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  1. Mods with an mac book??

    Im thinking of getting a laptop possibly if i go to school or for whatever reason i feel it may be good just to have one. Anywho im thinking of getting a mac book because of the whole no virus thing. Can you make mod imports on a mac/apple laptop? Also if anyone will happen to know, can you play game systems emulators like n64 and such on a mac book as well?
  2. MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Hey midnightxs. I wanted to ask if you are still gonna do the rest of the bayonetta mods? Also if the partially made one will be more complete? (I apologize if that question was rude or annoying ,im just curious is all).
  3. Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Awesome , i cant wait.
  4. Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Hey deraj8 . I wanted to ask if you still will be releasing the bayonetta mod? Will you also be doing the bayonetta 2 costume mod as well?

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