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  1. Starting a thread to compile and post the most recent news about Dissidia Arcade. Let me start with the most recent one New Character! Small note- I will keep this post up to date with the latest Character-Summon-Stage-CostumeShowOff (Priority) video
  2. His ex skill has such a long duration. Probably the most dangerous ex skill in the game this far simply because in case it hits, you are most likely gonna get hit by an HP attack after. Good shit. Thunder traveling distance is dope. I think it would have been nicer if Flare (Air) would be stationary and the design wold be closer to Duodecim (simply because they looked nicer). I liked most of his attacks! Definitely looking good there, some parts weaker than others but thats life.
  3. Just saying but I called it. DJVD did too. :v Other than that, H O T S H I T. damn he looks so good.
  4. I bet the same for the very same reason. inb4itsPrishe
  5. final fantasy record keeper

    I might as well just listen to you. It's kinda har tbh since this relic draw has increased chances for Edea relics which I really want but urgh. Just gonna end up with a single relic anyway and then it's gonna be some sword or so urgh.
  6. final fantasy record keeper

    So I did the relic draw with increased chances for edea and quistis relics aaaaaand I got just one god damn 5* just a single one. Selphie weapon, forgot the name but restores large amount of hp to the group and lets them evade 1 magic attack. I was in need of a healer and especially a group heal so this definitely comes in handy.....But I dont have Selphie and I have no Soul of a hero left lmao. But hey, #soon. So it's definitely something useful. I should really get on to getting those passive abilities that djvd listed a few posts ago to increase soul gauge build. I guess that way I can pretty much overpower the whole classic game once I can constantly push out -SBs though i must say I am quite...QUITE salty about this draw. Just one 5 star for 50 mythril. That's disappointing :(
  7. final fantasy record keeper

    So did the 11relic draw for 25 mythril. Got Red scorpion whip (quistis) and quistis dress (funnily enough my Paladin Cecil is now wearing quistis dress kek). I have the feeeeelin this game wants me to play quistis. Just a hunch.
  8. final fantasy record keeper

    I did 1 25xmythril draw already once. So as of right now, kind of short on them. But I will keep that in mind, just gonna save up mythril until relic draws come along suited for my characters.
  9. Edited op with a new stage video. It's Pandaemonium!
  10. final fantasy record keeper

    Most of my characters are indeed below 20 as of right now but my Shantotto is at 41. So I doubt I'll have big problems with it. Also gonna level up as I naturally advance in the game.
  11. final fantasy record keeper

    Oh gosh, thanks a lot DJVD! I looked up some of the characters I want but the recruitment method doesn't really tell me anything. I know where to get Shantotto from and I am working on that. But where do I get Edea and Kefka from?
  12. final fantasy record keeper

