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  1. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Okay thanks, Im going to test this out some more and try to come back with some results this time, I'll let you know how it comes out.
  2. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    It's okay I figured out how it works, I think I also now might understand how rigging might work, though I need more practice... I only have one more question though it's probably one you already answered though. A gmo file like Jecht has to be exported from Noesis in Smd or psk, with flip UV on. What about the custom model like Wargreymon does it matter if Wargreymon is an Obj file, or does that ruin the whole thing?
  3. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Okay I fixed it but I have a slight problem Using gmoconv -to gmo to convent the mods file back into gmo isn't working, and now when I look at the mods file type after saving it in notepad++ the file type is now a text document instead of an mds file formats. did I save it wrong when I was finished?
  4. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Jechts mds might prove to be a little challenging. Are these the blendbones, blendoffsets, and drawparts in the Model "_000A" and Model "model-0"? Also that row ends at trans include so that means get rid of everything above that?
  5. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Okay I'll send you some pics also if I take really long to, it's mainly because I'm also doing something else at the moment too.
  6. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    I think I have Wargreymon mds file fixed a little but Jechts might take a little longer... Do you mind if I send you some pictures of what I think the blendbones, blendoffsets, and drawparts areas are located just to make sure? You know it better than I do.
  7. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Oops never mind I think I figured it out
  8. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Do I need to create a batch command in for one of the Gmo tool I need?
  9. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Every time I attempted to convert my fbx file into an mds file using fbxconv the box pops up but says error and quickly closes, so it doesn't convert. What should I do?
  10. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Just to verify, I need to use Noesis and import Jechts model into Milkshape, but this time without the -gmobasepose and as an mds file?
  11. D-V Mods

    Hey do you ever have problems applying Textures? Because in milkshape I can get the texture to fit right but it never shows in all in Noesis afterwords...
  12. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    I finally did it, I got the skeleton and texture to appear in Noesis. I used the GMO tool for my Fbx file but it's also still in T pose without animations did I mess up somewhere?
  13. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Okay I about to export an smd from milkshape For the options should I select Reference,Sequence, or With Vertical weights(HL2)?
  14. Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    The MegaMan Zero version...though I like the zero mod from MegaMan X too, that's also pretty good.
  15. Vertical Assigning (BONE to MESH

    Lol cool so basically I just need some of the parts assigned.

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