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  1. JoyRaines Timezone : GMT +2 (summer time)
  2. Round 2 (Loser's Bracket)Match 1: JoyRaines (The Emperor) vs. Vince (Squall) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - JoyRainesMatch 2: JoyRaines (Kuja) vs. Vince (WoL) - Top Floor - JoyRaines Winner ~ JoyRaines (2-0) against Vince
  3. Round #1Match 1: JoyRaines (Kuja) vs. Most (Garland) - Lunar Subterrane - JoyRainesMatch 2: JoyRaines (Zidane) vs. Most (Ultimecia) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - JoyRaines Winner ~ JoyRaines (2-0) against Most
  4. Well I can't agree more to the fact that the game alone should have been enough to fill the holes if I may say. I would be curious to know what they had in mind by releasing parts of the story through the movie along with the anime. I find the idea nice (as I watched the movie at first, then played the game and watched the anime), but as you said not all people are willing to check the other sources or are aware of that so yeah you're right. Just knowing that the game is still unfinished and that new contents release regularly make me happy because there is so much more to discover and to explore.
  5. I agree with the fact that there's little information about the plot as a whole, even watching the movie isn't enough to have all the pieces of the puzzle assembled. The game in itself is great, nothing to complain about on that part. I hope that the DLCs they add throughout the months will somehow answer our questions in the future. I'm counting on them, no doubt. And if DLCs are here I think it's probably because this project cost so much money that some of them are not free for this reason perhaps, but I know that other ones are free. Take a look at this, it looks promising as far as content goes :
  6. Alright, I'm looking forward to it ^_^
  7. So Bombard is actually melee high instead of melee mid, that's why Lucky could stagger Exdeath's RP and make a combo with TC, nice ! P.S. : And very good fight in the second video =)
  8. There is a lot to discuss of, let me quote the most interesting analyzes you've made. That's one major detail I needed to be able to handle this MU, as long as I don't have serious lag which could eat my imputs while trying to nullify Maelstrom. I could only have one Exdeath-Emperor match (in a tournament) and I had no idea on how to threaten Exdeath until now. I like the idea of stopping air Maelstrom with Dreary Cell, (we both know why) so I'll keep that in mind. For large stages I always use Tidus because I can punish everything if I know exactly when I can punish my opponent, he is a match for Yuna when I play on mid-large/large stages. If the Kefka player equip FAD instead of RFAD, but I'll not take the risk of avoiding Trine during Starall's movement, instead I cancel Starfall and try to ast punish his Trine if I have an assist bar. I have my idea on how to raise my chances to beat Ultimecia as The Emperor. In tournaments I would for sure avoid that MU but I would gladly test this in casuals since I couldn't put it into practice just yet. Good idea, but in that case I should hope that my opponent misses his chance to punish my DC. Experienced players always succeed at assist punishing my Dreary Cells that's why I always must have the assist lead and be free to land any traps I want to set. Anyways the idea of using DC first following by Flare raise my chances of not getting punished, the hard part being that of to trick my opponent into thinking that I will use DC at "X" moment so either he may waste an assist by trying to read my moves or he may not guess what my next move will be and keep his assist for later. Thank you for providing additional infomation on this guide, it's always interesting to see different approaches regarding gameplay.
  9. The massive damage you deal with Landmine thanks to Jecht + the wall factor is insane ! The only big disadvantage is that there will not be many occasions where you can trap your opponent beside a 2-corner wall or beside a 2-corner edge of a stage. I will nonetheless add him in the assist choice list for The Emperor for those who are interested in extended combos. Unfortunately I cannot take a look at Lucky's posts since the forum seems to be sent to the void now. The only solution is to wait for his return (If he ever returns). RIP DissidiaForums
  10. Ok I understand now how useful it can be and it will definitely help me in certain match ups. Thanks for the specific informations.
  11. So you use jump boosts with Kuja, interesting. I wonder how you manage to take advantage with this since I never used it with him. Do you expect to bait blocks from your opponent by using jumps? If it's necessary to have it for his bad match ups then I would equip it as well.
  12. Thanks for the compliment and thank you for providing info on Kefka assist's pros and cons. I will take a look on DF posts about Kuja and see if I can add more things or not.
