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  1. My mod collection

    Mind making up a list for people?
  2. Modding request.

    As Haussen said above, use that command ^ when exporting from Noesis. Once you have everything lined up you're going to want to line the mesh up to the skeleton and scale it as necessary. From there, if you need to, you can select individual parts of a model to scale and position to get a perfect fit. From there you just assign vertices to the corresponding bone. Now since you're new to this I will tell you not to worry about smooth vertex weights until you have the general rigging process down as they only make animations smoother but aren't necessary for a mod.
  3. modding ideas for 012 characters

    Tfw the mods you guys kept were some of the worst I ever made.
  4. MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Well I uh... found out how to make Manikin stuff?
  5. DF DAYS

    I still have Fang, it's one of the mods that I trashed because it wasn't good enough. If I get back into the Dissidia modding scene I'll certainly remake it. ---- Shame a lot of my crappier mods were kept around though, like the Dark Nut over Cloud mod. That was one of the first mods I made for anything, ever, and it's terrible.
  6. Deraj8 Modding Archives

    I love the new look, Deraj.
  7. MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Placeholder 4 ~~
  8. MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Placeholder 3 ~~
  9. MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Placeholder 2 ~~
  10. MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    About time I did this... YouTube | DeviantArt | Twitter ---------- It's something B)

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