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  1. Does the sky fluctuate in the Key Blade Graveyard with the Will's Cage?
  2. A full view of Materia(that name, ugh) would be cool. The Final Fantasy Wiki refers to her as a "goddess of machinery". Spiritus reminds me of a Terranort incarnation.
  3. That could really use some localization polish. "Dissidia: Final Fantasy New Tale" The mouthful as usual.
  4. Oh, thats a fun quirk they added to make you smile. We can also assume canonically that Moogles run the theater.
  5. Oooh pretty, it was so cool UNTIL they showed that god awful HUD. Then it was cool again when the HUD dropped.
  6. What attacks or mechanics do you desire to be preserved in the in the arcade version? For Light: Thunder & Watera must maintain themselves, I need my Poko & Bob (though I think a video showed Thunder being like Lickidy-Split Thundaga). For Prishe: Custom brave options with ridiculous combinations please. And some more taco references like a Spicy Fire-Breath attack. For Exdeath: This guy still needs to be able to block everything. For Gabranth: I demand this guy say even more ruthless stuff, "You miserable wrench" must be topped. I haven`t watched the Arcade videos lately, so I might be behind on some facts. I haven`t played XI either, so I`m unfamiliar with Prishe's affinity of tacos.
  7. For the recent activity tab, I liked it when the latest post is displayed with the little preview. .
  8. I was creating a ghost card for some Tome grinding the other day & was curious to how the game defines rank. All my characters are 'SSS' 'cept for Empy,Kefka & Prishe. It probably involves play time & win rate, but does other factors like opponent difficulty or HP damage per fight factor?
  9. Ultimecia got sick from eating Void Cake. I`m surprised Yuna is so low.
  10. One Lurker, signing in. I've resided in a dark corner, playing all by myself...spent 2400 hours in it. Ubuntu + limited technical ablility = forever alone. But I sometimes hand my old PSP to my friends & fight them with my Vita.