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  1. Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord Name: Slaycrol IG Name: Slaycrol Timezone: GMT+2
  2. Cycle 003: Bottom Tier (EU)

    Loser bracket, Round 2 - JoyRaines vs Slaycrol M1 Laguna (Slay) vs Terra (Joy) - Order's Sanctuary - JoyRaines M2 Laguna (Slay) vs Terra (Joy) - Order's Sanctuary - JoyRaines M3 Laguna (Slay) vs Cecil (Joy) - Top Floor - JoyRaines JoyRaines 3-0 Slaycrol
  3. Cycle 003: Bottom Tier (EU)

    Round 1, Slaycrol vs WiiFitJayner M1 Laguna (Slay) vs CoD (Jayner) - Top Floor> Jayner M2 Laguna (Slay) vs CoD (Jayner) - Top Floor > Slay M3 Laguna (Slay) vs CoD (Jayner) - WoD > Slay M4 Laguna (Slay) vs CoD (Jayner) - OS > Jayner M5 Laguna (Slay) vs CoD (Jayner) - Top Floor >Slay Winner > Slaycrol 3-2
  4. Cycle 003: Bottom Tier (EU) signups

    Sign me up dude ^^ Discord/Ingame Name: Slaycrol Timezone: UTC +2

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