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  1. I'm down,tho I think Terra and bartz will rekt 😂
  2. Yuna is low cause yunoa wants his credit. Gotti 😂😂😂
  3. Lb round 3 JT vs Mega seph (JT) vs wol? (mega) sky fortress bahamut. matched not saved :( JT 1-0 Seph (JT) vs Vaan (mega) Os JT 2-0 Seph (JT) vs Vaan (mega) edge of madness Dat ending tho. JT 3-0 Lb round 4 JT vs Vince Seph (JT) vs Wol (Vince) Wod JT 1-0 Seph (JT) vs Wol (Vince) Top Floor JT 2-0 Seph (JT) vs Wol (Vince) Lunar Sub JT 3-0 Good games guys
  4. I love this tkg. Best of 3's or 5's and I'm sold. Preferably 5.
  5. Username:JT Hamachi Id:house Timezone: GMT-5 rust is just about gone. Les go.