characters you want, or the relics you want, or basically anything you want, that are already out right now. http://ffrk.kongbakpao.com/events/ This is the link people go to, to find out what events are coming up. This is good for planning whatever relics you want to pull, and what characters you'll see yourself obtaining. https://www.ffrkcentral.com/ This is good to find news about what's going to happen really soon in the game. Normally, kongbakpao is good for finding out what events are planned, but ffrkcentral keeps you updated daily on what's going to happen in for global real soon, and what's happening for the JP version. http://happypluto.com/~misterp/r/ffrk.pdf This is the link people go to, to find out the damage multipliers for whatever ability they plan on using (if you don't understand the deal about damage multipliers, I'll say this... The bigger the number, the more damage the ability deals). It's a big file, but it is still helpful. Just CTRL+F and type in whatever you're looking for. There are also other info there, like finding out how much exp is required to level up for each level, how much of a stat boost each Record Materia or Soul Break does, and many more. You just need to CTRL+F and type in whatever it is you're looking for, like I said. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16K1Zryyxrh7vdKVF1f7eRrUAOC5wuzvC3q2gFLch6LQ/edit?pli=1#gid=938172420 This is the link people go to, to find out almost everything for the game, for both the english version, and the Japanese version. You can switch between tabs to find info on whatever you're looking for. You'll find level 99 stats for characters that aren't possible to achieve level 99 with in the English version yet (or as they call the game global, for outside of Japan), you'll find relics with soul breaks that aren't out in global yet, you'll find. This is a good source to rely on, since most global players can't read Japanese, so they wouldn't be able to know what relics they'll want if they went to only kongbakpao to plan. Just remember to switch between tabs at the bottom to find whatever it is you're looking for. Good luck, and have fun playing! Hey Aegis, guess what?
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    With this getting a bit more buzz than I expected, I want to ask you guys if you have any channels you personally follow that I do not have listed here! A lot of these channelsseem to be getting lots of views; I'm not sure whether it's because anyone is actually looking at this or there are a lot more Japanese people who use youtube, but I'm glad to see that channels are getting 1000+ views for the content they put out! Also, I would like to ask if anyone would like me to start keeping notes on the list of the players individual ranks. It's a very difficult thing to keep up with, and so I ask if anyone is interested in helping me out with that by sending me individual players rankings of each character they play I will add them if I get enough responses. With that out of the way: UPDATE: Added a LOT more players I may be planning something in the works for how to... watch this game(?). A possible short replay commentary in which me and maybe a few others dissect what is going on in the game: The intricacies, the decisions, the plays, and all other things you may be missing in the constant chaos that is this game!
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    I did the same boss in both fights, but with one physical team and one mage team. I beat him faster in the mage team :3 I gotta thank Selphie for her BSB I got in the half off last month. It stacked with Ley Lines. I think this is the first time I used her in an Ultimate fight.
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    Duck Dynasty Hosted by: @DZ_ @Wheelz @xffixbmlx & Yunoa Sign ups close on: 1/15/2017 Prizes: $50 donated by @xffixbmlx and @Wheelz via PayPal Ruleset Official Dave's Stupid Rule ( The most common variation of Dave's Stupid Rule is that a player cannot pick a stage they have won on during the set in question. Therefore, under this variation, the losing player would be free to pick the same stage he lost on for the second game, having previously lost on such a stage. Should that player win that time, however, they can no longer pick the stage for future matches in the set. ) Feral Chaos BANNED Rebellious Soul BANNED Omega Stages BANNED The Rift & Phantom Train BANNED Infinites BANNED (Beat Fang > BF > BF for example) Hacked Items BANNED Breakables BANNED 1-hit Chase ONLY Counter Summons ONLY (mandatory equip) Signups Upon signing up you MUST post your 3 character roster Cannot change your roster once the tournament starts You will be locked in with your roster for the entire tournament Winners Bracket rounds 1-3 will be best of 3, WBR4 onward best of 5 Losers Bracket rounds 1-5 will be best of 3 and LBR6 onward best of 5 Stage Striking Coin flip will be done by a Tournament Organizer; the winner then chooses to strike first or pick out of the two remaining stages. Match 1 stages are: Empyreal Paradox, Lunar Subterrane, Sky Fortress Bahamut Match 2 any stage besides The Rift & Phantom Train & all omega variants Counterpicking Round 1 agree to a matchup or blind pick Round 2 losing player bans 1 