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  1. I know. Merely a suggesting an option, as unlikely as it may be.
  2. From what I remembered, if both players have the same DLC in the same DLC slot the game shouldn't DC.
  3. It could be if opponents abuses empty chases to absorb all ex forces. Nothing can be about it for those who equipped Auto Recovery.
  4. Found out about Dissidia back in 2010 and been hooked on it since. I did play a bit online in the original Dissidia and a little in Duodecim but stopped due to the combination of not liking fighting games online in general (due to lag) and just not liking setting up ad-hoc. I found the dissidiaforums community and I've been there since. It was an enlightening experience during my time there, learning the value of tier system, how important stage are in determining the matchup, and matchups in general. As time went on though, I develop an interest in character mods (never made one myself though). And, well, here I am.