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  1. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    I have the dubbed version so yeah.
  2. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    A little lower as in it's softer than the game's actual music or softer so you can still hear the fighting?
  3. BGM DLC Extra Pack

  4. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    Thanks, should have the music files uploaded by tomorrow or later tonight (it's close to 10pm by me)
  5. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    Generally, you create a mediafire account, once that's done and all the verification is done, you click the upload and then select the file you wish to upload. When uploading multiple files, you'll want to put them into a .zip or .rar (which can done with winrar or 7zip if you have them).
  6. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    I have no idea how to set one up
  7. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    I can either upload them to mediafire and send you the link or email it to you. I would prefer the former though.
  8. BGM DLC Extra Pack

    Packs 14 and 17 please. Generally, you upload the files to a site like mediafire and post the link here so people can download it. Also, would you mind making some music mods for me? I'll send you the music files if need be.
  9. Music Mod Request

    I would like to add some BGMs from GE:R into Dissidia but I'm a bit hopeless with Goldwave. Can anyone do it for me please? I'll gladly provide the actual files but less me know if you need it in .wav or .mp3 format. Thanks
  10. Dissidia Modding Suite Errors?

    I keep getting this error message whenever I try to insert a GMO into the game. Its not a case of the GMO being bigger than the original file. What's odd is that I could mod my ISO just fine before Here's what it says under Details Anyone have an idea of what's wrong?
  11. GIMs Help

    Does anyone have a list of which GIMs are what such as the character portraits, battle portraits, etc? I'm busy trying to change the battle portraits but I'm not sure which of the GIMs to replace. Looking through 8000 files would take a while so it would be helpful if someone had this kind of list available.

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