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  1. agl89's stuff

    @agl89oh and i gotta thank you for all your good work dude,i wish you a lot of good luck,you won a fan.
  2. agl89's stuff

    @agl89i think,mobius wol could be a mod for tidus,squall,cloud,garland,lightning and zidane because of the costumes that he use of their respective job cx and for the FFI Wol mod you could use the knight costume or the warrior costume,i think it could even be one for kain,using the dragoon outfit.
  3. agl89's stuff

    Hi everyone,i just wanted to know if anybody are working or finished,some Mobius WoL custom dlc for dissidia,it would be great for cloud and squall,because they have some kind the same personalitie c:

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