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  1. Dante Devil Hunter - Well rounded and powerful fighter who utilizes merciless attack strings. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Taking a short break from Final Fantasy characters to upload this mostly to prove a point. You can consider 012 as "DMC4 Type" and Arcade as "DMC3 Type" pretty easily, I think. Despite this I decided on using DMC1's soundtrack for his musical themes since, in my opinion, it's really underappreciated. If I do more DMC characters I'll probably not have them share dungeon themes, instead going with whatever game I feel fits them best. Also the unique EX-Skill mechanic was just for fluff reasons. I felt like it'd better encourage aggressive play with Dante, and better match the point I wanted to make with him.
  2. Did the same thing to me, Hawk. Half the reason I didn't sign up. Other half being I have no clue if PS+ is needed to test out the closed beta, and if it is I'm kinda boned anyways.
  3. Noctis Lucis Caelum Warp Breaker - A versatile and powerful warrior who wields the strength of his ancestors Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Consider the "arcade version" a speculative list until he inevitably drops in Arcade. I dunno if "Unique" is the right type for him though, admittedly. I don't know if his Royal Arms ex skill is a drastic enough change for it, but I know he wouldn't be Shoot and he seems to function as something between Speed and Heavy with the way I have him designed. Oh well.
  4. To further elaborate on what Poiman was talking about, team based game tend to be more simple to begin with. Its why I include both 012 and Arcade versions of each character, to better show of my intended "gimmick" for them and give a display of the difference between a 1v1 arena fighter and a team based fighter. I'd like to say Snow and Vincent are probably my most versatile Arcade move sets given that Snow fills a role that is almost nonexistent in Arcade currently, a more traditional tank, while Vincent just straight up changes his play style based on what HP attack he has.
  5. Oerba Dia Vanille Great Disrupter - Debilitates the opponent with crippling afflictions and powerful magic. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type
  6. Snow Villiers Winter Hero - Snow dives headfirst into danger using nothing but his powerful physique as a weapon. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes So considering that in Arcade Ramza is Gabranth Lite and Vaan is CoD Lite, then wouldn't it make sense for Snow to be ExDeath Lite? Granted he has way more directly offensive capabilities than ExDeath, but in Sentinel they could be comparable to a small degree. Of course Commando really voids my argument, doesn't it? EDIT: Now that ExDeath has been released in Arcade, Snow fills his original role better than he does as a defensive powerhouse. Granted, I don't think this is a bad thing. Just means that he's the hero Arcade needs. Also every fiber of my being wants to make the EX-Skill version Sovereign Fist an HP attack since it's an instant KO in XIII-2 and instantly depletes the Stagger gauge in XIII, but that feels a bit unfair and doesn't match the theme of XIII's HP attacks. Of course, Kain gets away with having an HP EX-Skill, so maybe Fang's Highwind will be an HP attack?
  7. Paine Sphereshifter - A valiant fighter who alters her garbs to adjust her fighting style Fluff 012 Version Arcade Type Notes Originally her Arcade Type was just the 012 version but without Dark Knight, however this felt unsatisfying compared to Bartz; so I altered her moveset to be more like his than "Dyxo makes another paradigm shifter." Cause eventually I'm going to have all the major characters from XIII (barring Lightning, of course) done up at some point. If you guys want though I can post that one anyways. Also for a slight clarification: The reason she doesn't have Tidus and Yuna's dungeon theme is because technically Paine isn't from X. To my knowledge she's a new character to X-2. Rikku would probably get Via Purifico, however, as she probably wouldn't ended up with her move set heavily based in X-2 as well. Unless... Shoot Type Alchemist/Thief Rikku?
  8. It's gonna feel so weird having Thunder Crest and Light Crest switch places for me. Still, at least his mine field being a dash and producing that many field hazards means he gets to keep the core aspect of his character. Funny enough, anyone else notice how he's not a Heavy type, when I think every other villain before him was the same character type as their Hero equivalent?
  9. I am no longer dead, thanks to a new computer. Glad to know people are liking my designs so far, and I will admit Rydia was especially fun to make for both her summoning quotes in the 012 ver. and figuring out how to make a summoner that's definitely NOT Yuna. Also while I will be transfering more movesets in later, I am going to go back and update old ones with some generic out-of-battle quotes (nothing character specific) and some musical themes. Edit: Some of these quotes feel... a bit off. Any help/suggestions on character quotes would be appreciated.
  10. Edgar Roni Figaro Imperial Machinist - Outfitted with the latest technology, Edgar has a tool for every situation Fluff 012 Version Arcade Type I seem to make a lot of tech based characters and shoot types, don't I? Edit: Changed his spear in Arcade ver. to a sword since that's what he uses in Brave Exvius.
  11. Rydia of Mist Black Caller - Strike down opponents from afar with elemental magic and summons. Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version
  12. Vincent Valentine Chaos Shooter - Shifts between different guns and several terrifying transformations to deal with his adversary at any range Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type
  13. Yaag Rosch PSICOM Commander - Intercepts and eliminates enemy opposition with a variety of powerful weaponry. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type