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  1. upgraded forum software created Q&A sub for DFFOO added new emoticons added colons back to all emoticons (future-proofing) note: special thanks to @DaPlatinumTrim for the and ideas :GolbElevator: :W: :L: :LiliWink: :Chikusho:
  2. What do I do with dupe items?

    do i sell them or what
  3. The Discord topic will be continued in here, discuss the development of NT competitive scene.
  4. Your Best Characters and Why

    Sephiroth is very rewarding with his cancels and a pleasure to watch when played well. Sadly I haven't had the time to play more than just a few hours of the beta test — from what I did manage to, though, it seems this might be the first time I'll actually settle on the characters I predicted I'd like — Ultimecia and Ace. Was iffy on CoD but her tool assortment feels nicely spread so she came up a surprise. Still gotta try out a couple more, namely Garland, Kain and Kuja to see if there's any clicks with them. All in all, pretty satisfied!
  5. You're completely right when you said that people shouldn't be hateful towards each other, in this case based to the preferred game. I can't allow such toxic division within the community, so everyone better know that straight up. Be constructive, not destructive. Not buying NT doesn't help PSP Dissidia by the way, it just hurts the entire series. Buying the PSP games, however, is a great idea which I initiate and support whenever there's an opportunity.
  6. I don't know about convincing, they surely have research departments which will provide suggestions to higher-ups based on various analysis; sales, reviews, player satisfaction/engagement and else. As you said, NT won't change, it's established. What you can indeed do is express your want for another 1v1 Dissidia title. That said, you may want to read the following: Taken from an old andriasang article. Goes to show the chances are seemingly very slim, as the development team has long moved on from the mentality of creating a 1v1 game. Demand can do wonders though. So gather support, voice the demand in a respectful manner and hope for the best.
  7. 2018-01-31—2018-02-07 | Banner: Weekly Draw #1: Warrior of Light, Cloud, Bartz 2018-01-31—2018-02-28 | Banner: All-Stars Draw — features gear for the 25 characters that appear in Ch1 through Ch5 2018-01-30 | Game release — Chapters 1 to 5, Multiplayer Co-op enabled
  8. Starting the game: Warrior of Light is by far the best character out of the starting lineup of WoL, Vivi, Rem, for whom you are randomly given a free 5-star weapon. Depending on how long you will take to gear up another character, it may be worth it to re-roll the entire account to get his (WoL's) weapon specifically. His protecting ability can carry you far in the story mode. Cloud is the second best Chapter 1 character; he's worth using even if you don't have his exclusive weapon. He's got guaranteed Chase initiation as well as Stun on his abilities. As soon as you get out of Chapter 1 (tutorial), go into the daily crystal dungeon and spend all the battle stocks (each day a crystal dungeon of a different color is available and up to 10 battles, after that you need a moogle key which unlocks it for 30 minutes instead). Crystal dungeons are the best source of experience; they will get your party far above the level of early chapters, making the game a lot easier.
  9. online stability is horrible always

    Try setting up matches with and against people within your region.
  10. So I planned to write this for quite a while, but now with the global version announcement I really need to. Anyway, I've been playing for a while now and been thinking of the approach I should take when the global version hits. As I played and invested into a fair number of meta characters, I couldn't help but think there will come a point I won't be able to keep up (f2p btw). I'm still fine and will be for a while because the characters I went with will be very strong for quite a long time. Regardless, I keep feeling that the best way to approach this game in a more casual way is to stick to a theme and persevere in that. Your theme could be your dream party, or better yet, your favorite game. Favorite dream party is a shorter venture than an entire game, because once you're done with it, you can do whatever (and probably be dragged into metagaming). Taking a whole game as the theme is a great long-term goal and I recommend it to any casual player not looking to spend a lot (or any) money. Example: I'm probably going to have two accounts; one exclusively dedicated to FFVIII, and the other to whatever (meta or non-FF8 characters I like). On the exclusive account, I won't be opening any packs from banners that don't feature an FFVIII character — not even the 50% off offers (when you do every half-off, it adds up after a while...). Even the banners which will feature FFVIII I won't go all-in unless they have two or more characters from the game, as just one is a decent risk of not opening the desired item, or having to expend too much just for that one character. Noticed that when I chased a character, I found myself having to spend between 25000-35000 gems when the luck wasn't on my side. 25k is probably going to be my top-end expense in global, unless it's my absolute favorite character in question (characters are re-featured from time to time so there's more than one chance to obtain their items, not to mention that subsequent features may provide them with a new weapon in addition to the old one, and extra copies beyond the initial four, that are required to max out an item, hurt quite a bit). Patience and perseverance is key to f2p/lowspend. Don't get tempted and stay firm on your chosen path. That way you'll have the least amount of regret — maybe even none!
  11. dissidia.info/2018/01/16/dissidia-final-fantasy-opera-omnia-announced-for-worldwide-release
  12. So, (sorta) wild guess: Vayne Minwu or Locke Lilith or Lilisette Caius Yuna Zenos

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