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  1. Losers Round 2 Akuda vs JoyRaines Match 1 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - JoyRaines (0-1) Match 2 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - JoyRaines (0-2) Match 3 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - JoyRaines (0-3) Match 4 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - Akuda (1-3) Match 5 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - Akuda (2-3) Match 6 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - Akuda (3-3) Match 7 : Akuda (Cloud) vs JoyRaines (Sephiroth) - JoyRaines (3-4) Losers Round 3 Djqubi vs JoyRaines Match 1 : Djqubi (Bartz) vs JoyRaines (Squall) - JoyRaines (0-1) Match 2 : Djqubi (Bartz) vs JoyRaines (Squall) - JoyRaines (0-2) Match 3 : Djqubi (Bartz) vs JoyRaines (Squall) - JoyRaines (0-3) Match 4 : Djqubi (Jecht) vs JoyRaines (Squall) - Djqubi (1-3) Match 5 : Djqubi (Firion) vs JoyRaines (Squall) - Djqubi (2-3) Match 6 : Djqubi (Firion) vs JoyRaines (Squall) - JoyRaines (2-4)
  2. Discord name : JoyRaines | Pride IG name : JoyRaines
  3. Irae you are totally right about the weak number of participants in the last major and as you said the different themes are made so that it would be unlikely to have the same winner in several of these tournaments. However even if I think there are not many active people around here, the community should be big enough to welcome more participants. Let us not forget that we managed to get 33 participants in Genesis (I know it is not that many but still), and we do not know how many more players we can gather because we are obviously more than that. There are some people who are just waiting for Arcade to come out, and others who do not play for other reasons, but maybe there will be more people who will show up if they are aware of this kind of event. Let us also not forget that seasons matter too since we are in the month of may. It means that students have probably finished their exams (there are not only students in our community, I am aware of this) and thus can have some free time (let us hope so). HYNE I think your idea would interest many people in the community, so I think you should let everyone know about this in Discord today in order to have a quick feedback and have a general idea of the potential number of participants. The earlier it is done, the better. As for the fifth tournament I would go for DC Ranked. It is always good to test something new and also... overdose of Official ruleset
  4. I am most interested in Low Tiers only and Off.Skill themes. Since you are thinking of a way to do signups, then it would be logic for the players to participate in only one of the first four tournaments since the goal of the last one is to pick four winners from the previous tournaments. So it implies that these four winners are all different players. For instance if someone participates in several tournaments and wins at least two of them then there can't be four winners who can compete for the fifth tournament. However the issue would be the lack of participants if this logic is applied since it's region only. And there are not many EU players, few AS players as well, and so on. Only NA players might not have this issue.
  5. JoyRaines Timezone : GMT +2 (summer time)
  6. Round 2 (Loser's Bracket)Match 1: JoyRaines (The Emperor) vs. Vince (Squall) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - JoyRainesMatch 2: JoyRaines (Kuja) vs. Vince (WoL) - Top Floor - JoyRaines Winner ~ JoyRaines (2-0) against Vince
  7. Round #1Match 1: JoyRaines (Kuja) vs. Most (Garland) - Lunar Subterrane - JoyRainesMatch 2: JoyRaines (Zidane) vs. Most (Ultimecia) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - JoyRaines Winner ~ JoyRaines (2-0) against Most
  8. Well I can't agree more to the fact that the game alone should have been enough to fill the holes if I may say. I would be curious to know what they had in mind by releasing parts of the story through the movie along with the anime. I find the idea nice (as I watched the movie at first, then played the game and watched the anime), but as you said not all people are willing to check the other sources or are aware of that so yeah you're right. Just knowing that the game is still unfinished and that new contents release regularly make me happy because there is so much more to discover and to explore.
  9. I agree with the fact that there's little information about the plot as a whole, even watching the movie isn't enough to have all the pieces of the puzzle assembled. The game in itself is great, nothing to complain about on that part. I hope that the DLCs they add throughout the months will somehow answer our questions in the future. I'm counting on them, no doubt. And if DLCs are here I think it's probably because this project cost so much money that some of them are not free for this reason perhaps, but I know that other ones are free. Take a look at this, it looks promising as far as content goes :
  10. Alright, I'm looking forward to it ^_^
  11. So Bombard is actually melee high instead of melee mid, that's why Lucky could stagger Exdeath's RP and make a combo with TC, nice ! P.S. : And very good fight in the second video =)
  12. There is a lot to discuss of, let me quote the most interesting analyzes you've made. That's one major detail I needed to be able to handle this MU, as long as I don't have serious lag which could eat my imputs while trying to nullify Maelstrom. I could only have one Exdeath-Emperor match (in a tournament) and I had no idea on how to threaten Exdeath until now. I like the idea of stopping air Maelstrom with Dreary Cell, (we both know why) so I'll keep that in mind. For large stages I always use Tidus because I can punish everything if I know exactly when I can punish my opponent, he is a match for Yuna when I play on mid-large/large stages. If the Kefka player equip FAD instead of RFAD, but I'll not take the risk of avoiding Trine during Starall's movement, instead I cancel Starfall and try to ast punish his Trine if I have an assist bar. I have my idea on how to raise my chances to beat Ultimecia as The Emperor. In tournaments I would for sure avoid that MU but I would gladly test this in casuals since I couldn't put it into practice just yet. Good idea, but in that case I should hope that my opponent misses his chance to punish my DC. Experienced players always succeed at assist punishing my Dreary Cells that's why I always must have the assist lead and be free to land any traps I want to set. Anyways the idea of using DC first following by Flare raise my chances of not getting punished, the hard part being that of to trick my opponent into thinking that I will use DC at "X" moment so either he may waste an assist by trying to read my moves or he may not guess what my next move will be and keep his assist for later. Thank you for providing additional infomation on this guide, it's always interesting to see different approaches regarding gameplay.
  13. The massive damage you deal with Landmine thanks to Jecht + the wall factor is insane ! The only big disadvantage is that there will not be many occasions where you can trap your opponent beside a 2-corner wall or beside a 2-corner edge of a stage. I will nonetheless add him in the assist choice list for The Emperor for those who are interested in extended combos. Unfortunately I cannot take a look at Lucky's posts since the forum seems to be sent to the void now. The only solution is to wait for his return (If he ever returns). RIP DissidiaForums
  14. Ok I understand now how useful it can be and it will definitely help me in certain match ups. Thanks for the specific informations.