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  1. The BF > BF and Stun > Retribution only work a set amount of times depending on spacing during the opponent's Landing Lag. It's not a true infinite unlike the Zid SbS infinite with Seph Assist that has no actual end. I don't like mandatory C-Summon either, if my Build doesn't use it and has something better, I don't want it and I'm not the only one who has Builds excluding it. For a list of the actual Infinites , you'd have to find Narolf's Thread back on DF. I myself had no luck finding a banned member's posts .-.
  2. I've no idea where to put this since no section exists for our Discord " development ". so I'll ask here since it's TECHNICALLY part of the community. Can we have a Channel for general talk aka DDFFCasual ? Dissidia apparently isnt the channel and Offtopic feels like Spambin :u Not a MAJOR SUPER NEED IT NOW thing , but I'd like to have a channel I can just say hi / chat about anything in without stuff like : " ey wrong channel guys, move to blah blah blah ".
  3. Thanks ^^; I'm always hating my old play lol, I was far too aggressive in the ones he uploaded and generally astonished he was Staggering me. I'll try to upload some of my Emp vs Sellos if I get any good footage.
  4. I guess I should post this too since we have to rebuild all the lost DF data x.x Not the best example, but an example either way. BRV+ on Dodge v Empy is lol Yes. I use Hurricane in this MU.
  5. Visual Example : Once again, old vid... sorry for the quality. if the Exdeath is a PP+Mael user, you can just do this everytime by sight. thankfully Bombard is an easier Cancel. I'd say 5.5 Exd Favor on Small Stages , 6-4 Exd Favor on Large, 8-2 Exdeath on bad flooring Stages. if your having trouble identifying Grand Cross jukes, I suggest simply playing as Exdeath and learning when Grand Cross has been charging for too long and can no longer be Cancelled. it's rather long actually, so it's good to learn no matter who you play.
  6. Yeah... , I had just noticed that after this post too... RIP Anyhow, the Wall/Corner only allow even more Mines , but damage is still really good without. it's TC Confirm > pause b4 Jecht to allow Emp to run the post TC Cooldown > Jecht > Mines x2 ( the opponent will still be in TC at this point ) > Mines > catch em with TC after Jecht's Ground WR > either Mines / hop > Red Flare / Dreary Cell. Should be noted that a useful strat is to 2Bar Assist out of any TC > Blue Flare and have Empy hit himself with the immediately reflected Flare. Dreary Cell is the general Combo ender when Red Flare won't connect in time if they have 2 Bars for this reason.
  7. You forgot Jecht Assist for dat 6000 BRV Combo :u Super old outdated Build 2011 vid that YT's quality update destroyed , but it's my only decent example since I stopped playing Empy after the constant rage quits and trash talk : Some prefer Sephy Assist as well, but I use Jecht ( if the Stage has a floor, otherwise I go Kujie Assist ) just because of the damage potential which combined with a Combo in EX Mode is an insane amount of HP recovered. I'm not an expert on him.. , I only play him casually and rarely in fun MUs like Empy v Exd, but I do consider Jecht to be very good for him. I'd say " ask Lucky for pro Empy tips " , but hes FAR FAR gone from the scene so try finding some of his old posts on Emp.
  8. Not with Controlled Recovery no. I generally prefer it as Recovery Attack requires a Whiff and certain attacks and Assists will Reset Combos causing you to receive more damage. Niether are bad, just be sure Recovery Attack is worth it in the MU and if not , use Auto ^^
  9. It's for more EX Mode damage + Kuja's Jump++ / Descent Speed allows him to Jump high enough that he won't need to Dodge some attacks and Punish Grounded Melee attackers with Burst Energy's Vertical Tracking since he won't be mid-Dodge Animation. There are also a few Spells / ranged attacks characters can avoid just by Jumping too. So it's a Spacing Tool that helps avoid using his Dodge as it's the worst / most Punishable Dodge in the game along with Emperor's. Glide is also there for that reason and you can spot bad Dodges > go EX Mode > Glide Punish the Dodge and Combo into Flare Star with no Assist required. Speed++ has a slight effect on his Passive Glide during all of his attacks and depending on circumstances / the MU , you can threaten them on the Ground.
