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  1. Poiman64 and Poiman64 A tournament on my favorite stage? You shouldn't have, HYNE.
  2. Poiman64 Timezone: GMT -7:00 Let's hope I can do better this time, huh?
  3. Poiman64 Timezone: GMT -7:00 (PST)
  4. The arcade characters have less options on their own, since in a match they're only allowed one HP attack, but I'd like to point out: 3 characters. The amount of combo potential that this opens up is astonishing, really, and if the characters had access to the options that they did in 012, it would utterly break the game and not in a good way as there would be so much stuff on screen (even more than there already is) that even the most experienced veteran would have a ton of problems keeping track of the action. At least, that's my explanation for it. Probably one of the more experienced players could give a better reason.
  5. Heh. Here I am, a peruser of the forums. None of you know me, really, because I technically joined the forums in about 2014 but did nothing on them. I only started playing Dissidia in about 2013, and when I found out about the competitive scene, I was hooked. The problem I have is... I just suck at the game. That and my reflexes are way slower than they should be. Dissidia's one of my favorite games to just sit down and play occasionally, and I absolutely love watching the competitive scene. Every match-up is a joy to watch for me. Though, seriously, we need more CoD. I know she's the worst character in the game, but she's so much fun... Joking aside, it's nice to see so many people who play and enjoy this game. And here I am, a Cecil Harvey main. And I know the mechanics that make him passable in competitive play. Doesn't mean I can put it into practice. So if anything, if I had some practice with it, I would totally be a commentator. Not that I've ever really seen one... Also, did I get too rambly? It happens occasionally.