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  1. The luckiest best equipment packs opened by our community members: ???? ???? ????
  2. FINAL FANTASY Warrior of Light FINAL FANTASY II Firion Maria FINAL FANTASY III Onion Knight FINAL FANTASY IV Cecil Edge Kain Palom Yang FINAL FANTASY V Bartz Faris Galuf Krile FINAL FANTASY VI Celes Cyan Edgar Kefka Sabin Setzer Shadow Terra FINAL FANTASY VII Aerith Cloud Tifa Vincent Yuffie FINAL FANTASY VIII Fujin Irvine Laguna Quistis Raijin Seifer Squall Zell FINAL FANTASY IX Eiko Garnet Kuja Steiner Vivi Zidane FINAL FANTASY X Auron Seymour Tidus Wakka Yuna FINAL FANTASY XI Lion Prishe Shantotto FINAL FANTASY XII Ashe Balthier Penelo Vaan FINAL FANTASY XIII Hope Lightning Sazh Snow Vanille Serah FINAL FANTASY XIV Y'shtola Yda Papalymo Thancred FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Ramza FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 Ace Cater King Rem FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: CRYSTAL BEARERS Layle
  3. Well then brainwashing failed, as they have yet to get into FF — Minecraft rules still. They do enjoy the FF music though.
  4. changed maximum title length to 99 characters added new emotes JetMad KefP
  5. Today my son made a remark on my humming and we went to remember which songs I lulled them to sleep with — so I figured to share them and spread the idea. Y'know, for when you all have children of your own... or simply just for fun. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles — Carol (scat) Final Fantasy IX — Qu's Marsh Final Fantasy IX — You're Not Alone These are very well suited for humming, my boys always fell asleep fast and sound.
  6. upgraded forum software css fixes
  7. Golbez

    Introduction (introduction) Appearance (img) Outfits (img) Weapons (img) Abilities BRV Grounded × (description) ↑ + × (description) ↓ + × (description) Grounded dashing R + × (description) Aerial × (description) ↑ + × (description) ↓ + × (description) Aerial dashing R + × (description) HP ???? (description) Available from character level 1. ???? (description) Acquired at character level 2. ???? (description) Acquired at character level 5. ???? (description) Acquired at character level 10. EX ???? (description) Data ANIMATION NAME EXECUTION PRIORITY DAMAGE FRAMES PROPERTIES (gif) (brv-g-1) × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-g-2) ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-g-3) ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-d-g) R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-a-1) × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-a-2) ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-a-3) ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (brv-d-a) R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (hp-1) □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (hp-2) □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (hp-3) □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (hp-4) □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) (ex) △ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) See also DISSIDIA wiki Official (EN) Official (JP) DFFACWiki ← (char) | (char) →
  8. Eric So of Square Enix just posted this amazing interview that was made during Tokyo Game Show 2017. Highlights: spectator mode for custom lobbies (tournaments) sanctuarium features (customization and stats) matchmaking improvements
  9. Dissidia Arcade News

    Shoot/Marksman btw. (as he should be!)
  10. Need guides, guidance, help, etc :(

    Not a problem at all. Have fun!
  11. Need guides, guidance, help, etc :(

    Have you looked through this subforum yet? There are guides such as:
  12. Seems like that will be a thing: This is the screenshot @Leif_3GHP took, noticing something new in the recent overview trailer. Then Hallabaloo4 and I found timestamps which basically confirm that's Spiritus' stage:

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