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  1. Round 3 - (Loser's Bracket) Sellos vs JoyRaines Match 1: Sellos (Gilgamesh) vs. JoyRaines (Ultimecia) - Bahamut - Sellos (1-0)Match 2: Sellos (Exdeath) vs. JoyRaines (Ultimecia) - Crystal World - Sellos (2-0)Match 3: Sellos (Exdeath) vs. JoyRaines (Ultimecia) - World of Darkness - Sellos (3-0)Winner ~ Sellos (3-0) against JoyRaines. Round 4 - (Loser's Bracket) Sellos vs Djqubi Match 1: Sellos (Exdeath) vs. Djqubi (Sephiroth) - Bahamut - Sellos (1-0)Match 2: Sellos (Exdeath) vs. Djqubi (Sephiroth) - Crystal World - Sellos (2-0)Match 3: Sellos (Exdeath) vs. Djqubi (Sephiroth) - Crystal World - Sellos (3-0)Winner ~ Sellos (3-0) against Djqubi
  2. Round 2 - (Winner's Bracket) Sellos vs Most Match 1: Sellos (Shrekdeath) vs. most (Squall) - Bahamut - Sellos (1-0)Match 2: Sellos (Warrior of Light) vs. most (Garland) - Edge of Madness - Sellos (2-0)Match 3: Sellos (Gabranth) vs. most (Garland) - Edge Of Madness - most (2-1) Match 4: Sellos (Exdeath) vs. most (emperor) - Old chaos shrine - Sellos (3-1)Winner ~ Sellos (3-1) against Most.
  3. Username: sellos Hamachi ID: sellos Timezone: GMT -4 (ET)
  4. I joined at the start of the summer of 2016. I played Dissidia way back when it first came out. Then me and a friend discovered our mutual interests in Dissidia and we ended up fighting each other all throughout highschool. It was just us. So, I decided to get more into the game and increase my knowledge and ability. Now I main Exdeath. I still have a working psp and can use both JP adhocparty and the American adhocparty. I'm down to play some JP ranked!