  13. I don't agree with your opinions, although legit at some point. You talk about mixups with Seraphic Star. It is interesting however you can dodge Seraphic Star on reaction and players who knows Kuja's moves and once see that you made a Snatch Blow attempt they will expect it next time and block it on reaction. And since it is easy to block it Kuja will be at a disadvantage since he can be punished by a HP attack if Snatch Blow is blocked. So in the end it is wiser to use Snatch Shot because it has a magical property and therefore you cannot be staggered if it is blocked or reflected. It is safer to use it instead of Snatch Blow and you can still punish a bad dodge from your opponent with it. Everyone can dash through Snatch Shot since it's a low magical bravery attack however the risk of being punished by using Snatch Blow over Shot is higher. As a consequence one should always use Snatch Shot against melees.
  14. Hi, this guide is for those who are interested in the competitive scene of DDFF so I will focus on PvP (Player vs Player) builds and specific match ups. Content : Brief explanation on how Kuja works Assists Set A : EX Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Set B : EX Core build Set C : Assist Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Set D : Bravery Boost on Dodge build Match Ups & Tips I - The Graceful Glider Kuja has different ways to trigger his bravery attacks' follow-ups depending on how distant you and your opponent are. This means that you can use the directional buttons (up and down) to decide which follow-up you want to do. For example if you are using Strike Energy and want to use the melee follow-up first press the directional button (up) and press "O" just after while pressing "up". If on the contrary you want the range follow-up press down and press "O" just after while pressing "down". This pattern works for several of his attacks as Snatch Shot, Snatch Blow and Burst Energy. As for his glide abilities remember that if you decide to use them you will not be able to perform Descent Speed Boost even if you equip it. But I will talk about match ups about whether you have to equip any glide abilities or not in the "Match Ups" part. II - Assists - Sephiroth : He's very reliable, you can use him in small stages as in larger ones because you will always get a chase option from him, be it from a ground bravery attack or from an aerial one. - Aerith : If you prefer to gain EX Force easily then she is your best choice and she cannot be locked by an assist change Lv1 or 2 when she performs an attack with one assist bar so it's a safe option as well as an efficient way to gain EX Force. - Zidane : Wall rushes are usually guaranteed if you use him in small stages however it is not always the case in larger ones so in the end it depends on your playstyle. He's a reliable assist if used correctly and you can trick opponents with his Lv2 assist HP in midair for punishes. - Kefka : I personally didn't try this assist but the comboes you can do with him are very interesting (props to Mericus for that). Look for "ShadowFlareSpam" YouTube channel to see how this assist can work with Kuja. III - Set A : EX Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Use the CP glitch to be able to equip Lufenian Dirk and Lufenian Vest (see this thread to know how to Seal of Lufenia set effect : EX Depletion +5% This set can help you against fast EX-builders characters and provides you decent damage with Lufenian Dirk which gives you +1 ATK. Battle Hammer is mandatory for Assist Depletion with a few boosters for decent depletion. Your goal as a player is to make sure your opponent doesn't have any assist available so you can pressure him and keep that advantage throughout the match if possible. It is a hybrid build which merges damage and EX Force so if you prefer to run a better EX build replace Hyper RIng and Earring with Glutton and White Gem for example (that is if you want to keep depletion as well). Pros : Decent Assist Depletion Good EX Depletion Good EX Force generated Good bravery damage Con : Low bravery base IV - Set B : EX Core build Use the CP glitch as mentioned above (III) for the appropriate equipment. Soul of Yamato set effect : LUK+3 / Regen+20% / HP to BRV (you gain BRV if your HP is full) / EX Core Appearance Boost This can cause Exdeath players a lot of trouble because the character has a very slow dash speed so you would normally always have the advantage at gathering EX Cores. You can enter in EX Mode several times during a fight with that build but use your EX Mode wisely as you are not in safety if you have not a full EX bar. As you can see this set has no EX Depletion nor Assist Depletion since Exdeath's probability of having a full EX bar is low if you manage to do your job and on top of that he doesn't care about Assist Depletion for he can simply build assist meter safely and whenever he wants. You can also run this build against any campy-style players who don't necessarily use Exdeath but it is