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  1. Firion has a major advantage over Exdeath, because, as Coppala was saying, it's much easier to time Straightarrow against an Omni-blocking Exdeath than it is for an Exdeath player to time and block Straightarrow. Firion beats out Lightning too in most cases if he keeps calm, and has Concentration equipped so Lightning can't just run away and use Cure all day. I'm not sure about Firion vs Prishe, I'd have to test it more, but Prishe is fast and nimble, so she can easily avoid anything Firion can throw at her, and she outdamages him. Not to mention her fall speed makes Straightarrow pretty hard to land. I could see it potentially being a 6-4 Firion or 6-4 Prishe depending on stages, and how each player approaches the matchup.