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  1. Loser's Bracket Round 6 : Mogstache vs xXxBlakkLitexXx M1 : Mog (Squall) vs Kuro (Tifa) - Lunar = Mog 1-0 M2 : Mog (Lightning) vs Kuro (Prishe) - WoD = Kuro 1-1 M3 : Mog (Lightning) vs Kuro (Zidane) - Orphan's Cradle = Mog 2-1 M4 : Mog (Lightning) vs Kuro (Prishe) - Lunar ) = Mog 3-1 Winner : Mogstache (3-1)
  2. LB R3 Mogstache vs monxstar M1 : Mogstache (Squall) vs monxstar (Kuja) - Sky Fortress Bahamut ~ 0-1 M2 : Mogstache (Lightning) vs monxstar (Kuja) - Order's Sanctuary ~ 1-1 M3 : Mogstache (Lightning) vs monxstar (Kuja) - Order's Sanctuary ~ 2-1 Winner : Mogstache 2-1 over monxstar
  3. Loser's Bracket Round #2 M1 : Mog (Squall) vs Vycan (Kuja) - Vycan 0-1 M2 : Mog (Squall) vs Vycan (Ultimecia) - Mog 1-1 M3 : Mog (Lightning) vs Vycan (Kuja) - Mog 2-1 (forfeit so no replay) Winner : mog (2-1)
  4. Name: Mogstache Timezone: GMT+1
  5. Okay so Dart told me I could talk about the tournament on this thread so here's my copy/paste from DF : I think it's clearer this way, because the use of Round 2 is confusing -What is the required equipment? I assume it's PPSSPP with the NA version of the game but then what do I need? Hamachi? Something else? I think this should be mentionned somewhere. Thanks for reading, and I hope this tournament will be glorious :) I will edit this post for my own signup or make another one when I know I'll be available, but I'm looking forward to it
  6. I think this is irrelevant for the subject we're talking about. The topic is to help players understanding how they're supposed to fight; of course you're supposed to have studied your opponent's tools even though matchups are evolving, they only do at a slow rate. The external factors are obviously an issue but they don't have anything to do with the "theory and flow of battle".
  7. Hey everyone, call me Mog, my full nickname being kinda awkard :)
  8. I really appreciate the design of this website. It’s gorgeous. I also think it’s nice to have multiple forums for the new game. I can only see good stuff coming from here :) Not really much else I can say for now since I am still very new to this place, but I’ll be looking forward to how it grows!
  9. I couldn’t agree more, having read the whole interview, I am happy to see that they intend to keep the Dissidia "feel" and some RPG features, all of this while having a balanced and competitive game. I really could not ask for more than those two things.