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  1. New Tale

    Welcome to the first minor tournament for Dissidia NT hosted by Dissidia Community New Tale Details: The tournament will start 03/24/18 at 1pm Gmt -5 . Due to this tournament having no region locks, we are trying to accommodate all parties with a reasonable start time. All teams signed up for the tournament must be present and on the tournament channel at least 15 minutes before the start time. Teams 30 minutes or later will be disqualified , or sent to losers bracket if you manage to make it in late. Originally we were going to have entry fee's , we do not want anyone to feel pressure on this first tournament. So we are waving the entry fee for this tournament to encourage sign ups. We will be giving out custom team signatures and a 30$ prize for the winning team. This tournament is more about us getting our feet wet on the way we want things to run going forward. With that being said, I would prefer this tournament to be finished on 03/25/18. I have allotted us a window to complete the tournament by 04/01/18. Which gives us a 9 day window to complete due to time zone restraints and availability. Sign ups will close on 03/22/18, brackets will be released 15 minutes before the tournament start time. Please feel free to use this thread for discussion regarding anything to do with New Tale. Rules: Each match will be played as a best of 5. Stages will be set as random in the custom lobby options. There will be no character restrictions for this tournament. All results will be posted in the Brackets and Results thread when it is created. ANY form of rage-quitting will be terms for DQ, we all know this game kicks people out of lobbies randomly. So let's try and be fair when something like that happens. If you cannot settle It amongst yourselves then ask a Mod for help. Please join smash.gg to participate in this tournament. https://smash.gg/tournament/dissidia-community-season-1-minor
  2. Team name: Sephiroth's Mimetic Legacy Team members: Alpha, Evanas2319, Astarot Arkwright Time Zone: Pst , Est
  3. Posting this for a friend to see what kind of local scene we would have in Florida. This post is intended to see how much interest we could garnish for a side bar at Ceo. This is for anyone that thinks they could make it to Florida to attend an event.
  4. Posting for Degyn Team Blu: Zhen, RoyalHeartV2, DeeWeb All-Star Meme: Degnsefer, Kvgray89 ,604 Ronin Match 1: Team Blu (Bartz, lightning, Ultimicia) vs. All-star Meme (Garland, Bartz, Y'shtola) - Alexandria- All-Star Meme Match 2: Team Blu (Bartz, lightning, Ultimicia) vs. All-star Meme (Garland, Noctis, Y'shtola) - Porta Decumana - All-Star Meme Match 3: Team Blu (Bartz, lightning, Ultimicia) vs. All-star Meme (Garland, Noctis, Y'shtola) - Narshe Outskirts - All-Star Meme
  5. Throwing a little incentive in the mix. Team that makes first place seed gets 30$ via PayPal. Any teams that finish the four weeks with over 25 matches regardless of your placings. Will receive 10$ via PayPal. @teams Let's get some games going.
  6. Here we will keep an updated list of the rankings. Please note teams who did not participate in any ladders leading up to the minors,will automatically receive last seed. These rankings will not account for that. The data is still new and hopefully this will push people to play more. This is the team rankings as of right now. Updated 02/28/2018.
  7. Team Name: Four Fiends Minus One Players: Solkar2, Amasephilio333, Royalheartv2 Time Zone: Gmt -6
  8. Team Name: NE Rules Players: Hero, Hazmatt, Bamma Time Zone: Gmt -5
  9. Team Name: TNBB Member: Navarre, Wheelz, Leif Time Zone: Gmt -5, Gmt -6
  10. Bash Broz are free to play anytime after 8pm est starting tomorrow. Someone come get this work.
  11. I would use our discord channel to get in touch with members. As it is the easiest means by far. Mods and tournament organizers will be present on the discord as much as possible. Since there is no coin flips or anything its not as big an issue. It just becomes an issue when we have discrepancies during the matches.
  12. This will be an on going list of teams and members of team who have signed up for the first season. Everyone on this list will obtain a Team role and will have access to the #Nt-Tourney-Lobby Feel free to use this thread to contact players from this list. Though I would advise using discord to hunt down your opponents. Have at it ladies and gents!!!! Team name Team Members Time zone 7th Heaven Lokreah , Nix-trix2 ,Idk252 Gmt -5 All-Star Meme Degnsefer, Kvgray89 ,604 Ronin Gmt -6 Avalanche Wolfbarkbroken, Kays7108, Ex-Soldier Gmt -5, Gmt -6, Gmt -8 Bash BroZ JT, Dart, AK Gmt -5,Gmt -6 Clean Bois Chandella, Ex_Shiki, xHyponicZero Gmt -8,Gmt -5 Crash 'N Flow DimitriLH, GunZlegend, Jag Gmt -5,Gmt -4 Dream Crushers Zappieroth, Steive-Rex, Amthic Gmt +1, Gmt +9 Hey Wakisyan, Shiki2737, Peter (skyline_typeR34 Gmt -5 , Judge Masters Dryad-Bitfrost, Fai-La-Ai, MrAwwsum Gmt -6 Kill Zidane Reimitos, Game-Manip, JordanHAvVoc Gmt -5 Los Platanutres Nidexx, Dawnic, Kaotiks Gmt -4 NE Rules Hero, Hazmatt, Bamma Gmt -5 New Dawn ChibiRoo, Nix-Trix2, Razeluxe22 Gmt -5, Gmt -4, Gmt PB&J Jells Hext, Antique Teacup, Taxen of Hearts Gmt -6, Gmt Sephiroth's Mimetic Legacy Alpha, Evanas2319, Astarot Arkwright Gmt -5, Gmt -8 Septima Caelum WiifitJayner, Hexacoto, Damien Gmt -5, Gmt Shadow Force Slycooper431, Ichigo431, ttv_drums Gmt -5 Team Blu Zhen, RoyalHeartV2, DeeWeb Gmt -6 TeamOnodera Acnowlogia93, Zero-01, Jeston Gmt -5 Teen Girl Squad Accel, Adelvos, Mewtater Gmt -6 The Job System Neonknight, Tree, Rogue Gmt -5 The Manitoba Megalixirs LeginR, Hehehahe22, Matobu_Sei Gmt -6 TNBB Leif, Wheelz, Navarre Gmt -5, Gmt -6 Unknown Entity Cross, Clein, Edo Gmt -5 Xerampelinae Cherub, Danned, UW2K Gmt +1, Gmt -5
  13. Team Name: Judge Masters Players: Dryad-Bitfrost, Fai-La-Ai, MrAwwsum Time Zone: MTN (we prefer evenings)
  14. Team Name: Teen Girl Squad Players: Accel, Adelvos, Mewtater Time Zone: CST (we are kinda all over the place but coordinate as CST please) `https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=539zCn8ySbc`

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