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  1. LXD92 GMT+1 LXD92 And the time im able to play depends on the raid schedule in FFXIV :p
  2. prepere to be disappointed
  3. Will add Qu Bia accesories too as they are Labyrinth only aka OG only usable inside Labyrinth mode and no were else.
  4. How good is ZeroTier in hosting for say larger groups 4-6 people? :VVV
  5. LXD vs Emden LBR5 m1: Bez vs Bez - top floor > lxd m2: Bez vs Bez - top floor > lxd m3: Bez vs Bez - top floor > lxd winner: lxd 3-0
  6. LXD vs Terra LBR4 m1: Zid vs Light - WoD > LXD m2: Zid vs Light - CW > LXD m3: Zid vs Light - CW > LXD Winner: LXD 3-0
  7. LBR4 LXD vs TJ M1: Golbez vs Tidus - Top Floor - LXD M2: Kain vs Tidus - CW - LXD M3: Cloud vs Bartz - SFB - LXD Winner: LXD 3-0
  8. LXD vs Coppola M1: Bez vs The Emperor - Top Floor - LXD M2: Sep vs Ultimecia - OS - LXD M3: Firion vs Squall - OS - Coppola M4: Zid vs Firion - Lunar - Coppola M5: Seph vs Squall - WoD - Coppola Winner: Coppola
  9. R2 - LXD vs Owlflame M1: Laguna vs Onion Knight - WoD - >> LXD M2: Golbez vs Golbez - Lunar - >> LXD M3: Laguna vs Golbez - Lunar - >> LXD Winner: LXD 3-0
  10. LXD92 LXD92 - Hamachi Police GMT+1
  11. Stages -Paradox stage only --Can Be Discussed. --- Feral Chaos: --No Assist --No Group Jobs Allowed Equipment: -Exclusive Armor Set Allowed Accessories: -All CP boosting Accessories -Eternal Discord Most be Equipped Abilitys: -Free Air Dash -Null BRV Drain -Null No EX Gain Banned Abilitys: -No Air/Ground Block (R Button) -No AD, RFAD, OAD/+, GD, RGD, OGD/+ -No EXP to HP/BRV/AST/EX --- 5 man party --Assist Allowed --No Group Jobs Allowed Equipment: -Any armor set with no depletion on it Allowed Accessories: -No Accessories Allowed Banned Abilitys: -No EXP to HP/BRV/AST/EX mashup so far.
  12. Still in the tryouts and development of what I want to try, will post it when im done but for now I just wanna see if there is any interest in any way for this. I can already say VD and BF will be allowed but Feral will get restricted on his abilitys gear etc, this will also be the case for the 5man party.
  13. Thinking on making this event but need to see the interest and which people would want to participate, remember that we need 6 people in the same group battle and with DDFF online be how it is some problems can occur so I wanna test things out someday, probably this week to see if it would work. Would be really fun to get this to work tho :P Feral Chaos vs Dissidiaforums Would be fun to do something like this, i did host 1v5 boss battles but it died as i didnt have time. Post if your intrested and remember: EU only for a first.
  14. Time: 7PM GMT +0 Info: http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread.php?17565-Final-Dissidia-Fantasy-(of-DF)-(FDFDF)
  15. Welcome to my [Youtube's] replay thread here on Dissidia Community. I have played Dissidia since 2009 and have mostly dissidia related videos and clips on my channel. I also stream Dissidia matches online with the community. 08/15-2016 08/06-2016 From the community youtube channel 08/05-2016 Zidane with Jecht assist, combo #1 Zidane with Jecht assist, combo #2