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  1. Looking for: RWBY mod DLC

    Links are found in this thread And please turn off Norton
  2. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    The other one I made from ST is Istvan for Jecht I have the other characters too but havent made mods for them yet My plans are Gustav for Tidus, Cyril for Shantotto, Ema for Lightning, and Sophie for Laguna. But first I need to update Farel, Fran, etc. so the mod quality would be the same for everyone in the cast I have no plans to make character mods from the second part of the game
  3. does anyone have master chief over laguna model

    Use blender to import the pmd files and export them to a model format of your choice
  4. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Doesnt matter since you can export it as an smd/psk and rig it
  5. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Pls read the readme
  6. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    download notepad++ so that it looks more organized and nope those arent the ones these are the blendbones and blendoffsets, and this is the drawpart delete those until you're left with only the parent bone and translate
  7. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

  8. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    The alternate weapons version uses these while the normal Onion Knight gmo uses the katanas.
  9. SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    Oh just a heads up, Celica's 3ds Warriors model is now available in the models-resource. Edit: nevermind, the Echoes of Valentia model looks better overall Also if you don't mind, would it be okay for me to make a Ryoma and/or Navarre mod in the future? Always wanted to play as those badass Swordmasters.
  10. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    First of all, you need to convert wargreymon's textures to gim After you convert both the fbx and gmo to mds, open both mds in notepad++ in jecht's mds, delete the blendbones, blendoffsets, and drawparts in the Model "_000A" and Model "model-0" part of his mds once you've done that, go to wargreymon's mds and replace the .png extensions to .gim replace the rootnode to root the diffuse, specular, and ambient should be replaced with: Diffuse 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 Specular 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 80.000000 Ambient 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 when you're finished replacing those, go back to Jecht's mds and go to Model "model-0", scroll down til you find the trans_include bone. Copy the trans_include bone and everything above it. then paste it to wargreymon's mds replacing the trans_include bone and above. use gmoconv -to gmo to convert wargreymon's mds to gmo
  11. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    nope first you need to use fbxconv toconvert your mod fbx to mds then use gmoconv to convert jecht's gmo to mds aaaaaaaaand well, this is the trickiest part to explain in modding im not good at explaining stuff so give me a few minutes to relay the steps
  12. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    you need to import the animations into your mod's mds
  13. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Reference and With Vert Weights
  14. Modding request.

    Technically you could but, you need to reduce the polycount below 20k, 10k is ideal, below it is even better also make sure the author's rules allow the import of the model to other media
  15. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    you dont have to assign all the bones btw just the ones you need, the final gmo will handle the hitbox dont worry about not doing the sword, it'll work as an invisible sword just fine

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