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  1. hummed? more like brainwashing from early stage dude
  2. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    lxd vs coppola m1 lxd (zid) vs coppola (squall) - WoD > lxd m2 lxd (seph) vs coppola (squall) - WoD and dissidence ruleset > coppola m3 lxd (zid) vs coppola (firion) - lunar > lxd 2-1 > lxd
  3. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    lxd vs emden m1 lxd (zid) vs emden (exdeath) - paradox > lxd m2 lxd (zid) vs emden (exdeath) - paradox > emden m3 lxd (zid) vs emden (exdeath) - lunar > emden 2-1 - emden
  4. Dissidia Arcade News

    R.I.P in pepperoni Pimp Slap
  5. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    r1 - lxd vs raz m1 zid vs ulti - OS > lxd m2 bez vs emp - Top > lxd 2-0 > lxd
  6. Rise and Fall: RR Phase

  7. Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    LXD92 LXD92 GMT+1 Well fuck.
  8. Dissidia Arcade News

    It have never been able to block HPs, it was an translation error.
  9. Quick Notes: Aerith assist TBA Meo > HP > HP > HP > Meo > HP -- More damage Meo > HP > HP + WR > HP > Meo HP -- More depletation less damage --- Ceiling Combo --- Can deal more damage then normal Aerith combo with specific build - 400~ more HP damage Just so i dont forget it :p
  10. Cycle 003: Bottom Tier (EU)

    m1 terra (lxd) vs Laguna (slay) - WoD > lxd m2 terra (lxd) vs laguna (slay) - Top > lxd m3 terra (lxd) vs laguna (slay) - Top > lxd winner > lxd 3-0
  11. Cycle 003: Bottom Tier (EU) signups

    LXD92 GMT+1 LXD92 And the time im able to play depends on the raid schedule in FFXIV :p
  12. prepere to be disappointed
  13. Will add Qu Bia accesories too as they are Labyrinth only aka OG only usable inside Labyrinth mode and no were else.
  14. How to Substitute Hamachi

    How good is ZeroTier in hosting for say larger groups 4-6 people? :VVV

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