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  1. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Sora Keymaster - Wield together both strong magic and a powerful weapon to lock down opposition. Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version Notes I'm... gonna be honest. I was sorta dreading this one, since it's a character I don't actually want in Dissidia and balancing his KH1 and KH2 stuff was kind of a pain. Not even really sure what lead to me favoring KH2 content for his aerial stuff either, honestly. Just kinda happened. Still, I'm hoping he's an interesting take on the Speed Type character since Kuja managed to get away with being a Speed type not!Shoot. Still kinda iffy about his typing though, to be honest.
  2. Guess the Pass

    However the first season pass will only be six people. We're currently guessing which six.
  3. Guess the Pass

    Gonna also make the bet that they'll alternate new and old, but other than that who knows what the order will be. Laguna Yuna Gilgamesh Vayne Solidor Dysley/Barthandelus Eld'narch
  4. Liam's Custom Move sets!

    Actually I made a Ranga moveset (here) as a counterpart for his Hazama moveset.
  5. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Xemnas Interloper - Unleash omnipotent potential with techniques for any range and utility Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes As much as I want to make new stuff, I figure I should probably get to actually transferring over my collection of old move sets and updating them with Arcade types. Especially since some of them give me the chance to do weird things with each class. Xemnas, for example, doesn't feel like he brings anything new enough to warrant being "unique"; however I've kept his wonky fighting style to make it so he can very well seem to come out of nowhere. So I'll be prioritizing the ones that I think I can make into interesting NT move sets first, and more mundane sets second. Also, choosing the dungeon theme for the Kingdom Hearts characters took some debilitation, but I think Hallow Bastion has enough of an impact to the series as a whole that it's theme would work well. Like the Devil May Cry move sets though, which version of the theme I use will be based on which game I think best "fits" the character in question even though the Birth By Sleep version is objectively the best.
  6. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Dust Storm Blade - Ravage the opponent with close-range flurries and shattering magic Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version Notes "Wow, another one in less than 24 hours!" Yeah, well, actually this is just me making an Arcade version of something I had done a long time ago. I figured it'd be a fun exercise to see how "weird" I could make a moveset that would technically work within the new engine and mechanics. Seeing exactly how "Unique" a move set could be, if you will. Plus Dust is a pretty fun game, and I enjoyed the excuse to listen to it's soundtrack.
  7. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Locke Cole Phoenix Striker - Chase down foes and batter them, regardless the distance Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Arcade moveset is actually just a transcription of Leif's predictive moveset that I put some creative liberties into. Mostly with dash attack, moving some moves around input wise, and specifying some things he was a big vague on. I wasn't entirely sure how he was explaining the fluff for the brave moves, but I got the main function down so I think I'm fine. Also decided to name a lot of his Brave attacks off of weapons that are unique to him in VI to keep with the theme. 012 moveset is entirely my own creation, however. It was mostly an expansion on Leif's base design, while trying to include all of Locke's abilities from Record Keeper. Part of me feels like I probably should have kept his chain attack stuff from the arcade moveset, but I'm kinda glad I only kept it with Hawkeye since 012 characters just simply have more options than Arcade characters do.
  8. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Ragna the Bloodedge Black Beast - Onslaughts opponents with a barrage of quick attacks and crushing blows. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I tried doing something clever with musical themes, let's see if it worked. The 012 version is a bit rough and not too heavily updated since it's original version, with the gameplay description clearly lacking as a result. However, I think the raw amount of OPTIONS he has speaks for itself in the end. The Arcade version, however, was made just recently and shows what I think could be done with making a hybrid class character without considering it "Unique." I figured he would count better as heavy due to his overall damage output and his gap closers not actually being particularly mobile. Especially since his twin EX-Skill combo just screams "Heavy type" to me.
  9. Introducing: Trophies

    So if I'm reading this right, does that mean you could unlock multiples of each one trophy (i.e. having two of that Crystal Rank one for having two characters at Crystal) or just that you can grab all three?
  10. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Lady Gunslinger - Mows down opponents with a hail of bullets. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes So before Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition came out I had originally made an 012 version of Lady where she just used every gun in the series, barring Nightmare and Artemis, with her HP attacks being Pandora and it's different forms. However, since the release of DMC4:SE (and my realization that DMC characters would be disgustingly easy to translate into Dissidia) I decided to translate that version of her to see how it'd go. Admittedly I debilitated between Wire Action being her EX-Skill and Burst Action being her final HP and this current set up, and I'm still not entirely sure which fits better, but this is what I decided on. Lady fills a role that NT has, but doesn't really make the fullest of: A long range rushdown character. Due to Dissidia's nature most mages are like this to some degree, but Lady is very ruthless and in NT she'd make for a very selfish Shoot type. As is, she
  11. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Oerba Yun Fang Pulsing Huntress - Powers through opposition with debilitating abilities and raw offensive prowess. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes It took me a while to figure out how to make Fang, hence her being last. Eventually I decided upon her being probably the heaviest rush-down character out of all the XIII movesets I've made, as well as potentially the most versatile rushdown characters I've created period. Her ability to close the gap with Saboteur and, in the 012 version, Sentinel alongside the relative safety of Bahamut's glider form felt like a good way to go about making someone who can stay in her opponent's face while keeping herself safe. Although there's definitely some risk/reward stuff going on with how I did Highwind, which I figured would be more accurate to how it works in XIII than making it an HP attack as I original planned and just turn Fang into an even more OP Kain. Speaking of, due to PSP limitations, I imagine Bahamut's gestalt form would probably be shrunk down so it's just strong enough for Fang to stand and brace herself on and not much bigger. Kinda like her own Green Goblin glider. I know that wouldn't be necessary in the Arcade version, but the thought still amuses me and made for an interesting take on the HP attack format for XIII characters.
  12. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Galenth Dysley Mechanical Conspirator - Forces opponents to move at his will to set up for his own abilities. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Dysley/Barthandelus I made mostly to make a point. I remember talking to people and always getting into the same "They can't add Barthandelus because he can't move" and "They can't just add Dysley because he only uses Ruin" arguments. This is my counter argument towards both of those, and hopefully a way to take XIII's pattern of "mode switch + Eidolon summoning for HP attacks" formula that I've been using with my other characters and flip that on it's head. That said, I will concede that I may be overcompensating on his unique EX-Skill when it comes to making his fal'Cie form a glass cannon.
  13. Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Zack Fair Limit Breaker - An agile swordsman wielding both speed and power behind his blows. Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version Notes You know, I very easily could have taken the easy way out and made Zack just a faster Cloud, but this is to prove a point. Zack doesn't have to be a Cloud clone, he has the potential to stand on his own two feet and be highly unique.
  14. 2017-11-26 news: 2nd anni stream

    Noctis really doesn't impress me, especially with his warp strikes being his EX-Skill, but the new stage looks really cool. I like how the flowers are the aftert effect, compared to how basically other stage looks destroyed as their after effect. Anyone know how his weird kind of Armager works, though?
  15. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Overview

    I love how they randomly choose Empy as the third marksman instead of Shantotto.

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