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  1. Dissidia NT Competitive Season 1 Welcome to the first season of Dissidia NT. We have a lot of exciting things to share but first we will introduce the concept of ladders. More details will be announced soon about upcoming tournaments and their format. Dissidia NT is a team-based fighter. Thus, we are highly pushing the team aspect. Please register your teams as a set three-man team that you plan on playing with in the final tournament of the season in this format: Please note editions can be made to these teams. Team Name: Team1 Team members: SephOctaslash, ZidaneMeoTwister, CloudCrossSlash Time zone: GMT -5 Each team will be given points per individual person, which will total your team points. Example: If Muggs, Nero, and LXD win a tournament. They would receive 10 points per player. This would make their team total 30 points. However, if a member of your team cannot participate in a match or tournament. This leaves the opportunity for sub-ins. Sub-ins would work such as: Mugg’s team is set, if they needed to sub in a person they could use anyone available from another team or from our extensive player pool. The points would then change at this point, Muggs team would receive 20 points and the sub-in would be able to take his 10 points back to his team. Example: Muggs, Nero, Dart win the first tournament. Ak , JT, and LXD did not participate. Therefore Muggs team would have 20 points total and Dart’s team would have 10 after the tournament. This applies to both ladders and tournaments. The ladders will be set up as follows: Ladders Our competitive season will begin on 02/12/18.Ladders will run for four weeks leading up to a minor tournament. Each round of ladder’s points only count towards your team’s seeding for the next minor. For example, Wheelz’ team comes in first place in the seeding for the first round of minors. Therefore, they would be the first seed in the minor. However, in round 2 Wheelz’ team finishes 5th place. They will be the 5th seed in the next minor. Placings in minors will go towards an end of season invitational major only for the top 32 placing teams. Challenges: Each team’s 10 matches per week has to be at least 5 challenges. BUT YOU CANNOT CHALLENGE LOWER THAN YOUR TIER, but however you can accept challenges from any tier. Example: A team in the Top 10 tier can only challenge other teams within the Top 10 tier. However, they can accept a challenge from the 150th place team. Rankings: Ladder rankings will be divided into 4 tiers. Top 10, 25, 50, and remaining teams. Teams can not challenge down outside of their respective tier. Any team can challenge up. Extra points will be granted to teams who challenge teams that are ranked much higher than them. Each member of the team will receive 1 point per member per win regardless of rankings. Example : #50 ranked team can challenge # 5 anytime. The #5 ranked team can challenge #10 but not any team ranked lower than that. This will keep top ranked teams from bullying teams just to gain points on the leaderboards. Example of points: #55 ranked team challenges and beats team ranked # 1. #55 will receive one point for the win. Then, an additional point per difference in tier(s). So they would receive 4 points for the win, amassing to 12 points total towards their team. Every team will lose one point per loss, totaling to negative 3 points per loss. However, if the team ranked #1 wins they will not receive additional points for winning, they will simply receive the base 1 point per player, 3 points for the team. A couple of notes, your team cannot lose points until they have amassed an initial total of 15 points. Each team is only allowed to have 10 matches per week. This is to account for people that have much more free time than others. All matches will be FT3. All matches require blind picks and random stages. This can be negotiated over time, lets us all work together to find a good balance. Contact between teams will be completely up to the players either in DMs or the discussion thread, but the official challenge will have to be submitted on the ladders challenge page. The results for your set will have to be posted in the results thread. You do not have to participate in the ladders to take part in the minors. You will simply be seeded last. If more than one team signs up for the minor that did not compete in ladders, then they will be seeded on who signed up first. All tournaments will have an entry fee, each tournament will have a cash prize as well as titles and signatures for your accomplishments. In some instances, we also will have different memorabilia for tournament prizes as well. If you have any questions about anything concerning this topic, feel free to reach out to myself or AK. I hope that you all choose to contribute and help our community grow.

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