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  1. Dissidia Arcade News

    I don't know, I don't think it being 3v3 will hurt its chances an esport. If you look at most of the big esports, they're all team based. People just need to not think of it as strictly a fighting game, because it's becoming something different. Kind of a MOBA/Fighter mix. I think it's a cool dynamic, and MOBAs definitely have more stream viewership than fighting games do currently. They can definitely make it work if they approach the game with esports/competitive balance in mind which they seem to be doing. I think the main thing they need to worry about is spectating the matches. If you're watching a tournament match, you miss a lot of the action if you are restricted to one point of view for the whole match. Watching the national tournament, I definitely would have liked it more if they switched between characters during matches but I could see how that could also get confusing. They'll have to find some way for spectating to still be engaging and enjoyable with the 3v3 setup, because viewership is a big piece of the esports puzzle and making a game last.

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