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Found 5 results

  1. Season 1 Team Register This thread will ONLY be used for sign ups. Please register your teams as a set three-man team that you plan on playing with in the final tournament of the season in this format: Please note editions and sub-ins can be made to any team. Team Name: Team1 Team members: SephOctaslash, ZidaneMeoTwister, CloudCrossSlash Time zone: GMT -5
  2. This thread will be used only for ladders results. Post your results in the following manner in this thread Example: Team name A: (Bash Broz) JT, AK, Dart Team name B: (MTG) Leif, Navarre, Wheelz Match 1: Team name A (Characters) vs. Team name B (Characters) - Stage - Winning Team Match 2: Team name A (Characters) vs. Team name B (Characters) - Stage - Winning Team Match 3: Team name A (Characters) vs. Team name B (Characters) - Stage - Winning Team Repeat with Match 4 and 5 if necessary. Winner ~ Winning Team Score against Losing Team All matches will be no character lock,stage set to random, and best of 5. Please use the NT-Tourney-Lobby channel on discord for all ladders matches. Be sure to have a Mod or Tournament organizer present for your matches for any discrepancies. I want to reiterate that you can use sub ins when necessary. If the sub in comes from another team that is already signed up for the competitive season. They will simply take their points back to their respective team. Anyone that subs in and has not registered, will keep their points. Until that sub in has a team registered, their points will technically mean nothing. They can register at anytime with a full three man roster, all points will then be transferred to that team. You have one week to get as many of your ten matches done as possible. Things will change as we go on with the season, most of the rules and things are set up as openly as possible. We want this game to adapt with the players. There will be a Q&A thread available for all questions pertaining to this matter. Rankings and stats for week one will be posted next Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Here we will keep an updated list of the rankings. Please note teams who did not participate in any ladders leading up to the minors,will automatically receive last seed. These rankings will not account for that. The data is still new and hopefully this will push people to play more. I would like for there to not be a 20 way tie. This is the team rankings as of right now.
  4. This thread will be used for any and all discussions regarding Season 1. Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to the opening post for the competitive season. Please allow us to finish the first minor before we delve into rule sets, character and stage picks.
  5. https://youtu.be/Bqy74g2yleg Hi Everyone, As you all know, training/practice mode doesn't come as a default feature in Dissidia NT. However, I found a basic wait to create a training mode environment, without having to resort to tutorial mode. Enjoy!

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