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  1. You might be disappointed when you see the new Exdeath. I think I only want 0-form to remain a huge ass laser capable of catching multiple opponents. Everything else I'm good with as long as it's made interesting.
  2. What do you think of the site?
  3. I'm planning to host a series of 5 small tournaments (4-8 players), each one having a theme to it. The tournaments will be strictly either 4 (round robin+tiebreakers) 8 (double elimination) players of the same region. The question here is how to do signups. Should it be an invite tournament, first come first serve or something else. Please give your input on this. If a consensus can't be reached I'll have to do first come first serve. The other thing is themes. 4 themes need to be picked out. The fifth tournament will be 4 winners from the 4 tournaments and they will battle it out in either Official or DC Ranked (also up for discussion). The themes are: Phantom Train only (Golbez banned - discussion) Edge of Madness only Low tier only (Terra, Cecil, Cloud of Darkness, Laguna, Bartz) Off. Skill ruleset Dissidia Final Fantasy (Geared) Dissidia Final Fantasy (KAoS) Do say which ones you like and would participate in, or perhaps suggest another theme.
  4. As it stands, EU gets Low Tier and Off. Skill. NA is slightly interested in EoM/PT and DFF. C'mon, more feedback on this. This isn't a signup thread where you can wait for the last day.
  5. Sweet, I'm on a similar road. Welcome!
  6. Where to begin... Looking through my order logs, I got the first Dissidia (Japanese version) back in early 2009, so it looks like I jumped on that train immediately. I think I felt wary when it was first announced, but as more footage surfaced, I got hooked. Being primarily a Final Fantasy VIII fan, the first character I played was Squall. Not understanding anything was tough but luckily, the game wasn't too hard and the language barrier wasn't insurmountable. Besides that, I don't remember much until the English release where I explored all other characters and found my main character in Cloud of Darkness. Loved her playstyle, attacks and EX Mode effect. I played online, though only on X-Link Kai–but even playing just there, I still managed to have a go against some of the best players in the scene (xffixbmlx, Yunoa and more). One regret I had for my competitive play during Dissidia 1 is that I didn't stick to my main character due to lack of confidence. Regardless, I had a ton of fun then and I enjoyed being a part of the community. Besides CoD, I liked playing... hm. Ultimecia, Sephiroth and Kuja. Some Emperor, Firion and Squall too. Duodecim changed a lot of stuff and as much as I wanted to continue to main CoD, the system changed too much for me to enjoy her playstyle. That, and she got some nerfs. I found my new main in Kain, whose HP attacks fascinated me more than anything else in the game. I haven't played the second game a lot, the community had a lot of issues which resulted in the decline coming sooner rather than later. I still had my joy in the second game via screenshotting, something I'm still doing today. Besides Kain, I liked Prishe the most, with some Vaan and Laguna on the side. I really did prefer DFF to DdFF. There might be several causes for that, like community being at peak during the first game or the second game not improving things enough. I can't explain it as easily, one might have had to been there to know it. There was beauty in the first Dissidia for both the player and the spectator. I'm attributing it to Omni Air Dash, which gave so much dynamic to the game–moving through the game's stages, which were mostly huge, was unlike in any other Dissidia game. Approaching the opponent could be abrupt and positioning fast. It was exciting to say the least. For the upcoming game, I really only have one wish. The battle editor. I've spent years taking photos of characters, amassing a big collection of some spectacular moments. I want that for the new game as well. Nothing could make me happy as much as that would. I had a lot of various experiences during my time with Dissidia. I played and grew as a player, I conversed and got to know quite a few people, I started to design and become more than just a forum graphics artist. Dissidia pushed me and inspired me to become creative and ambitious, it reignited my flame as a Final Fantasy fan. It keeps me a fan today. I created this series of Dissidia fansites to show my appreciation for what Dissidia has done for me, to show what Dissidia helped me grow into. I want to share my love for Dissidia with everyone and be a part of the best community for it.
  7. Some of the recent screenshots.
  8. Apologies for the thread title, but it had to be done. Anyway... Vast majority of my stuff is based on/inspired by Dissidia and Final Fantasy. I only use official resources—such as screenshots, renders and artwork, No fanart. Unless... It's done by @Cornucopia, or me! My Dissidia screenshots are my most prized work. They are (in my opinion) by far the best resource and inspiration for a Final Fantasy fan (designer). Infinite possibilities.
  9. 1. @Muggshotter 2. @Wheelz 3. @Mogstache
  10. Yup, best-of-5 is likely the minimum for Phantom Train and Edge of Madness. Others might depend on whether there's 4 or 8 players signed up.
  11. The initial idea is for the whole thing is to not be overbearing as well, that's why I suggested a "normal" finisher, especially for the first run. If we had some clear favorite theme here, then that would be it (the 5th tournament) but as it's the first time I figured to keep it tame. The 5th might as well be up for vote between the four winners. Good point. If you get 3 other people from your region to express interest in a theme and are willing to commit to the event, that's enough.
  12. Exdeath http://dissidia.info/2017/05/09/exdeath-announce
  13. Duck Dynasty