character from the opponent's roster and picks the next stage Round 2 winning player then announces their character Round 2 losing player then picks their character Character bans do not carry over between rounds No limit on character use (you can use the same character the entire set unless the opponent bans that character) Scheduling Monday–Sunday (WBR1) ...And so on Extensions will be granted on reasonable request Tournament organizers @DZ_ (Dart) @xffixbmlx (Ehx) @Wheelz Replays Uploaded on the BashBros YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DART4201 Sign up Guide Name: Timezone: Personal message @HYNE your 3-character roster upon signing up. Everyone's roster will be revealed after signups close. Brackets WILL NOT BE PREDETERMINED Every tournament from the history of the game will count towards your seed Ehx will provide the points system used on bracket release #makeseedinggreatagain Tournament starts 1/15/2017
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    Two new mods out, and some updates! Check the OP to see what's up :D Merry Christmas everyone! :D
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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I added a few more gunblade options to Classic Squall! You can now choose between the Revolver, Cutting Trigger (it's not the Flame Saber that @Coppola suggested earlier, but I hope it works for you regardless) & Twin Lance gunblades, the very same gunblades that Squall can use in Dissidia Arcade thus far :P. Here are some screenshots with the new weapons: Those are basically the blade models from FFVIII that I had to re-texture from scratch to make them look good in the game. I think the result is pretty good :P By the way, would you like them to be added to the rest of the Squall DLCs that I've released?
  37. 2 points
    Rydia of Mist Black Caller - Strike down opponents from afar with elemental magic and summons. Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version
  38. 2 points
    Vincent Valentine Chaos Shooter - Shifts between different guns and several terrifying transformations to deal with his adversary at any range Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type
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    Guess I'll drop my own intro here. I haven't been playing Final Fantasy games as long as probably a whole lot of you, the first Final Fantasy game I ever played for any amount was actually X-2, at a friend's house. However, he never had a PS2 memory card at the time, so we weren't able to get very far into it. A few years later I played through X after I'd finally gotten my own PS2 near the end of the console's life span. I believe this was in '05, maybe? After that I've been catching up and playing through the other games that I'd missed in my childhood due to a lack of a playstation console, and my lack of playing any of the NES/SNES releases. I finally picked up Dissidia and a PSP in... 2009-10ish, I think? And then Duodecim when it came out. I'm out of practice cause I stopped playing when my PSP died, but have been getting a bit back into it since I found out I could play through PPSSPP. I don't really have a main anymore, but I enjoy playing as Tidus, Squall, Bartz, and Cloud mostly.
  40. 2 points
    So... i was a part of Dissidiaforums before it died... I joined this group a couple days ago, and many people on this site may already know me, but screw it, I'm introducing myself again. I don't do mods, and I'm not a moderator for this site. I like to start random topics. Before the forum died, I random started a thread that had a challenge run for FF2. My main thing, though, is Final Fantasy Record Keeper. I probably would have started a topic on that here if a certain SOMEONE didn't do it first >_> (I'm not mad though. In fact, I actually appreciate it) My favorite Final Fantasy games are V, VI, X, X-2, XIII-2, and Type-0. I do like Dissidia, but it's nowhere near my favorite Is Dark Lumina here? Or that guy with the profile picture of Luffy from One Piece? Can't remember his name now lol Also, I edit my posts almost every time because I keep forgetting some things I wanted to mention.
  41. 2 points
    Suppose I'll introduce myself. I've been a Final Fantasy fan since FFIV, played nearly every game in the series, so I was delighted when Dissidia was announced. Got the game day one, played it extensively, and did the same thing for Duodecim. Even after all these years I still try to play at least once or twice a week. Unfortunately I never had any friends with a PSP, much less Dissidia/Duodecim, so multiplayer was never a thing for me. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered PPSSPP. I have one or two friends to battle online occasionally, but I've been looking for a community that regularly competes with one another. I use to lurk around the old forum searching for mods and stuff, so I'm glad to see a Dissidia community trying to carry on this amazing game. As far as Duodecim itself, I main Sephiroth but I've been told my Tifa is more of a challenge to beat. I've been practicing with the whole roster to try and expand my knowledge and skills. I'm always looking for an opportunity to do that, so I look forward to playing the game with all of you.
