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  1. You might be disappointed when you see the new Exdeath. I think I only want 0-form to remain a huge ass laser capable of catching multiple opponents. Everything else I'm good with as long as it's made interesting.
  2. As it stands, EU gets Low Tier and Off. Skill. NA is slightly interested in EoM/PT and DFF. C'mon, more feedback on this. This isn't a signup thread where you can wait for the last day.
  3. Sweet, I'm on a similar road. Welcome!
  4. Some of the recent screenshots.
  5. 1. @Muggshotter 2. @Wheelz 3. @Mogstache
  6. Yup, best-of-5 is likely the minimum for Phantom Train and Edge of Madness. Others might depend on whether there's 4 or 8 players signed up.
  7. The initial idea is for the whole thing is to not be overbearing as well, that's why I suggested a "normal" finisher, especially for the first run. If we had some clear favorite theme here, then that would be it (the 5th tournament) but as it's the first time I figured to keep it tame. The 5th might as well be up for vote between the four winners. Good point. If you get 3 other people from your region to express interest in a theme and are willing to commit to the event, that's enough.
  8. Exdeath http://dissidia.info/2017/05/09/exdeath-announce
  9. I'm planning to host a series of 5 small tournaments (4-8 players), each one having a theme to it. The tournaments will be strictly either 4 (round robin+tiebreakers) 8 (double elimination) players of the same region. The question here is how to do signups. Should it be an invite tournament, first come first serve or something else. Please give your input on this. If a consensus can't be reached I'll have to do first come first serve. The other thing is themes. 4 themes need to be picked out. The fifth tournament will be 4 winners from the 4 tournaments and they will battle it out in either Official or DC Ranked (also up for discussion). The themes are: Phantom Train only (Golbez banned - discussion) Edge of Madness only Low tier only (Terra, Cecil, Cloud of Darkness, Laguna, Bartz) Off. Skill ruleset Dissidia Final Fantasy (Geared) Dissidia Final Fantasy (KAoS) Do say which ones you like and would participate in, or perhaps suggest another theme.
  10. Duck Dynasty

    Duck Dynasty was a major tournament spanning from January 15 2017 to March 26 2017, hosted by @DZ_ @Wheelz @xffixbmlx & Yunoa. It had 22 players, of which the top 3 are: @Muggshotter @Wheelz @Mogstache Full bracket: Replays:
  11. Oh, you're right. Have your upvotes.
  12. New character