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  1. Season 1 Ladders results

    Team Name: Hey Members: wakisyan, Shiki2737, Skyline_TypeR34 1) Team Hey vs Team TNBB 3-2 (Wheelz, Navarre and (Sub in)Xenosaga) 2) Team Hey vs Team BashBroZ 3-0 (JT, AK, Dart) 3) Team Hey vs Team PSAS 3-1 (hadowlamp, FluffyPandaBOY, Heroicmoises) 4) Team Hey vs Team JudgeMasters 3-0 (Dryad-Bitfrost, Fai-La-Ai, MrAwwsum)
  2. Dissidia NT Season 1 sign ups

    Team Name: Hey Players: Skyline_TypeR34, Shiki2737 wakisyan Timezone: EST

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