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  1. Season 1 Ladders results

    Please take note that Cherub is a stand-in for Hexacoto.
  2. Dissidia NT Season 1 sign ups

    Team Name: Septima Caelum Team Members: WiiFitJayner, Hexacoto, Damien Time Zones: WiiFitJayner GMT 0 Hexacoto & Damien GMT -5
  3. Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    LB R2 M1: WiiFitJayner(Lightning) vs Kebbles(Firion) -Orders Sanctuary. Winner: WiiFitJayner M2: WiiFitJayner(Lightning) vs Kebbles(Golbez) -Empyreal Paradox. Winner: Kebbles M3: WiiFitJayner(Tifa) vs Kebbles(Squall) -Pandemonium Top Floor. Winner: WiiFitJayner Overall winner: WiiFitJayner 2-1
  4. Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord Name: GA | WiiFitJayner IG Name: WiiFitJayner Timezone gmt 0
  5. Cycle 003: Bottom Tier (EU) signups

    Let me get up in here: Discord & In-Game: WiiFitJayner GMT 0
  6. Niflheim - Sign Ups (Custom Ruleset Tournament)

    Name: WiiFitJayner Timezone: GMT 0

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