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  1. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta

    Can I even sign up if I don't have a PS4?

    Looks like I need a PS4 now since I want this and: Bloodborne Assassin's Creed: Origins (whenever it comes out. Ubisoft's been working on this one for 2+ years, so it should be great! Takes place in 49 BC in EGYPT).
  3. Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Welcome, man! It's awesome to see you! :)
  4. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Yeah, well... Don't tell me this thread died because I left. :/
  5. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    So, I wanted to let you guys know I uninstalled FFRK. I felt like I was hitting a wall, and all those gem pulls were hurting my finances. Ever since I uninstalled it, I feel like I have more free time, more money, more freedom. I don't feel bound to do dailies everyday or rush to get events done. It's a good feeling. It was fun for awhile. May 1st would have been my 1st anniversary for FFRK, but I needed to leave, or at least take a break. Though, from what I've read, FFRK is only going to become more grindy from here on out. I'll keep updating the first post with Record Materia and other updates from reddit, though. EDIT: Speaking of which, check the first post, I added a lot of useful info.
  6. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    From looking at these custom movesets... is it just me or do the Arcade characters have less options? I want another 012, not Arcade if Arcade is going to be boring like that.
  7. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    I have some suggestions on Rydia's quotes: By FF4 lore (at least the DS version), Shiva, and Ifrit are not gods, not to humans or eidolons. The only god of the eidolons is Bahamut (also known as the Father). Leviathan is the King, Asura is the Queen. You might want to give them other titles. As for what... my suggestion would be... "Master of Fire" or "Lord of Flames" for Ifrit. Shiva would have "Mistress of Ice," or "Maiden of the Blizzard." Just some ideas. :)
  8. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Guys, I just want to update you. So, I did a lot of pulls on the combat Night Dungeon, trying to get a second FF4 Ragnarok. I failed, but I got some decent stuff, including something for Garland. And I also got a dupe Lightning OSB... so COMBINE! XD As for the FF7 banners, I got what I want and more... but I got Cloud's BSB2 (Ultima Blade), which is what I really wanted. I also got Cid's BSB (which is the Cid Shout?). Anyway, working on the FF7 event slowly...
  9. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Save up your money, then. :)
  10. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    This is exciting news... exciting enough to get me back in!
  11. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    I'm pretty good at DPS and I'm very aware of the FFRK Discord channel. I just don't have the time because I have other things to do and a full-time job. Also, Record Keeper just doesn't seem fun anymore. There's so many things I want but cannot get. My teams against the Mote bosses shouldn't be difficult to make; just trial and error. I've broken Serah's MC3, and she has her Burst (which is Ice), so I have something for Ifrit, if he was weak to water, I could've thrown Edge in because I have his BSB, too. But, nope. But when they come back, I'll ask for further advice. Thanks.
  12. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    I missed the FF1 event. I only managed to beat two Elite Dungeons. I think I'm getting bored... and frustrated because I feel like I'm hitting a wall where all I can do is dailies and the Mote Dungeons are too hard for me to get my 4* Motes and I have pretty much NO time to coordinate multiplayer fights due to real life (my job, chores, etc). ;_;
  13. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    If you joined about 4 months back, you'd be really salty because there used to be a chance of pulling 0/11 5* relics and up.
  14. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Nice! As for Chaos... WHY NO FINAL BATTLE MUSIC? I swear FFI NES was so boring. >_<;
  15. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    No, on the FF4 Banner 4 before it went. I used to say this "don't let relics decide your team." Unfortunately, you joined at the time that we have massive power creep, so Relics do kinda decide your team. :/ When I joined in May 2016, I could beat semi-difficult content with P. Cecil wielding DK Cecil's Deathbringer. I wanted to play my dream FF party and that's what Record Keeper presented itself as to me. Because I chase them, I have a ton of relics for FF4's realm (hey, my favorite game of all time), and I have some cool stuff for other characters I like (Terra, Yuna, Lightning, etc.), so I can make my dream team I want. :3

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