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  1. Round #2 (Loser's Bracket) Match 1: monxstar (Kuja) vs. lolbol (Squall) - Lunar Subterrane - monxstar Match 2: monxstar (Kuja) vs. lolbol (Squall) - World of Darkness - lolbol Match 3: monxstar (Kuja) vs lolbol (Tidus) - World of Darkness - monxstar Winner: monxstar (2-1)
  2. Round #2 (Winner's Bracket) Match 1: monxstar (Kuja) vs. Vii (Kain) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - Vii Match 2: monxstar (Kuja) vs. Vii (Sephiroth) - Order's Sanctuary - Vii Winner: Vii (2-0) Match 1 could not be saved
  3. Round #1 Match 1: Monxstar (Kuja) vs. Nerisaga (Squall) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - Monxstar Match 2: Monxstar (Kuja) vs. Nerisaga (Sephiroth) - Order's Sanctuary - Monxstar Winner: Monxstar 2-0
  4. I use ultima over seraphic star for enemies who can punish with HP's after an assist confirm in the ceiling. I noticed he can be easily punished if he uses Flare star or seraphic star. Also, is this combo useful assuming your brv gets back to full or most of it back: Aerith assist->Force Symph->Aerith->Force Symph ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I thought auto recovery was bad?