    Duck Dynasty was a major tournament spanning from January 15 2017 to March 26 2017, hosted by @DZ_ @Wheelz @xffixbmlx & Yunoa. It had 22 players, of which the top 3 are: @Muggshotter @Wheelz @Mogstache Full bracket: Replays:
  14. Genesis

    Genesis was a major tournament spanning from September 5 2016 to October 25 2016, hosted by @TKG09. It had 35 players, of which the top 3 is: @VII @RDF @TKG09 Full bracket: Replays:
  15. Firion

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight BRV Attacks Ground BRV Attacks can be chained with different attack combinations each step (1st > 2nd > 3rd) EX. [Brush Lance/Rope Knife/Reel Axe] > [Ice Wand/Wide Shot/Flame Wand] > [Grand Fist/Shine Blade/Straight Arrow] Ground BRV Neutrals: 360° Attacks Brush Lance Ground Neutral 1st II Absorb Ice Wand Ground Neutral 2nd II Grand Fist Ground Neutral 3rd II Ground Forward: Cone-shaped Attacks Rope Knife Ground Forward 1st Up+II Wide Shot Ground Forward 2nd Up+II Shine Blade Ground Forward 3rd Up+II Ground Backward: Longe Range Line Attacks Reel Axe Ground Backward 1st Down+II Flame Wand Ground Backward 2nd Down+II Straight Arrow Ground Backward 3rd Down+II Aerial BRV Sword Slash Aerial Neutral II Vertical Dive Aerial Backward Down+II Dash BRV Chain Move Dash+II HP Attacks Lord of Arms C.Lv Acquired: 1 Master of Arms C.Lv Acquired: 2 Ruler of Arms C.Lv Acquired: 5 Revenge of Arms C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character02.html
  16. Warrior of Light

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight BRV Attacks Ground BRV Ascension Ground Neutral II > II > II Sword Thrust Ground Forward Up+II > II Super Armor First Hit Shield of Light > Radiant Blade Ground Backward Down+II > II Block > Attack Cone-shaped Attack More Swords and Shields Next Attack (3 Levels) Aerial BRV Crossover Aerial Neutral II > II Super Armor First Hit Shield Strike Aerial Forward Up+II > II Super Armor Shield of Light > Radiant Blade Aerial Backward Down+II > II Block > Attack Homing Projectile Swords More Swords and Shields Next Attack (3 Levels) Dash BRV Guard Slash Dash+II Block HP Attacks Shining Wave C.Lv Acquired: 1 Bright Saber C.Lv Acquired: 2 End All C.Lv Acquired: 5 Ultimate Shield C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character01.html
  17. Oh, you're right. Have your upvotes.
  18. New character
  19. Kain Highwind

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight TBA HP Attacks Gungnir C.Lv Acquired: 1 Fang and Claw C.Lv Acquired: 2 Vanquish C.Lv Acquired: 5 Avenger C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character18.html
  20. Ace

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight TBA HP Attacks Fire RF C.Lv Acquired: 1 Blizzard BOM C.Lv Acquired: 2 Thunder SHG C.Lv Acquired: 5 Tower Laser C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character19.html
  21. Garland

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight TBA HP Attacks Earthquake C.Lv Acquired: 1 Tsunami C.Lv Acquired: 2 Blaze C.Lv Acquired: 5 Cyclone C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character16.html
  22. Kefka Palazzo

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight TBA HP Attacks Havoc Wing C.Lv Acquired: 1 Hyperdrive C.Lv Acquired: 2 Trine C.Lv Acquired: 5 Forsaken Null C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character17.html
  23. Sephiroth

    Moveset Updated Character Spotlight TBA HP Attacks Scintilla C.Lv Acquired: 1 Heartless Angel C.Lv Acquired: 2 Black Materia C.Lv Acquired: 5 Octaslash C.Lv Acquired: 10 Video Credit: Trueblade Seeker Other Resource: https://www.famitsu.com/matome/dff/character20.html