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  1. Final Fantasy 15 is kinda hard to talk about. In dev hell for so long, going through many visible (!) changes. I was intrigued by it on the first sight. Teleport action, Shakespeare quotes, tuxedos... The general seriousness was very appealing—a mature tone was heavily implied. Then the platform switched and the setting along with the setup seemingly changed. Stella was no longer, Lunafreya took her place. From a girl with battle prowess to a necklace-holding frail woman. That was a very, very disappointing swap to witness. Etc. etc. more changes more concerns into, ultimately, zero care. It came to a point I was bothered with everything Square Enix put out regarding this game. From interviews to events to footage. It was all too much and too lame. Until very recently: Previous to this video, I had actually started to gain slight interest in the game. The huge amount of content out there got under my skin and I was entertained by the idea of a new, big FF game. Mind you, I still thought poorly of the characters and the story until this very clip, which blew me away completely. To think that the Noctis who was initially a cool person turned into a whiny brat would just be a part of the setup had me in shock. All the roadtripping stuff is not entirely (or even slightly) a focus as much as it's character development for the end-game, which should show a mature main character. I was delighted by this thought. That's where I changed my opinion completely for the positive and was actually, legitimately hyped for Final Fantasy XV to the point I would go as far as to get it to play it on release. Kingsglaive also helped; served as a prolonged intro to the game. It's a good movie past the 10th-minute mark.