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  1. D-V Mods

    SiegeJay: Unfortunately i don't.
  2. D-V Mods

    Thank you very much. :)
  3. D-V Mods

    Thank you for reminding me. :)
  4. D-V Mods

    + Sypha at Page 1
  5. D-V Mods

    A new mod on page 1. :)
  6. D-V Mods

    Thanks for the link. :)
  7. D-V Mods

    Yup,no doubt about it. But,i like G.U. models. If Link have models like G.U. i think i can make more mods. :P
  8. D-V Mods

    Try to place your model with all textures in one folder.
  9. D-V Mods

    Yup,i like the game,unfortunately Bandai didn't release it in english version (Because i like Yuri Lowenthal for Haseo VA). :)
  10. D-V Mods

    I've done Geist from .hack//Link. You can check it up!
  11. D-V Mods

    Sorry for very late reply, because i'm really busy (Not even had time to upload new character). I see you are trying modding, I think before I do it. I will see your efforts first (I hope you finish it). Good luck! :)
  12. D-V Mods

  13. D-V Mods

    Unforyunatelly the forum is down with all my link mods too. Yup,that's right.
  14. D-V Mods

    Unforyunatelly the forum is down with all link to my modding too. Yup,that's right.
  15. D-V Mods

    For now i'm not taking request,but if i like the model,i'll think about it.

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