pretty risky against other characters since you do not have any depletion. Pros : Excellent EX Core absorption Very good EX Core appearance boost Cons : No EX Depletion No Assist Depletion V - Set C : Assist Depletion, Damage, EX Force build Use the CP glitch as mentioned above (III) for the appropriate equipment. Judgement of Lufenia set effect : Assist Depletion +15% If you think your opponent run a Side By Side build with a specific character then use this build to force him to be on the defensive if you happen to confirm any HP attack because he can end a match quickly because of that build at the cost of gaining no EX whatsoever. Dismay Shock is here in case your opponent does not have Side By Side so you can still decrease your enemy's EX bar to prevent any EX Mode/Revenge. It is mandatory to have it because our community's meta game is highly focused on Depletion (both EX and Assist). Pros : Good Assist Depletion Good EX Force generated Con : Lower EX Depletion VI - Set D : Bravery Boost on Dodge build Use the CP glitch as mentioned above (III) for the appropriate equipment. Adamant Chains set effect : BRV Boost on Dodge +8% / Slight Midair Evasion Boost effect It is recommended to use it with Midair Evasion Boost, Evasion Boost and Precision Evasion against fast characters as Onion Knight, Zidane, Squall and Prishe. Simply because you need to have a high evasion boost to be able to keep up with their fast bravery attacks so as a result you increase your movement distance as well as your invincibility duration and thus slightly lower your chances of being hit. Be careful : you will probably not see much difference but this may save you from dodge punishes from your opponent and this can be crucial in a match. Pros : High Evasion Boost Bravery Boost on Dodge + 10% in total Very good EX Force generated thanks to Aerith assist, TA and Glutton Cons : Low EX Depletion Low Assist Depletion VII - Match Ups & Tips 1. I recommend you to use Snatch Shot and not equip Snatch Blow with it against most melee characters because they can easily block Snatch Blow on reaction. However I recommend you to use Snatch Blow against the following mage characters : - Ultimecia : It can pass through her Charged Lance if she doesn't release it when Snatch Blow is about to hit her otherwise you will get staggered. - The Emperor : It bypasses all of his traps so this makes the match up entirely in Kuja's favor. 2. Use your glide abilities against the following characters : - Firion : In order to avoid Straightarrow, it's crucial against spammers. - Kain : Always keep some distance by floating around to avoid his Jumps and thus negate his pressure game. - Golbez : Stay in midair and try to lure him in aerial combat which is his weakness. However beware of his Glare Hand ; it's a fast ground bravery attack and has a decent range so be as high as possible. 3. Burst Energy is useful against nearly all characters (if not all) because it's a fast bravery attack so you can build assist safely. Besides you avoid the risk of being block punished for it is a magical attack. It has a short range so always keep an eye on the distance between you and your opponent. 4. Strike Energy should always be used in any match up, it works a bit like Burst Energy except that it can be blocked. However it is Kuja's most efficient bravery attack when it comes to punish enemies. On top of that it deals the best damage comparing to his other moves. 5. Flare Star is a must if you have to retaliate after a successful block on your part or if you expect a block from your opponent. You can also use it after using one of the assists as mentioned in the beginning of this guide. 6. Ultima can punish bad dodges from your enemy if you have analyzed his fighting pattern but it isn't mandatory as Flare Star. It depends on which attack you prefer to use. However I'd recommend it against ground campy characters such as Golbez or Firion for instance. 7. Seraphic Star can be used in any stage so if you have a good approach with it go ahead since it's a good punishing move as long as you take its range into account. 8. Force Symphony can put a lot of pressure vs Golbez if he's on the ground. Hence it's a good tactic if you want to lure him in aerial combat. Use it also against Exdeath just because it's a "one-hit HP move" meaning that it deals directly HP damage instead of a few bravery blows before the HP damage is dealt. As a result, it will be very hard for Exdeath to "Omniblock" it. 9. Here is a short list of what you should equip in your Extra Abilities : - Precision Evasion - Counterattack - Sneak Attack - Riposte - Disable Sneak Attack (your opponent cannot use his SA critical bonus against you) - EXP to Assist / HP 10. You don't need to equip any ground abilities with Kuja as you will always fight in midair. It can save you a lot of CPs. Alright this concludes my guide on Kuja. Feel free to adapt these builds to your liking depending on your match up approaches and I hope I could enlighten you somehow.