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  1. Modding request.

    Never mind I finally figured it out I'll upload some pictures next!
  2. Modding request.

    Actually does anyone have any guides to 3ds max that would work too.
  3. Modding request.

    Hello everyone. I have a favor to ask, could anyone make a mod for me giving Jecht a Black wargreymon X DLC model body I have files that contain It's skin in Tga format within a file, I can upload to you from mediafire if you want.
  4. How to Add Mods to 012?

    Are the mods your trying to install in Edat format already?, if so you can place them within the ULUS10566 But if there not in Edat format use this link below it can create Edat dlcs from Gmo and Gim formats for you to place in the ULUS10566. I hope this helps.
  5. Missing mods left over

    Dark Lumina is also doing this as well, I remember he was pretty cool on the on old site. Hope this helps friend
  6. Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Im not sure what happened to the site but I've been trying to repost the left over mods I still have, I think some of them are yours but it's been awhile Heres the link https://m.mediafire.com/app/gb5xa91az6pf2
  7. Missing mods left over

    If I find some more I'll be sure to also give you an update too also I never thanked you from last time so thanks.
  8. Missing mods left over

    Hello everyone! Im here today to give out mods I still had after Dissida Forums went down. Im actually not sure who they belong to as they belong to different modders of the old site. Note I didn't create any of these but hopefully you or the creators can find what their looking for here. https://m.mediafire.com/folder/rmgjul5db4ewj/012mods
  9. Dissidia Modding Suite Errors?

    I have that problem too. but I think it only applies when you insert a Gmo model rather than a Re-texture of the model. Normally when this happens I use DDFF tool kit instead It can generate dlc Edat files using Gmo and Gim files. Does your PPSSPP use a game folder for dissidia012? If so Within the Game folder you'll find another folder, mine is ULUS10566. you can place the newly created Edat dlc files in ULUS10566 and now they should appear in game as dlc. I hope this helps.
  10. DF DAYS

    Also here are some more mods too guys, these are some I still had after the original site shutdown. Most of them I don't remember who the creators are though. https://m.mediafire.com/app/gb5xa91az6pf2
  11. modding ideas for 012 characters

    Here's the Link also there are some more character mods too I don't know who they belong too as well. https://m.mediafire.com/app/gb5xa91az6pf2
  12. modding ideas for 012 characters

    Hey thanks, I actually wasn't expecting that, if you want I have a Bahamut Fury and Bahamut Type 0 mod, it's in my game folder so it might take some time to make a copy though.
  13. ideas on starting my own mods for dissidia 012

    Im also trying to learn how to use Noesis better So far I only know how to view GMO models and GIMs.
  14. ideas on starting my own mods for dissidia 012

    Will you make me a mod?
  15. modding ideas for 012 characters

    Does anybody actually know why dissidia forums are down?

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