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  1. Anyone has meta knight mod by drakeclawfang
  2. another mod ideas that would be good

    I just remembered playing this old mobile Game called before crisis core Game about the Turks and also watched a hitman reborn anime and it Gave me so modding ideas when I learn to mod Before crisis turk mods: Rod over van Two gun over squall Shotgun over laguna Martial arts male over jecht Martial arts female over Tifa Katana over sep Knife over Zidane Nunchaku over Bartz Hitman reborn mods: Tsuna over Bartz Future Gokudera Hayato over squall Future Takeshi Yamamoto over sep Future Ryohei Sasagawa over jecht Future Kyoya Hibari over gabranth Future lamb over gilgamesh And I'm also looking for (cissnei and elena models)
  3. D-V Mods

    The website also has Castlevania Judgement Models as well but there's only five of them
  4. does anyone have master chief over laguna model

    OK thanks I have blender so I'll give it a try
  5. does anyone have master chief over laguna model

    Just wondering if anyone has master chief over laguna from osdanova
  6. does anyone have master chief over laguna model

    Importing into dissidia 012
  7. does anyone have master chief over laguna model

    Thanks and is there a tool to use for making a mmd model in dissida 012
  8. does anyone have master chief over laguna model

    Yep :D
  9. D-V Mods

    I know a website that has .hack versus models but there obj plus I have a hooded tokio model if u want https://www.models-resource.com/playstation_3/hackversus/
  10. D-V Mods

    I played an English patch of .hack//link well I played it in Japanese first then English but overall a good game
  11. D-V Mods

    Looks great have u played .hack//link before good game
  12. D-V Mods

    I have a haseo obj from .hack//link if u want https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nztads5dxmp6ok/PSP - hackLink - Haseo.zip?dl=0
  13. Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    ok heres obj for them and there's also two models from jojos bizarre jotaro and Joseph I'll put more on there later on https://www.dropbox.com/m/browse?path=%2Fobj+mods
  14. Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    OK then but I do have shadowman, zero and protoman obj mods from megaman network transmission if u want them ^○^
  15. Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Sorry phone glitch but mods are awosme have u thought about Megaman zx models before
  16. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    U can actually extract models from dancing all night and newer version of Naoto would be awesome dude ^○^
  17. Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Yeah now your nods are here I also have some old ones on Dropbox including that Naoto mod over laguna aswell
  18. D-V Mods

    Model looks great so on old dissdiafourms where u the one with the ovan from dot hack pic
  19. modding ideas for 012 characters

    I have milkshape but I'm new at it so if I learn how to use it these are the future mods I'm gonna make Persona 1 Mc over wol persona 2 mc over jecht persona 5 mc over lighting Knuckles over jecht vector over gilgamesh charm over shan espio over onion knight Persona 4 adachi over Kefka Persona 4 yosuke over Zidane persona 4 kanji over jecht persona 4 chief over prise persona 4 yukiko over Terra Kh2 Seifer over squall Vocaliod length over Bartz tales of legendia senel over Tifa The bouncer sion over Tifa .Hack haseo over Zidane .hack Tsukasa over emperor .hack kite over Zidane Tales of synphonia dawn aster over Bartz fate/extra Lee shu wen over Tifa Pts shikamaru over Vann Pts neji over prise Pts Kiba over Zidane Pts Choji over gilgamesh Pts chunin sasuke over jecht And that'd pretty much the mods I'm gonna make once I learn how to use noesis because most of them are from model-resources.com and let me know if these are some good ideas to anyone :3
  20. modding ideas for 012 characters

    Thanks for that luckymog but I'm still currently watching this long about how to mod so I have milkshape plus it's kinda difficult o.o
  21. SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    Yeah your awesome ^○^
  22. SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    Is it possible to do Ryu mod from smash over Tifa or prishe
  23. Missing mods left over

    I also have some old models on here aswell

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