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    New trailer, absolutely mindblowing. I don't think it was necessary but oh well. It raises far more questions than it answers, so be wary of potential spoilers before pressing play.
  43. 2 points
    Some of the latest screenshots I uploaded to Flickr. Plus a couple of gifs.
  44. 2 points
    It's for more EX Mode damage + Kuja's Jump++ / Descent Speed allows him to Jump high enough that he won't need to Dodge some attacks and Punish Grounded Melee attackers with Burst Energy's Vertical Tracking since he won't be mid-Dodge Animation. There are also a few Spells / ranged attacks characters can avoid just by Jumping too. So it's a Spacing Tool that helps avoid using his Dodge as it's the worst / most Punishable Dodge in the game along with Emperor's. Glide is also there for that reason and you can spot bad Dodges > go EX Mode > Glide Punish the Dodge and Combo into Flare Star with no Assist required. Speed++ has a slight effect on his Passive Glide during all of his attacks and depending on circumstances / the MU , you can threaten them on the Ground.
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    Hogged the DFF demo at a friend, got my own PSP, played Squall and Cecil, realised Jecht was the best bot slayer. He has been my best character ever since despite my attempts at playing tournament characters. I was already too late. But I guess people enjoy seeing Jecht prosper even if they don't play the game anymore. I just try to suck less.
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    You got nothing on me. One of the very first on AHP even back when the game was released in JP in 2008 along with fossils such as Aichi, Seelenschneider, Lockon, Wolfion and FunkyMan and then later on with some complete prat and then later than that NeroMD, Dave and Belts and even a little more later with Jodah and Wedge. Then the NA/EU versions. Met some great people in those times and some not so great. But some fun facts quickly about when I was first playing: We didn't know how insanely powerful criticals were. Especially Counter Attack/Sneak Attack. Because of those two, many random NA players back in 2009 would accuse me of cheating despite playing by their rules. I still have some of those videos on my Youtube (though privately linked.) Despite what everyone on Youtube believed: My main was and had always been Terra. However I did play a bit more Emperor and enjoyed playing him more than Terra admittingly, even back in the JP version of the game. I also had Cloud of Darkness, Ultimecia and Exdeath in my arsenal also with those five always being my most fun and favoured to play.
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    Discord name: GA | Damien IG name damien Timezone: GMT-4
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    Brackets: http://dissidiacommunity.challonge.com/DuckDynasty Post your results in the following manner in this thread Round # (Winner's/Loser's Bracket) Match 1: Player A (Character A) vs. Player B (Character B) - Stage - Winning Player Match 2: Player A (Character A) vs. Player B (Character B) - Stage - Winning Player Match 3: Player A (Character A) vs. Player B (Character B) - Stage - Winning Player Winner ~ Winning Player Score against Losing Player Save all replays and send them in with a copy of the results you posted here to: DissidiaCommunity@outlook.com Seeding was done by scoring players from their tournament record, the top 8 from majors and top 3 from minors counted towards the score majors having more value in overall ranking. [Dissidia Community] Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Seeding [2011-2016] 1. Dart - 296 2. VII - 213 3. RDF - 190 4. xffixbmlx - 180 5. Wheelz - 110 6. Muggshotter - 104 7. Blakklite - 60 8. Coppola - 20 9. Djqubi - 13 10. Mogstache - 13 11. JoyRaines - 10 12. TheEmden - 7 13. Most - NR 13. Vince - NR 13. Irae - NR 13. monxstar - NR 13. Nerisaga - NR 13. most - NR 13. Vycan - NR 13. Chimanruler15 - NR 13. Azure - NR 13. Vince - NR 13. Advent Azure - NR 13. lolbol - NR If you have any questions or need to ask for an extension please PM I, @DZ_ or @xffixbmlx.

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