    So I just recently started with this game and I'm liking it so far. I was just wondering a few things. So I get a stat boost if a hero from a certain world is used in a corresponding world. How is the stat boost in end game? noticeable? or ignorable? seems quite good in early game. Also I want Shantotto :O
  13. I stand by my point still. I do think this game would make it bigger with a 1vs1 rather than without one. Be it simply to attract a wider audience with the additional mode. But in the end, the future holds our answers. I'll be happy if you turn out to be right since I just simply wish for this game to be a blast. The possibility is always there. It's safer to assume that the characters from the previous game will make it in first. While we did get new characters, those were from titles that had no representative whatsoever. The possibility that she'll make it in -early- still stands. I just think it's not likely that we'll see her any time soon. But seeing how popular Rydia is, I don't doubt that she'll be included as a character in the future.
  14. I never said that 3vs3 would hurt the chances at esport. I said the lack of 1vs1 would. I can't see this game as a MOBA tbh. Team games that seem to be the most popular are games like LoL or Starcraft and they differ VASTLY in gameplay and design from arcade. This game resembles more ..... Urgh I forgot the name. Maybe something gundam? Where you fight in a team against other people. In mechas.... Anyway, that seems to be more in line with Arcade. I am also somewhat reminded of Super Smash bros when looking at arcade. The team mecha game didn't make it big. 1vs1 in super smash bros made it big. Team in super smash bros doesn't have much presence compared to solo either. The lack of 1vs1 will severely hurt this games longevity in esports.
  15. It's nice to have it confirmed though I guess. I hope for some Dissidia exclusive stages with the upcoming story, that'd be cool. And yes, I know it won't happen but I heavily hope for Orders sanctuary to still happen :( Reading the article and I found something to be rather interesting. The devs hope for this game to become esports, which honestly would be a dream. I know I will invest alot of time in this game and try to play it on a highly competitive level. Can you imagine...."AMAZON VOUCHERSSPONSORS"???? However at the same time I have doubts of the overall balance and competitiveness of this game. Yea it's not out yet, yea I have not played it yet. But that doesn't mean I don't see what is going. I can imagine this game becoming something esports but I don't see it's longevity. I could imagine it surviving much longer with a 1vs1 mode than I see it surviving without one. But then again this 1vs1 mode would either need complete rebalances and alot of attention or it will have the balances from 3vs3 mode and be terrible. Yet I fear SE won't go through such lengths. tldr; I don't think this game will make it big with just 3vs3. Maybe one year. If it's lucky maybe even two.
  16. anyone streaming this event?
  17. New Character video. Kuja joins the roster. Video edited into OP. This is the first time where I thought, damn this character could actually be broken. Kuja will get tweaked alot simply because of all the speed and range he has and the chances to wallrush. It's pretty crazy imo. Unsure what his ex skill does, I see some strange aura around Kuja but the aura also seems to appear on party members(buff?) Kuja seems to enter Trance once he uses the ex skill. I assume it's a stackable buff that increases X-stat. The stat boost is only temporarily while the "trance stack" is constant. So if you have 3 trance stacks you actually enter trance and can keep it up with continued use of the ex skill. It also buffs party members apparently. (all assumptions)
  18. Apparently you could explore the whole area but it was cut content in the end. Maybe after a few big patches this game will become worth more praise than disappointment.
  19. This is something I shortly want to touch upon. The fact that the movie contains critical information, not the narrative of the game. The purpose of a movie or a game is to stand on it's own. And as it is, FFXV fails at this. For people who have not watched the movie, this game becomes so MUCH more unfinished. And they should not have to watch a movie, to fully understand this game. That is one of the purposes when creating movies and games. Because there are people who don't want to look at the outsource just to understand what is going on or who someone is. This is a critical standpoint in any movie or game. That it is able to stand on its own. And without the movie or the anime.... Well you miss out alot and I can just say, another wrong decision made by SE. There was a dubious source that said how much content was cut in the end. Upon hearing this, unsure if this source is official or just a poser, I got angry. This game is a skelleton and the flesh is missing. EDIT: Credit where credit is due. It's a beautiful skelleton.
  20. New video of a stage has been edited into the OP. Nothing too fancy imo. In the end I am just interested in flat neutral stages I guess.
  21. My curiousity overcomes me, please do. And one last complain about this game. I saw the content that the DLC includes. Gladio episode (meh, probably doesn't include crucial information) however, Ignis and Prompto episode probably contain CRUCIAL information. Information that should have been given us from the main game because it probably is JUST THAT FUCKING AHSKQVHXVDJA IMPORTANT I CAN NOT EVEN WORD HOW ANGRY I AM AT THIS. The icing on the cake is that it also contains MULTIPLAYER. Yes, you have to buy a DLC to be able to play multiplayer. Outrageous. Now you have to buy the DLC AND PSN+ to be able to play with your friends. Remember when that used to be free of costs? Now it's in total 38€. I paid 70€ for FFXV. How ridiculous!!! This is a whole new level of ridiculous.
  22. Hyne, you're probably the one person I know who looked the most for this. I want to know how you feel about the game, in detail.