  10. Adamant Chains Set for Dodge Distance+ and BRV+ on Dodge : ( Very useful vs Sephy and Jecht.) Basic Abilities :-Ground Evasion-Midair Evasion-Ground Block-Midair Block-Controlled Recovery-Glide-Wall Jump-Free Aiir Dash-Free Air Dash Boost-Assist Gauge Up Dash-Glide Boost-Speed Boost++-Jump Boost++-Ground Evasion Boost-Midair Evasion Boost-Evasion BoostSupport Abilities :-Always Target Indicator-EX Core Lock On-Auto Assist Lock On-Auto RecoveryExtra Abilities :-Precision Evasion ( obviously :p )-Achy+-Counterattack-Sneak Attack-Disable Counterattack-EXP to HP Assist Choice is always up to you, but I prefer Kefka and his Setups. I'll add my Anti-Exdeath Build if needed, but I hope these help out.
  11. All around Build focused on Balance : Basic Abilities : -Ground Evasion -Midair Evasion -Ground Block -Midair Block -Controlled Recovery -Glide -Wall Jump -Free Aiir Dash -Free Air Dash Boost -Assist Gauge Up Dash -Glide Boost -Speed Boost++ -Jump Boost++ -Ground Evasion Boost -Midair Evasion Boost -Evasion Boost Support Abilities : -Always Target Indicator -EX Core Lock On -Auto Assist Lock On -Auto Recovery Extra Abilities : -Precision Evasion ( literally the best use of CP in the game as P Evade is AMAZING ) -Achy+ -Counterattack -Sneak Attack -Disable Counterattack -EXP to HP
  12. Just for clarification's sake... , 1 : Kefka Assist on Kujie-koo will consistently Combo with EVERY HP ( Force / Flare Star / Seraphic / Ultima ) with practice. 2 : Never use Kefka Assist on Pandae / Kefka's Tower / Phantom Train , as the Walls AND Ceilings will very often de-spawn ECF. Seraphic Star is good yes, but not a good " Mixup " , but can be used as a good Tool on your opponent's Wakeup after a Horizontal Wall Rush only. I was working on a video showcasing it, but my computer blew up and I lost all my replays + I've nobody to play with nowadays :/ tbh..., the game at 30 FPS Lock makes Mixups quite non-existent as there is far too much time to react > Dodge accordingly, and imo Flare Star is the closest you'll get if you learn to REACT to an opponent's terrible Block. Snatch Blow should only ever be used in either the Kuja Mirror, vs Ulti ( still on the fence about using it for her ) , or vs Emp ( and tbh... what Kuja loses that MU ? lol ). It's pretty dang useless vs the rest of his MUs and you don't want to only have 1 Close Range BRV as both Strike + Burst have different applications for Locking Assists / at close range as your opponent should constantly be on Rushdown vs Kuja making SB obsolete in those scenarios. I kinda feel like I'm repeating things already said on our old Forum, but if you want more input , then I highly suggest checking DF posts by Kuja users there as well. I'll add more data including Custom Combos + MUs to help when I have the time. ( Lost my Build images too , so I'll post em later -_-; ) Nice Beginners Guide JoyRaines ! keep it up ^^
  13. Muggsy pls, you are a great Jecht :p
  14. -Backwards Compatibility -PSN Store PS3 buys able to be downloaded without re-buying -as much on the Store as PS3 / PS1 Classics ( PS3 is still getting more games even now for some reason ) -More games than just SFV -No PS Plus required for online...
  15. General Tech and misc. / Silly Stuff : Suddenly a scrubby Sephy : ( why you don't play Golbez when your WAYYY too tired ) : Low Tier Assist Combo Video :