  23. Review part 2- After a little good nights rest, let me add to my previous post. Cons- -Attires. There are 4 attires you get when starting the game. These attires also have different attributes. One of them raises attack. The other one prevents poison. Generally a somewhat nice Idea even though it strips you from wearing what you want if you want to be optimal. Why it's bad? Because it's always these 4 attires. Once you end the game you get 2 more attires with trashy effects. THIS was my only hope, I thought this was my ticket to avoid the Edgelord feeling. Alas it wasn't. No additional attires whatsoever. Here I thought we get a lot of stuff to wear, much like in FFXIII LR. -The continent of Lucis. Consisting of leiden, duscae and cleigne. Such a big place, almost no cities. In fact, there is just 1 city you will visit there. Such a big place with only roads roads roads and even more roads. Meet the main character of FFXV, The Regalia. The worst? There isn't much change of scenery. Duscae takes up like 70% of Lucis and it's the same scenery all over the place. -Fast travelling. Should be renamed to slow travelling. The loading times are ATROCIOUS. It's so bad that I would rather have the AI drive the car to my destination than pay(!!!) 10 gil for a loading screen that takes 3 minutes to load. Granted it's not much gil but paying for something that annoys the shit out of me rather than help me? No thanks. And you might think this isn't a big problem but believe me, this is an extreme con. -Ascension. It feels like the ascension system had so much more potential. And then stuff costs 999 AP. Not just one thing but like a 8 things or so.... The upgrades themselves aren't really what I expected. The magic tree is completely stupid, I assumed it would help me keep using magic. It doesn't. I thought the stats tree would let me build on my stats instead of clicking it once and be done with it. If they would have provided a good AP income, this wouldn't have been so bad. But as it stands you have to kill about 6000 enemies with warp strikes. Kill them, attacking doesn't count. There are also some upgrades that just seem out of place. Gain exp on long car trips? Thats something I need to become the king of kings? Okay. To add to DJVD We actually do find out what happens to the lieninelshfobeh I forgot his name. The old niflheim emperor. But you only ever really understand it when you read all the documents scattered around the area but it's all optional. Why hide such crucial information. Alot of the information also comes from the radio. WHY??? It's so crucial, if I wouldn't have listened to the radio once in a while I would not have known what happened to a certain character. Something personal along the lines tho -On Noctis and Luna I don't get how Luna and Noctis are in love. Like, I just don't. This is like watching an internet relationship. This is just not realistic to me that he would love her so much and go through so many lengths even though he only saw her like for a week or so when they were children. After that they barely had contact. He grew up and you wanna tell me, a boy, such as noctis, really didn't have any desires and wanted to be with another girl he happened to like more? REALLLLLLYYYYY? -On Gladio I really dislike the character they gave him. He is the typical Alpha male. I just really really dislike it. He's the epitome of the Alpha male clichees. Keeps blaming other, keeps yelling shit, thinks he is always right. -On Ignis and Prompto These two are love. Noctis isn't very likeable. Gladio is just disgusting. But these two are the opposite. Ignis uses his brain and explains things once in a while. Information is never bad. His instincts are also very sharp. Prompto, even though super annoying, isn't hateable. He's love. -On the bestesten characters- Aranea and Gentiana are the best characters- -On Bahamut His design is a complete shame and utterly and absolutely a disgrace to all prior Bahamuts. He's a cool dude but his design is fucking terrible. -On the other summons They are cool. Ifrit is hot :^)
  24. Alright then, it has been exactly 68hours, 25 minutes AND 39 seconds of playtime that I used up on my first playthrough while trying to do as much optional stuff I could. I think it's ripe for a small review. No spoilers. This do I put it.... It has received really well feedback I heard, it's generally considered a good game. Well, not for me. Pros- -The Story. It's intriguing, it's interesting, it's definitely not the nonplusultra story but it's good. -Mood and atmosphere. Especially the atmosphere in the last dungeon, just fantastic. Those things I appreciate and I really loved the last chapter because of the extreme feeling of melancholy and nostalgy you get. -NG+. It's basically reloading on your last savestand and being able to travel into older regions while keeping all your stuff. -Music from older FFs and many other -smaller- things. Cons- -BUGS BUGS BUGS BUGS BUGS. EVERYTIME THERE IS SOMETHING. WHINY LIL PUSS INDEED. Sound bugs to Animation bugs. Objectives not appearing and forcing you to reload. Your hud actually disappearing rendering you unable to act! All these happened to me. -Sidequest and Hunts design. Good intention filled with ....too many bad intentions. These are MMO quests, sick jokes. I have spent alot of time on these because it takes so much time to get there and actually do the objective which is to find x in huge marked area. Hunts can be taken on one by one. Meaning you can't accept 2 hunts and kill them. No, you have to go from A to B to A to C to A to D etc. Also the amount of these sidequests is ridiculous. These quests are the core of FFXV. This is just a sick joke. -Magic. It's a disgrace to every mage lover. Period. -Story telling/narrative. Don't worry, no spoilers here. The story is good, the narrative is terrible. Alot of stuff happens off screen. Some stuff I was apparently supposed to know but didn't. Sometimes it felt like we skipped entire conversations. -The feel of FF is completely lost. Feels more like dragon age. Kr the witcher. since I am tired and writing this late at night, I'll stop for now here.
  25. Yes you can adjust volume. There are sliders for Master volume, bgm, sfx and voices. There is also a portable MP3 player that you can buy, allowing you to listen to OST outside of the car. However, chocobo music and battle music still happen. Moreover, anytime you leave the car, the music stops and you have to turn it on again. Just like real life :^)